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The Best Gifts For Harry Potter Fans To Obsess Over This Christmas

The Best Gifts For Harry Potter Fans To Obsess Over This Christmas

Looking to find gifts for Harry Potter fans this Christmas? Honestly, the present ideas are overwhelming theres so many! Check out our favorites.

Harry Potter, ever heard of the guy? Of course, you have. We adore the series, the books, the merch. And now, you can even tour the studio! What could be better other than actually being a witch or wizard instead of a powerless muggle. We would all love Hagrid to come bursting in and tell us the good news: *You’re a wizard Harry* but alas we are still waiting on our letters to be delivered by owl inviting us to Hogwarts. In the meantime, we have to live in the magical world through alternative methods. Why not turn your room into a Harry Potter haven. Stock the shelves with any magical artefacts you can get your hands on. A Harry Potter fan shamelessly accepts any form of Harry Potter related gift. Check out this list of some of the best gifts for Harry Potter fans.

Because to be a true fan you’ve gotta love the merch. Even if you’re not a fan, you will know someone who is. These ideas are the best gifts for Harry Potter fans. Let a fan show off their Harry Potter goods and scoff at those who say they love Harry Potter more.

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Even Your Morning Joe Can Feel Magical

This item is a way to feel magical over a cup of brew. What more could you ask for? These heat sensitive mugs are made to reveal a hidden image when their contain hot liquid. A mug like this is definitely one of the gifts Harry Potter fans can appreciate!

Get Smart(er) With Harry Potter Trivia, Games, And More!

Harry Potter trivia is a great purchase for a fan that wants to show off and or improve their own knowledge on their favourite Harry Potter movie. There’s Harry Potter trivia, jigsaws, Top Trumps and more.


1) Trivial Pursuit

2) Pictopia

3) Harry Potter Dragon Alley Puzzle

Yes, Harry Potter Clothing Is The Best

Let a Harry Potter fan imagine what it’s like to be a real witch or wizard with Harry Potter clothing. You can buy robes to be totally authentic. Wands and Harry Potter glasses are also a good idea. However, these can be better as a fancy dress option. A perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan could be a Harry Potter fashion item, Tshirts are the best form of gift, not too expensive either. There are many Harry Potter fan t-shirts and such out there. Shirts are perfect for fans that want to show off their fandom! Plus they are less costume’y, so a fan can wear them day today. Better a t-shirt than going to buy some bread in a full cloak get up.


1) A Gryffindor Fleece Robe

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2) Hogwarts T-Shirt

3) A Wand Set, That’s Got A Bit Of Everything


Gift Your Harry Potter Fan A Real Life Experience

Now, a gift to the studio Harry Potter was filmed is obviously more on the expensive side. But this is quite possibly the best gift for a Harry Potter fan. Hands down. You get to wander the streets of Diagon Alley, try butterbeer and get the full Harry Potter immersive experience. Are. You. Ready. This Harry Potter fan would love you more than Umbridge loves the color pink, and cats.

The Best Gifts For Harry Potter Fans

What do you think of these gifts for Harry Potter fans? Let us know in the comment section below!

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