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12 Best Halloween Treats You Have To Try

12 Best Halloween Treats You Have To Try

12 Best Halloween Treats You Have To Try

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year. You get to dress up as whatever you want, whether you are are a fan of movies, super heroes, music, celebrities, or anything else. No matter your taste, there is a perfect Halloween outfit for anybody. One of the great things about this beautiful holiday is the act of Trick or Treating.

You knock on the doors of random people and they give you many delicious treats. It can be difficult finding the best tasting Halloween treats though, so I’ll help you out today, and show you the 12 best Halloween treats you have to try!

Kit Kat

Starting off our list is one of the most classic chocolate treats you can find on the market. Kit Kat has been around for as long as chocolate treats date back, and they do not seem to ever be slowing down. The delicious crunch the chocolate treat offers makes you feel like a little child again, and is undoubtedly one of the best tasting chocolates out there.

Due to the amazing experience merely tasting these chocolate goodies provide, they easily top our list for the best Halloween treats you have to try!

12 Best Halloween Treats You Have To Try


Rockets are yet another classic Halloween candy. What is so great about these candies is that they last as long as you would like them to, as they do not melt. They taste amazing no matter the time of the day!

If you are someone with a sweet tooth, Rockets will soothe your sweety needs, as they are all you can really ask for candy wise. The great candies come in six different colors (each color a different flavor). In one pack, you will see white (orange-cream), yellow (pineapple flavor), pink (cherry flavor), green (strawberry flavor), purple (grape flavor), and orange (orange flavor) colored rocket pieces.

If you like, you can assort them in whichever way you want, or make cool combinations with the rockets flavors.

Star Burst

You probably know what these sweets are already, but if you do not, Star bursts are box shaped fruity flavored taffy candies. There are so many different flavors of star bursts, and you can mix and match them whichever way you would like to.

They are a go to Halloween candy for so many people, as they are convenient, small, and melt amazingly in your mouth, in such a way that you forget all your problems.


Snickers are a chocolate bar filled with caramel and peanuts that are meshed in a beautiful and delicious way. The chocolate bar meshes all the ingredients in your mouth in a such a way that you need to have a second bar.

They set the bar for amazing tasting milk chocolate, and will be one of your favorite Halloween treats when you try them this year! They are most definitely worth it.

12 Best Halloween Treats You Have To Try


Mars are one of the most iconic chocolate bars there is. They have been made for over 85 years, and are still going strong to this day, for great reason. The bar is simple, has that milk chocolatey taste that is just great, and looks very appealing. It is also easy to package, and extremely easy to give out during Halloween.

Trying these out will help you raise the Halloween treat bar you may have set.

Reese Cups

Reese cups are a famous American candy that are made up of a chocolate filled cup with peanut cream. You can select the cup to have dark, milk, or white chocolate, depending on your personal preferences.

The peanut cream (tastes like peanut butter) blends very well with the chocolate, making the treat absolutely scrumptious.


Maynards are best known for making the famous Sour Patch Kids and other wine gummies with a wide variety of flavors. They feel great in your mouth, are very chewy, and have that sugary taste that make you fall in love with the candy.

You can get the delicious Maynards in Raspberry, lemon, orange, blackcurrant, and grapefruit flavors!

12 Best Halloween Treats You Have To Try


You have probably heard the phrase “taste the rainbow”. It came from these fruit colored, savory and delicious candy treats. Skittles have a sweet layer on the outside, and become chewy as you go deeper into the candy. This is amazing as it makes you feel like you are having two candies at the same time, when it is just one.

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They taste amazing as well, and even the original skittles is mixed with many different flavors (blackcurrant, lemon, green apple, orange, strawberry, and cherry cola). You will certainly not regret trying these out!


Just like the name suggests, Aero chocolate bars are pretty aerated inside, and are known for their bubbly nature. They are one of the best tasting milk chocolate treats you can find, and they just look great!

When they melt, they will taste like you are in a chocolate heaven, trust me.

Hersheys Kisses

Hershey’s are some of the most popular chocolate treat brands, and for good reason. They make tons of amazing tasting products, including their very famous “Kisses”. They are a bite sized piece of milk chocolate with a unique shape (like flat bottomed teardrops).

They not only make for an amazing Halloween treat, but just taste great! Hershey’s really know what they are doing with these kisses.

12 Best Halloween Treats You Have To Try


Twizzlers are one of the most sugary candies you can find, and if you have a very sweet tooth, they are perfect for you! They are made up of corn syrup, sugar, wheat flour, cornstarch, as well as other things. They have this “twizzle” style to them, hence the name.

They often come in packs, but you can have them individually as well. The most popular flavor is the original strawberry, and it is very likely to be right up your alley. Give it a shot and you will not regret these delicious sugary Halloween treats!

Jolly Ranchers

Last, but not least, are Jolly Ranchers. They are a small packaged candy that have very sweet outsides, and chewy and gummy on the inside. They are similar to skittles in that way, but are more filling and sweeter overall. You cannot go wrong with trying these out!

12 Best Halloween Treats You Have To Try

These are our 12 best Halloween treats you have to try! Let us know in the comments which treat you look forward to trying!

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