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Best Hair Color Ideas To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign Now

There are so many hair color ideas out there: mixing colors, fantasy shades, ombre, rainbow, fading. It’s hard to decide which to try, so why not let your zodiac sign be your guide? These are the best hair color ideas to try based on your zodiac sign, picked to mesh seamlessly with your vibe. 

Aries: Fiery Red

Red is the color of Aries, which makes sense because the element of this sign is fire and the ruling planet is Mars. Every time you look in the mirror, that inner cardinal fire power will be embodied right before your eyes, instilling confidence in yourself and helping you to achieve those main protagonist vibes you aim to give off, or embrace them if you’re already there.

If the whole head feels like too much for your complexion, go with highlights, lowlights, or tips. Red is also a great color for dialing the pigmentation up or down. You could try an incredible deep red, auburn hue to start, or go straight for cherry bomb!

Taurus: Emerald Green

As a fixed earthy babe who loves comfortable, beautiful, chill environments, emerald green is a perfect choice for you. Not only is green your color, but your stone is emerald and your season is spring– so this lush shade of green perfectly reflects you and everything associated with your sign! Emerald green is arguably the most inherently beautiful shade of green, which will please your ruler, Venus. Not to mention that this color walks the line between down-to-earth and sensual perfectly. Vibe on goddess.

Gemini: Bi Or Tri-Color Dip-Dye

Be more than one thing at once with this dip-dye look! Interesting and innovative, dyeing your hair multiple colors is one of the best hair color ideas for you to try due to your adaptable, multiplicitous nature. What better way to embrace your inner flexibility than with outer flexibility? Choose whatever two colors you want to achieve your own individual look, or go with two shades of the same color as seen below! After all, we all have different shades of ourselves that we show sometimes.

Cancer: Baby Pink

We all know that your sweetness is hard to resist, just like this cotton candy color. Generally associated with gentle, tender, and nurturing qualities, this shade of soft pink will flatter your kind and approachable vibes, while still maintaining a softly moody mystique. Just like you, baby pink takes on a kind of depth that only innocence and the memory of such can evoke. There’s always more than what meets the eye, but I certainly don’t have to tell you that.

Leo: Magenta

You’re already the center of attention, so the best hair color ideas for you are fun, vibrant and versatile. Magenta will surprisingly go with all of your fashionable outfits while still making a statement on its own. Spirited, enthusiastic, magenta pink has the kind of fiery staying power that you exude. If you’re looking for the best hair color ideas, this magnanimous shade is the top pic for warm little lions like you.

Virgo: Pastel Blue

Reserved and practical, the innocence of baby blue works for you like denim works for everything. If you shockingly want to step away from your natural color for a bit, pastel blue is a quiet and cool option to try. Your best hair color ideas will always be somewhat subtle like this, but moving outside of your comfort zone is good for you! Plus, it’ll go with every neutral in your closet no problem.

Libra: Split Dye

The ultimate balance is achieved when each side of the scale has equal weight, but of course you know that. This fashionable and balanced split dye look allows you to vibe in your happy place: right in the middle. Achieve the equanimity of yin and yang with this dark and light split, or choose two of any color that you think will perfectly balance you out instead. After you try split dye for a while, you might even decide that you like one half better than the other. What a great way to try things out for your indecisive heart.

Scorpio: Jewel-Tone Balayage

The best hair color ideas for you, scorpio, include sassy and mysterious balayage. The jewel-tones chilling at the bottom of your locks will add just the right amount of cool unapproachability. Somehow intellectual, this brooding look will allow you to probe and decipher while still seeming enigmatic. Now you can stare off into the distance in style while those around you wonder what’s going on underneath the surface.

See Also

Sagittarius: Purple

This unique purple shade says fun, surprising, and not your problem with flare. Purple is an optimistic and outspoken color that lets people know that you have a lot to offer, and you’re not afraid to show it. With your ideas and your bravery, no one should ever get in your way, and this color makes sure of that. Although some might find you irresponsible at times, they just don’t understand your love of adventure in the way that purple does.

Capricorn: Ice Blonde Or Gray

The most conservative of all unnatural hair colors you could try, ice blonde will blend so well with that cool authoritarianism that you naturally give off, forcing your coworkers into submission. If you want to evoke the wisdom of old age before it comes naturally, take the ice blonde one step further and go gray. These sensible shades are the best hair color ideas for you because they will help you get ahead in your career by highlighting your mature, conservative, and disciplined nature. No one could question a powerhouse like you with a great head of hair dipped in one of these prudent shades.

Aquarius: Dark Blues And Deep Hues

You know you’ve always wanted to have wildly deep, blue hair. A trustworthy yet intriguing color, you can wander around in your mind while these deep blue waves flow out behind you. Keep them guessing by being a little detached, while still managing to feed their souls spiritually with this jewel tone. If deep, gorgeous blue feels too ‘normal’ for you, try multiple shades of blue to achieve a fantasy goddess aesthetic. Or, if you’re feeling really eccentric, why not try purple, pink, and green accents as well? Heck, you know you can do whatever you want and make it look cool.

Pisces: Lilac

They never thought that you’d take ‘space-case’ in a positive way, but that was their own fault. Lilac is a unique and subtly empathetic shade of purple that still packs a big punch. Whether you’re striving more for alien or pixie with this look, either aesthetic will work in your favor. Sweet, sensitive, and artistic, lilac purple is the perfect way to say approachable, but don’t talk to me. What’s not to love?

Have you already tried one of these shades? Let us know if you went with the color for your moon sign, sun sign, or both!

Feature Image Source: via Pexel @vladbagacian.
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