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Top 6 Best French Toast Places In Milwaukee

Top 6 Best French Toast Places In Milwaukee

French Toast, a staple of the perfect breakfast. Cooking it correctly can make or break your restaurant. Whenever I goto a new breakfast spot it’s the first thing I try. Don’t give me your pancakes. I’m not there for the eggs and Bacon, give me your french toast. This has been my motto since I was a child, and over the years I think I’ve acquired a strong feel for what a good slice of french toast should be. That being said here are my top 6 places in Milwaukee for french toast. Before I start the list I want to clarify that this list is in no specific order. Different places prepare french toast in a variety of ways, so if one of these places sounds better than the others to you I’d suggest trying that place first.

6. Simple Cafe 

First up on the list is Simple Cafe with their Apple Crumble French Toast. Now, if you’re a traditionalist french toast eater, meaning you don’t want anything on your french toast, this one might not be for you. Simple Cafe’s french toast is anything but simple. This french toast which is very solid by itself is topped with hot apple slices that you would get in a well made apple pie. Thrown on top of that is a hefty portion of brown sugar. This thing is diabetes on a plate and will spike your blood sugar up faster than Usain Bolt can run a 100 yard dash. I’ve gotten this dish on a variety of occasions and every time I’m impressed at how consistent they are with it. It’s never undercooked in the middle for as thick as the slices are, and the presentation is always on point. I will say though you do get a lot of food and it’s not a dish I like to reheat. That being said that’s not a knock on the product, but you’ve been warned.

Top 6 Best French Toast Places In Milwaukee

5. Blue’s Egg

Would This really be a list of Milwaukee’s best breakfast anything if it didn’t include Blue’s Egg? This place does breakfast right, and it seems like people are finally starting to catch on because the last three times I’ve been there it’s packed. The Blue’s Egg might be my favorite breakfast place in all of Milwaukee and the french toast is why. It’s just super solid. Always cooked right, the portion size you get is the correct amount, and it’s just a really nice slice of toast. A lot of people swear by their stuffed pumpkin french toast as well, personally I’m not a pumpkin kinda guy but if that’s you I’d try it. 

4. Benji’s Deli

There’s always a sleeper on a list like this. A place that you don’t think will be as good as it is and it just blows you away. This is that place. Benji’s Diner is an unassuming diner tucked away in a strip of businesses on Oakland Ave. right across from Metro Market. There’s an older charm to the diner and the menu is so big you really might not know what you’re going to get. So I’ll tell you what to get, get the french toast. It’s different from the french toast I’ve tried before. It’s thicc, real thiccc. And usually when you get a piece of bread that thicccc it’s undercooked in the middle or over cooked on the outside. But this French toast manages to be perfectly cooked while maintaining it’s girth. If you want to upgrade and give it some more flair, get the strawberries on top, you won’t regret it.

3. Toast

Another spot that’s been popping off lately has been toast, and for good reason. This place makes some pretty kickass french toast. In fact they specialize in making it. I’ve only been to this place once without a reservation. It just always seems to be at capacity, and why wouldn’t it be? There doing french toast right and the fun upbeat demeanor of the restaurant keeps you wanting to come back time and time again. Give this place a try if you haven’t already. 

Top 6 Best French Toast Places In Milwaukee

2.Pancake House

I’m pretty sure there’s multiple locations around Milwaukee but the original Pancake house on Downer has some good french toast. Although named the Pancake house, the french toast at this place is up there with any other place in Milwaukee. That being said if there is a place on this list to get pancakes over french toast this might be the spot. 

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1. Sweet Diner

Finally, last up on the list is Sweet Diner. Located in the stylish Third Ward this place is when of the more classy breakfast places on this list. Host to some of the best breakfast food in Milwaukee, it’s no secret that Sweet Diner knows how to make some good french toast. I will say that the wait for food sometimes can be a bit much the couple times I’ve been there, but I believe it’s worth it. Plus if you’re lucky you might even run into one of your favorite Bucks players while you’re there, the restaurant has a few fans on the team.

Top 6 Best French Toast Places In Milwaukee

That’s going to be a wrap for the top 6 french toast places in Milwaukee. That being said there’s a bunch of other great breakfast places around the city that will for sure pop up on future lists of mine that barely missed this list. I’d also like to point out that the timing of this article is pretty unfortunate. Due to the Coronavirus I know all of these fine establishments are closed for dine in until the foreseeable future. That being said, you can still practice social distancing and  support some of them by ordering their carry out. Stay safe Milwaukee and I’ll catch you in the next article.

Did I miss a spot? Let me know down in the comments below. There’s a ton of different spots around Milwaukee and I’m always down to hear suggestions of new places to try.

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