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Best Fruits That Help With Weight Loss

Best Fruits That Help With Weight Loss

Losing weight can be quite intimidating, and oftentimes, people severely restrict what they eat in fear of gaining any weight back. You always hear that fruits are great when it comes to weight loss, and while that is generally true, some are better than others due to several reasons. With that being said, here are the best fruits that help with your weight loss!

Banana – 105 Calories Each

The banana is one of the most popular fruits on the planet. They are usually the go-to fruit for whenever you are hungry, but not wanting to eat a whole meal. They are filled with good fibers and sugars, and although one banana is only 105 calories, it fills you up very nicely. Overall, they are rich with vitamins and minerals and often provide enough of your daily potassium intake. They are not only healthy, but the carbs help give you energy for when you want to burn fat. Due to that, I highly recommend these before you exercise (however, take them into consideration).

Best Fruits That Help With Weight Loss

Avocado – 155 Calories Per Half

Avocados are some of the tastiest fruits out there. In fact, they are so delicious, they made an entire meal topping out of them (guacamole). Unlike most other fruits, avocados have a low amount of carbohydrates and have mainly healthy fats. They are one of the biggest fruit sources of fiber and potassium you can find and greatly help in making your heart stronger. Eating them will then allow you to burn more weight as you can do more cardio (with a stronger heart). Since they are rich in fats, I recommend you take them in moderation (anything taken in surplus will only be a detriment to your weight loss goals).

Best Fruits That Help With Weight Loss

Grapefruit – 104 Calories Each

The grapefruit is one of the most underrated fruits you can eat, but also one of the best when it comes to sheer health and weight loss. They are some of the best citrus fruits and contain a vast amount of vitamins and minerals. Not only do grapefruits help burn extra calories, but they also help reduce insulin (in case that affects you). It’s recommended you eat these before a big meal, as they also help you feel fuller than you really are. Overall, the grapefruit is a great weight loss fruit to eat, because after all those nutrients it provides, it still tastes great!

Best Fruits That Help With Weight Loss

Watermelon – 30 Calories Per 100 grams

Watermelon is such a unique fruit; it tastes great, has a very little amount of calories for how full you feel, and can last very long. If you did not know already, the watermelon is made up of 92% water, so you both get full, and are completely hydrated while eating. It helps you with weight loss as there aren’t many calories, to begin with, and it is also very rich in both vitamins A and C.

Pineapple – 50 Calories Per 100 grams

The pineapple is arguably the most famous tropical fruit out there and is filled to the brim with healthy nutrients. The amount of Vitamin C you get from just a little bit can hit your daily intake, and eating these before meals can help digest your proteins better. Keep in mind though, although pineapples taste amazing and are great for weight loss, having water right after you eat one leaves quite a bitter taste in your mouth.

Best Fruits That Help With Weight Loss

Strawberry – 47 Calories Per Cup (6 strawberries)

Strawberries are notoriously known for their very sweet flavor. What is so great about these fruits is that while they are high in sugar, it is all healthy sugars. Strawberries contain a very high amount of Vitamin C, as well as potassium. If you have any sugar cravings, instead of resorting to ice cream or unhealthy cake, I highly recommend you have a cup of strawberries, as they are not only sweet and delicious but extremely filling (especially with how little calories they are). You would want to eat these before a workout, as you get quite the sugar rush leading to more energy while remaining healthy and preventing the “sugar crash” you would usually get if you ate something like chocolate.

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Blackberry – 62 Calories Per Cup

Similar to strawberries, blackberries are absolutely filled with various healthy nutrients. The Vitamin C you get from these will help hit your daily caloric amount, and you also get a ton of fiber from them. They are not quite as sweet as strawberries, but like all berries, they have quite the amount of sugar.

Blackberries are known for helping to strengthen your heart (they contain a high level of antioxidants). This, in turn, will not only allow you to engage in more physical exercise (as you have much more stamina, and feel less heart pain), but your overall health will be greatly increased by eating the blackberries.

Best Fruits That Help With Weight Loss

Apple – 47 Calories Each

We all know the famous saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. The apple is arguably the most popular fruit on the planet, is as helpful as it gets when it comes to improving your health and losing weight. Apples are pouring with nutrition, ranging from a high amount of Vitamin C and potassium to Vitamin B’s. Similar to blackberries, apples have antioxidants that help strengthen your heart. Additional to being extremely healthy, they taste very nice as well, so you will very likely have apples as your go-to snack just based on their deliciousness.

Along with improving your overall health, they allow you to do more physically before you inevitably tire out (thereby helping with your stamina). If you are a cardio person, I highly recommend eating apples before every run, as they will help with your endurance, and allow you to lose more weight in the long run.

Best Fruits That Help With Weight Loss

These are our best fruits that help with weight loss! Let us know in the comments which fruits you eat when you want to lose weight, and why you love them so much!

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