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A Local’s Guide To The Best Hikes In Utah You Won’t Want To Miss

A Local’s Guide To The Best Hikes In Utah You Won’t Want To Miss

Take a look at the best hikes in Utah that you need to try! What are you waiting for? Go out west and explore Utah's hiking trails!

Utah is a beautiful place, it is so diverse in what it has to offer, it is just geographically desirable and there are no better hikes around! Being from Utah I always thought I had to travel outside of it to find out how beautiful things are and be adventurous and take risks. It wasn’t until recently I realized that there is beauty right outside my front door. It was perfect, there are so many places to see and explore and they were just a couple hours away to some of the most beautiful trails and not to mention I was to broke to go very far! So here it is some of the best hikes here in Utah for you and your friends to explore. These are the best hikes in Utah!

Timpanogos Cave

Is located in American Fork Utah where there are cave tours and solo wondering for the adventurous. Timpanogos is a national monument right here in Utah, this is set up to protect the cave district and their systems. The monument is normally open May through September to be able to see the three different types of caves. The three caves are connected by the manmade tunnels that run through each of them, cave Helen, Middle cave and Timpanogos cave. These are the best hikes in Utah!

Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley is a beautiful desert full of rock formations known as “goblins.” This mars look alike stroll will take you to another planet with its beautiful red sand, grooves in the valley and the little goblin friends. This park offers a very clean and friendly camping ground close by, a good place to just hang out with friends by the fire. I highly recommend taking a nightly stroll through the valley as the moon is luminescent off the strange natural terrain. These are the best hikes in Utah!These are the best hikes in Utah!


Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef in which it is known for is its white sandstone domes, it falls on a crack in the earth known as the “Waterpocket Fold.”  Within this fold is beautiful cliffs, bridges and canyons. There are two routes to take during this hiking experience, you can either do the day hikes which offer many different types of hiking experiences such as casual strolls to rough terrain or strenuous climbs, but worth the attractions ahead. Second would be the back-country hike for those explorers that want to travel new landscapes in remote areas, it is recommended that this is for serious experienced hikers.

These are the best hikes in Utah!

Arches National Park

Utah is very infamous for its natural rock arches, in which you can find over 2,000 natural arches over the land. There are multiple places to plan out your trip down through the arches. Your can take your pick of these hikes to Devils Garden, The Delicate Arches, Balanced Rock, Courthouse Towers and The Windows Section. All beautiful sceneries to experience if your staying down in Moab, UT. A fun secluded campground is also nearby these lovely attractions where you can pitch up the tent for the night and if your lucky you’ll land a spot alongside the Colorado River! These are the best hikes in Utah!These are the best hikes in Utah!

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Last but certainly not least is Zions National Park.

Zion National Park

Is found in southwest Utah know for its stunning steep red canyon cliffs and it is also Utah’s First National Park. This enchanting hike will take you along the Virgin River where you will find forest trails, waterfalls and a hanging garden. This narrow slot canyon will have you mesmerized for hours as you tread the trails and come across all its natural beauty and the creatures that live there.


There you have it, some of the most beautiful, fun filled adventures you can find here in Utah! Remember, when going on any type of hike or trail to always check for weather conditions that day and to stay hydrated! Give this enjoyable guide a try whether you enjoy being on your own and taking it all in or bringing some friends to make it memorable. These are the best hikes in Utah!These are the best hikes in Utah!

Which of these best hikes in Utah are you going to try? Let us know below.

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