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10 Best Games To Play At The Beach

10 Best Games To Play At The Beach

10 Best Games To Play At The Beach

Getting tired of lazing on the beach all day with nothing to do? Try one of our ten best beach games to play with your friends this summer!

1. Volleyball

With its origins in Hawaii and California, beach volleyball is made for a casual sea-side game. Beach volleyball actually developed around the same time as modern surfing, meaning their cultures are very much intertwined. If you’re not a strong swimmer (or maybe afraid of stronger swimmers with loads more teeth), stay on the sand and play a casual game of beach volleyball. PS. apparently nudist beach volleyball is a huge deal. Check it out if that’s your thing!

10 Best Games To Play At The Beach

2. Tug-of-war

Nothing gets people into the competitive spirit like a game of tug-of-war. Did you know that tug-of-war was practised as early as ancient Egypt, that it was an Olympic sport in the early 1900’s, or that at least 15 fingers have been amputated in notable tug-or-war related injuries? Distract your opposition with these fun facts if you’ve happened to skip arm day a few too many times lately.

3. Frisbee

Frisbee is the ultimate game for the beach. Super fun, totally easy, and requiring minimal equipment, a Frisbee is all you need to have a good time this summer. Play a casual game of one-on-one, or get strict and follow the official World Flying Disc Federation rules for beach ultimate: played on a 75x25m court with 5-a-side.

4. Soccer

Another ball game that totally transfers to the sand, a round of beach soccer has all the makings of a great afternoon by the bay. Clear a space of pebbles and sea shells, set up some jumpers (or maybe eskies) for goal posts, and spend a balmy afternoon totally owning your opposition.

10 Best Games To Play At The Beach

5. Beach Limbo

If you’ve always loved the limbo but thought it wasn’t quite humiliating enough, beach limbo is for you. ‘Limbo’ supposedly comes from the word limber, but you’ll soon find out how flexible you’ve kept throughout the year when it’s your turn to dance under that wooden stick. Play on loose, dry sand for even more hilarity.

6. Sand Darts

All you need for sand darts is a spot of sand, a handful of pebbles, and your fine self! Draw a dart board into wet sand and take it in turns to try and hit your designated target. Play this in between more energised games like soccer or tug-of-war for a more chill (but still very competitive) game.

7. Human Ring Toss

Brought a couple of swim rings with you to the beach? You’ve already got yourself a game of human ring toss. Human ring toss is pretty self explanatory – take turns trying to toss your floaties over the ‘peg’ for a funny twist on this classic.

10 Best Games To Play At The Beach

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8. Cricket

It wouldn’t be a true Aussie summer without a game of beach cricket. This laid back version of the sport is an Australian summertime staple (bonus points if you’re playing on Christmas Day!). You’ll probably have a set of family rules in place already, but check out these tips if you want to get a bit more technical.

9. Beach Ball Relay

Beach ball relay is a hilarious take on the classic relay race. Divide your squad into teams, set up a designated track, and do everything you can to make sure the beach ball doesn’t hit the ground – aside from using your hands, of course. Make sure someone has their phone ready for some hilarious Snapchat stories.

10. Beach Beer Pong

If you really want to get creative with this fun take on a classic, dig a ‘table’ out of the sand and take turns sinking your ball into your opponents cup. Beach beer pong is a way to really raise the stakes – no-one wants to drink a sandy beer!

10 Best Games To Play At The Beach

What are your favourite beach games to play? Share them with us in the comments below!

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