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10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers This Christmas

10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers This Christmas

The gift ideas for pet lovers that you need this Christmas is in! You won't believe all of the presents your animal loving friend can receive!

Christmas is just around the corner! Here are some unique gift ideas for pet lovers we are sure they will love.

Willowberry Pet Candles

Who doesn’t love a good scented candle! But the pumpkin spice and Christmas tree scented candles are so played out! Enter Willowberry pet candles, scented candles made for dog people. With scents like Dog Kisses and Puppy Love, the cuteness factor is already at an all-time high. Couple that with rave reviews from customers about how amazing these candles smell, and you’ve got a gift any dog lover would enjoy. As an added bonus, Willowberry donates a portion of their earning to rescue groups who help homeless pets. Your level of giving is endless!

10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

Cat & Dog Earrings

While most people will argue that you’re either a cat lover or a dog lover, there definitely are some people out there who are both! And I feel completely confident in my next statement, we are all jewelry lovers! So let’s combine those three loves, and gift this adorable mismatch set of stud earrings. The studs are gilded in 22-karat gold ensuring their quality is top notch. Take this gift a step further with a matching pet pendant! This is one of the best gift ideas for pet lovers!10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

Matching Scarf Set

Scarfs really are the most versatile and popular fall/winter accessory in our closets. That makes this next gift idea an easy sell. A matching scarf set for person and pet. The set includes a chic plaid scarf for pet and pet owner and is made with cotton flannel so you know it will be comfortable and cozy. You can also customize the scarfs if you choose with monograms, names or initials and pet breed for the pets. Don’t be surprised when your tagged in the adorable matching pet selfie of whatever friend you gift these to!

10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

Pet Pillow Covers

Pets can pretty much make any place feel like home. And throw pillows can pretty much tie any room together. So….why not combine these two items for a unique gift idea. Using a photo provided by you, the company will make a customized throw pillow cover with the name and face of the pet. The end result is a sweet, and surprisingly stylish throw pillow, that no one else will have. These pillows will go great in any dorm room or apartment living room. Buy this for your friend who can’t stop compiling about the “no pets in the dorm” rule. At least they’ll get to sleep by their pets picture every night. This is one of the best gift ideas for pet lovers!

10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

Cat Clay Bowls

As a self-proclaimed cat lover, there is nothing I love more than my cat’s little paws! I am seriously in love with them, as I am sure most other cat lovers are as well. This company has found a way to turn that love into the cutest little bowls. The bowl is shaped like a cats head and has added little paws on the base (seriously so adorable). Each bowl is handmade using clay and painted a glossy white. The bowls are ideal for oatmeal and ice cream alike. Gift these to any cat, or ice cream lover, you really can’t go wrong!10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

Pet Mugs

Now that you got your cat-loving friend the cutest clay bowls ever, it’s time to add in an equally adorable mug! Etsy is overflowing with pet and animal mug options. From cows to manatees drinking tea, they have it all. Want it to say something sassy, something sarcastic, something compassionate? Etsy’s got em! Get a different mug for every one of your friends and you’ll have the fun of comparing and contrasting who has the dopest mug.10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

Customized Drawing

This company will draw a truly adorable color photo of the pet in question, via a picture you provide. These drawing are only $9.99 and as an added bonus, there is no shipping. That means you can strike the shipping cost and wait time for this gift (shoutout to all my Christmas Eve shoppers). Just give the company 48 hours to make up the drawing and they will send you a high-resolution downloadable file, all you need to do is print it out. Take it one step further and buy a cute frame from Hobby Lobby or the dollar store.

10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

#DogMom Shirt

Every dog mom out there needs this shirt! It’s fashionable, comfortable, and gets bonus points for adding in a hashtag. We are millennials after all. This shirt is a cotton, crew neck graphic tee and comes in 12 different colors. It makes the perfect top, whether your having a jeans or sweatpants kind of day. Snag one for all your dog mom friends, they will proudly rock this tee!10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

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Funny Wine Glasses

The holidays can be a pretty stressful time for everyone. Cue the sudden craving for some pinot noir! To anyone else who has ever had this thought process, these whimsical wine glasses will make the perfect gift! Their funny, functional, and let our friends know that there is no judgment here for how they chose to consume their wine! Drink on, cause as long as your pets are home, you’re not alone! P.S. they also come in “dog” and “pet.”10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

Recycled Prints From CollegeOrama

These prints make one of the most unique and hilarious gift ideas for pet lovers. All of the art is printed directly onto recycled books, making them not only trendy, but environmentally responsible as well. The prints are ideal for any pet or animal lover and come with designs that range from cats and dogs to sloths and dinosaurs. Each print is only $9.99 so you can mix and match them, allowing for an endless option of gifts for pet and art lovers alike! Just be aware that the frame is not included.

10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers This Christmas

10 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers This Christmas

What do you think of these gift ideas for pet lovers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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