Best Games To Strip To With Your SO

On a date, couples use that time alone to talk and laugh as a way to keep that ignited flame burning in a relationship. While movie and dinner dates are nice and romantic, they are a cliché and sometimes fail to serve its purpose, which is to connect two people in the most romantic and fun way. A game night, however, can bring the two of you closer than ever. This is the night where you pop the cork and get that game you’ve had in your closet that has been collecting dirt. But don’t make it that game night you usually have with your family and friends, the one where it gets boring after a couple rounds. Romantic feelings and laughter will be in the air, don’t kill it. Amp up the game by making the loser remove an article of clothing to get the heat rising. There’s a strong possibility that sex is bound to happen. 


Poker is a popular card game that centers around gambling and a fun game to strip to. You and your partner will have a blast playing this game. In order for the game to be fun and fair, make sure jewelry, shoes, and hats are off. It isn’t fair for your partner to be waiting to see something and you take off a small earring. Before the game starts, determine the order in which the clothing should be removed, meaning top to bottom or bottom to top. The loser is the one who has the least amount of clothing on (one or none). After the game, you can play again or admire the loser’s nakedness in the bedroom. It’s a choice for both of you to make. 


For clothes to come off, there needs to be multiple rounds of this game. Every time a person loses one round, an article of clothing needs to be removed. Twister is a great game to strip to because it brings people closer than ever and will definitely do exactly that with you and your significant other when certain parts are in each other’s faces. When that occurs, be prepared for things to get steaming hot. 


The strip game of Battleship is called “Battlestrip”. It’s basically the game Battleship but when a person’s ship has been sunk, they must remove an article of clothing. It is the perfect game to strip to. I highly encourage a bit of dirty talk to keep that heat because not everyone knows the patterns in Battleship. Some people are just like me and take the guessing route. 


HedBanz is a guessing game where players wear headbands that have cards with pictures attached and they try to guess what the picture is based on their yes or no questions. Strip HedBanz is the perfect game to strip to and easy to indulge yourself into. Though some of the guesses are hard, your partner’s nakedness will motivate you to make sure they lose. 


Another great game to strip to is Uno. I recommend getting the Uno cards that allow you to draw the swap hands or any other rules you prefer because you can write out “strip” on that card instead of waiting for the game to finish to determine who needs to remove an article of clothing. 


Get your significant other naked as you attempt to remove the pieces from the man in Operation. The rules are simple. Whoever buzzes during their turn must take off a piece of clothing and the next person takes a turn. If the game ends, restart until one person is left with one article of clothing or none. Maybe after the game, you both can get naked and operate on each other. 


There’s no need to go to the casino to play this classic game where the principal of it is to reach near or exactly the total of 21 with your cards. Blackjack is a great game to strip to and I highly encourage you and your significant other to play together. 

See Also

True American 

True American is a game known from the TV series New Girl and is basically a life-size Candyland drinking game. You will need to make space in the room by moving some furniture out of the way. Make four zones and put 5 spaces in each zone, those spaces are where you will move. Do not touch the floor, it’s lava. You can find further instructions here. For one to strip their clothes off, a player must touch the lava (the floor) or get caught without a drink or empty drink. Naked plus drunk equals high chances of sex. 

Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare is known to be a game to strip to. The main rule of the game is to never dare the other player to remove clothing. For that to happen, a player must tell a lie when asked for the truth or refuses to complete a dare. If a player is dared to strip, the player who gave the dare has to remove one article of clothing and that dare will be ignored. 

Musical Chairs

The game to strip to is musical chairs! Although it’s between two people, meaning the game will go by fast, it’s a quick way to get your lover naked and ready for a good time. It’s up to the two of you to either get busy on the chair or take it to the room. The things that poor chair will experience. 

4 Square

4 Square is an innocent game that’s known to be played during gym class in elementary school. Get your partner naked by making four zones in the house and volunteering to be in the center. They have thirty seconds to run into a zone. When the timer is up you must call out the zone’s number in which you think they are in. If you are wrong, you must strip one piece of clothing. If you are right, they must strip.

Game night is the perfect time to get naked and nasty. Not only is playing the strip version hot, but it also does add a bit more fun to the game. I would love to know the game you and your significant other play to get naked in the comments section. 

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