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10 Thank You’s To My First Best Friend In College

10 Thank You’s To My First Best Friend In College

Which of these memories on this list resonate with you and your best friend in college? Take a trip down memory lane and read on!

We all have that one first real best friend in college; that one friend who makes our first year at college not so bad as we had expected coming in. My first best friend was not only my best friend but my number one supporter at college, my trainer and my rugby captain. There’s a lot to be thankful for, and this letter will not cover all of it but most of it!

Pushing Me To Do Better

Thank you for pushing me. Sometimes, especially for college students, it is hard to find motivation to get out of bed on the weekends, never mind going to the gym. If it wasn’t for you dragging me along, I don’t know if I would be able to lose weight or even eat decent.

Food Dates

Thank you for all of our food dates. Although we only planned for them to last for roughly 45 minutes, they almost always lasted an hour and a half and it was the greatest stress reliever. Those were the dates I could count on for me to vent to my best friend in college.


Starting Hobbies

Thank you for making me like rugby. At first, I didn’t see myself sticking to it. Now, I’m beyond grateful I have stuck with it because what is better than playing on the side and same field as your best friend?

Staying In Shape

Thank you for making me continue my 15 minute runs even when I tried to cut it short at 13.46 minutes. Because of you doing that, I can run a 5K in under an hour. My best friend in college got me there.


Thank you for being honest. It is very rare friends are honest with everything, especially if you’re doing a sucky job at something so thank you for preventing me from looking like a fool.


Checking Up

Thank you for always checking up on me when my sugar was low and when I was not myself. Thank you for being like a mom for me. Not having my mom close by can sometimes be frustrating when I’m sick but I know I can count on you. Sometimes small gestures such as those, mean the absolute world to someone. My first best friend in college was always checking on me when I needed it.

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Personal Photographer

Thank you for being my personal photographer. I don’t think anyone understands how much I love taking pictures and how much I love full body pictures. One day I will pay you back, promise! You’re the best.



Thank you for always dragging me to baseball games on the way to the gym. At first, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this, but trust me I appreciated it! That small break before becoming beasts in the gym helped!

Good Attitude

Thank you for never acting like you were the best at everything. ESPECIALLY AT RUGBY! Although I personally believe you are, you say there is always room for improvement.
10. Thank you for taking care of me when I couldn’t take of myself. Sometimes people need a personal mom at college and that’s just what you are. You’re truly an angel! But most of all, thank you for being my first college best friend. Cheers to a life-long friendship along with a lifetime full of memories! Love you Dickie!

Which of these items reminded you of your first best friend in college? Let us know in the comments.

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