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Best Froyo Places in Long Beach, CA To Visit This Summer

Best Froyo Places in Long Beach, CA To Visit This Summer

Best Froyo Places in Long Beach, CA To Visit This Summer

Frozen yogurt is the ULTIMATE summer treat! However, it can sometimes be challenging to narrow down the best froyo places in your area!

If you are near Long Beach, California, here are the top five frozen yogurt places that you absolutely HAVE to visit this summer!


Okay, so Yogurtland clearly is not specific to Long Beach, but it simply NEVER disappoints in having so many different flavor options and delicious toppings. Plus, they are always introducing fun new flavors, and you are always welcome to sample the flavors to make sure to find what you like! This is a classic, self-serve froyo place that will never leave you disappointed. With a great location on E 2nd Street in Long Beach, it is a great place to visit on a summer night when you are looking to do some walking and shopping with your friends!


Frostbites Crepes and Frozen Delights

Frostbites is located on Ximeno Ave in Long Beach, and it is certainly worth a visit this summer! While they are most well-known for their Italian ice and custard, they also have amazing frozen yogurt! They are so much more than “just a froyo place,” so if you are feeling a bit indecisive on exactly what type of frozen treat you are craving, visit Frostbites to have all the possible options known to man! Plus, they have amazing customer service that will never keep you waiting in a long line! You will definitely have to visit Frostbites at least once this summer, but be careful because once you do, you’ll likely become a regular in no time.

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt is one of my absolute FAVORITE froyo places in all of Long Beach. Not only do they offer incredible frozen yogurt, but they also have specialty boba drinks and desserts! This is a great spot to visit where everyone will find something they are looking for and satisfied with! Being that this is another self-serve froyo place, you can get EXACTLY what you want every single time! Overall, I have no complaints about Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt in flavor, service, or atmosphere! You definitely have to check it out at some point this summer for a delicious froyo treat!

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Pressed Juicery

Okay, Pressed Juicery clearly is not your typical froyo place, but don’t write it off yet! If you have not already tried Pressed Freeze, it is DEFINITELY time that you do! They offer chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and matcha flavored yogurt that is not only delicious, but made completely of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I think it is crazy that they are able to make something so delicious out of something so simple in terms of ingredients. If you are looking for a healthier alternative to classic froyo that is equally delicious, you definitely have to check out Pressed Juicery on E 2nd Street in Long Beach this summer!

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is my favorite froyo place in Long Beach when I feel like going ALL OUT on toppings. While their self-serve yogurt is delicious, they are most known for having a huge selection of toppings that will compliment your frozen dessert PERFECTLY. From fruit loops to boba pearls to neon sour gummy worms to fresh fruit, the vast selection of different toppings is never ending! The only downside to this is that it makes it nearly impossible to decide what you want! However, if you are wanting an exciting summer night out with a fun atmosphere and no concerns about calories, visit Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt on Artesia Blvd here in Long Beach, CA!

Now that you have the perfect list of the best froyo places in Long Beach, what are you waiting for? Check these places out for yourself! Let us know your own favorite down in the comments below!

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