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Best Halloween Costumes Incorporating Masks To Keep This Year’s Parties Safe And Fun

Best Halloween Costumes Incorporating Masks To Keep This Year’s Parties Safe And Fun

If you are looking for the perfect Halloween costume for this year’s parties, but need some inspiration on how to incorporate the very essential aspect of a mask to keep things safe, then these Halloween costume ideas are perfect for you!

Pick A Spooky Or Creepy Theme For Your Outfit

For an easy addition to any ensemble, choose a theme such as bats, spiders, pumpkin, skeletons, or anything else spooky. Then buy a related mask and where any Halloween clothes or colors you have. Blacks, purples, and oranges work best. This is simple if you aren’t looking to buy a whole Halloween costume or already have an outfit in mind that just needs a little extra style! If you are looking for other small and fun additions, try a pair of colored contact lenses. Some pairs even come in designs, making your eyes look like stars or other fun shapes. Explore your options to find easy components for a casual outfit.


Escape As A Runaway Mental Patient To Show Off Your Crazy Side

If you happen to already own any bondage equipment, such as handcuffs or ropes, this look will be even easier to achieve. Pick out long-sleeved white clothes to mimic a straight jacket or try a white, blue, or other pale neutral-colored robes for a hospital patient look. Add any straps and restraints you can to make the occupancy seem forced and tatter the clothing for an extra effect. As far as your mask goes, a simple one time use disposable mask will work fine, but masks that give the appearance of a muzzle are also easy to purchase online.

Add Another Dimension To The Standard Skeleton

The traditional skeleton outfit has been done time and time again. For an easy to incorporate look, pick any base skeleton outfit and then add a mask showing the bones in your jaw to add to the illusion. For a comfortable, warm, and reusable purchase, buy a skeleton onesie from Target or Walmart. You will have long sleeves, pockets, and a hood. With the addition of your mask, only your eyes and hands will be uncovered, so feel free to add some eye makeup to really stand out and add to the effect.


The Screaming Face Mask Is An Old Classic

Add to any outfit or mimic the Scream movie franchise – the choice is up to you. The benefit of a simple mask such as this is that it gives you a lot more freedom and creativity with your clothing as that will be the main focus piece instead of the mask.

For A Trippy Look, Pick Matching Psychedelic Patterns

This hallucinogenic outfit can easily be purchased and customized for an amazing Halloween costume and reusable clothing components. Matching outfits can be found easily online or you can frequent your local thrift stores to find mix-matched pieces you can combine to make walking art! This is a great choice for older adults who plan to attend parties rather than going trick-or-treating, as it is likely to catch the eye of many fellow party goers, (particularly the ones under the influence of any substance).


Go As A Scary Or Sexy Jack-O-Lantern

This Jack-O-Lantern mask is easy to pick up in stores or make yourself for a fun DIY project! To turn it into a full Halloween costume, you have multiple options. Find shirts or dresses with Jack-O-Lantern designs already present; pick a base color such as orange, black, or purple then cut own and stitch on your own shapes; or simply dress in orange and green to mimic a growing pumpkin. Orange dresses with cut-outs or slits in the side, back, chest, or legs are the perfect option to acquire a sexy carved Jack-O-Lantern look instead of feeling bulky in a full-sized costume.

This Sinister Robotic Look Is Like Nothing Else

Unique masks are a must for the perfect Halloween costume, as people will see your face whenever they are talking to you. Having a design that stands out allows you a step up over other party-goers. This mask offers both a compelling and terrifying sci-fi mask to add a creepy look to any outfit. With the perfect mask in place creating an eerie look, add small elements to accent details of the design.


Go As A Cat, Bear, Bunny, Or Other Cute Animal

A simple mask showing an animal’s nose, mouth, and whiskers will make putting together a Halloween costume significantly easier. Simply add a color appropriate or themed outfit, throw on ears and a tail, and you will be ready to go celebrate!

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Add An Eerie Smile To Instantly Intensify Any Outfit

This creepy grinning face mask will instantly give any cute, sweet, or sexy outfit an uncanny sinister effect. This simple addition can turn any outfit into a Halloween costume by adding a petrifying element to a normally adorable ensemble.

Bring Some Brightness To Peoples Day With A Rainbow Ensemble

This look can easily be achieved through rainbow clothing or simply a mix of colorful pieces of clothes. For example, a red hat, yellow shirt, green jacket, blue pants, and purple shoes can pull of the same rainbow effect over a larger canvas. 


Go As A Realistic Nurse Or Surgeon

For a simple to pull off and classic Halloween costume choice, pick up a pair of scrubs and use any disposable one-time use mask. For an added twist, try going for a corrupt doctor or mad scientist look. Get a lab coat, cover it in fake blood, rough up your hair, and you are all set!

For A Steampunk Look, Try Out This Skull Mask

With steampunk continuously growing in popularity over the past few years, you may already own several articles of clothing or accessories you can utilize to pull off the perfect outfit. Even just goggles, a hat, boots, gloves, or a jacket is enough to create a completely captivating effect.


I hope you enjoyed these Halloween costume ideas incorporating proper masks to keep all your gatherings safe. What is your favourite way to add a mask to your Halloween costume? Let me know in the comments below!

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