Best Hairstyle For You According To Your Zodiac sign

Zodiac signs are a pretty good way to get to know somebody or maybe even yourself more. Typically, when people ask for your sign, they are referring to your sun sign. Your sun sign represents your personality and how other people view you. If you are at a loss of what new hairstyle to try, keep reading to see what we recommend for you based on your sun sign.

1. Aquarius- Classic Half Up- Down

Aquarius are the kind of women that march to the beat of their own drum. They have a natural quirkiness that everyone enjoys and envies. This could be a woman you see with a killer style that is very much her own. She is eclectic and often fashionable but does not bow to every trend she comes across. Half- down is a classic hairdo that you can make your own with different hair textures and accessories. Perfect for the Aquarius women.


2. Taurus- Braided Updo

Taurus women are very practical. They love all the finer things in life, but they also aim to be very sensitive about their needs and wants. Taurus women are also hard-working and do not mind rolling up their sleeves. A braided updo is perfect for the typical Taurus woman. The hairstyle is beautiful, but it can also be up and out of the way when needed. It can be a simple halo braid around, or maybe a beautifully braided updo adorned in sparkly hair accessories for a special occasion.


3. Scorpio- Blunt Bob

Scorpios, in general, are known for being the “sexiest” sign. They are very sexy people, but it has a lot to do with confidence. Scorpio women are the type that you cannot convince they’re not beautiful. They are bold, adventurous, and direct. A blunt bob is a perfect hairstyle for them because it showcases their strong personalities on the outside while also still being flattering every face shape.

4. Virgo- Natural Curl, Wave

Virgo women tend to be very practical, Like Taurus women, because they are both Earth signs. Earth signs are known to be very grounded and logical. Virgos stand out from Taurus with their strong analyzing skills. A Virgo is typically a smart, seemingly perfect girl. She is someone who rocks their natural curls and wave, not only because it is practical, but also because they’re beautiful and she knows it!


5. Cancer- Lob (Long Bob)

Cancer women are sensitive and reserved. You will find Cancers to be very emotional on the inside after you crack through their outer shell, and get to know them. Cancers are a water sign, which means they can be very calm as a pond, but they can also be tumultuous, like a river. This hairstyle is perfect because it has the kind of edge that a Cancer craves but without drawing too much attention.


6. Leo- Curtain Bangs

This look has been popularized by the talented and beautiful actor, singer, and animal activist, Brigitte Bardot to point where they are also nicknamed, “The Bridget Bardot bangs.” Leo women are the type of women that do not mind being seen. They tend to be very spirited and vivacious.


7. Sagittarius- Sleek, Low Ponytail

Sagittarius women are natural explorers. They are very charismatic and charming to everyone that they meet. Even if they are an introvert, they tend to be the life of the party, or at least within their friend group. Sagittarius women are also independent, and they tend to be low maintenance kinda gals. They’re laid-back, but their go-getter attitude makes them the perfect candidate for this low, sleek ponytail hairstyle.

8. Gemini- Flipped Up

Gemini women are very sweet and compassionate, but like most Geminis, they have another side to them. Their positive characteristics can easily be turned around if you get on her bad side. For example, a Gemini woman’s wit when she’s annoyed can easily turn into a snarky comment. These sassy ladies could definitely pull off the flipped-out look. This infamous hairstyle from the ‘60s, then the ’90s and early 2000s has been making its way back to the forefront for a couple of years now.


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9. Capricorn- The Shaggy “Mom” Cut

Capricorn women are natural-born leaders. They are the perfect example of a strong, independent woman that every girl tries to be. The shaggy cut, or as I call it, the “mom” cut is the perfect edgy hair cut for a Capricorn woman. This haircut can differ from every face shape and in different textures. With this being such a daring cut, the woman that wears this hairstyle must be confident, so she can wear the hairstyle and it will not wear her.

10. Libra- Short, but Voluminous Pixie

Libras are all about balance and equality. Libra women are known to be charmers and can easily influence others. They are also known for being open-minded and pleasant. A short and edgy pixie would be perfect for the average Libra woman. The cut is sweet and simple, which is how Libra women like to be portrayed.


11. Pisces- Classic Center Part

Pisces women are very imaginative and known for being the most emotional sign next to Cancer. They tend me very free-spirited and sensitive. Pisces women are also very observant, so even if they are not talking, they still know everything that is going on in the room. A center part would be great for this sign because it is easy and is an excellent representation of their personality traits.


12. Aries- Angular Bob

Aries women are known to be fiery types. The one that you tell your New Year’s resolution to because you know that they will hold you accountable. Aries is a fire sign, so Aries women are an ideal representation of an alpha female. They are the thrill-seekers and doers. An angular bob is great for this type of woman. A woman you stand on her own, but also knows when to tone it down.

Those were our suggested hairstyles according to your sign! Would you try any of these ‘dos out? Let us know what your sign is and if any of these styles would look good on you in the comments below!

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