The Best Foundation For Oily Skin On Any Budget

Everyone dreams of having that smooth poreless skin that stays fierce and matte all day, but sadly, that is a very time-consuming and, often times, a very expensive process. Finding the right shade of foundation is a feat in itself, but finding one that will also take on oily skin is hard- but not impossible! To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best foundation for oily skin. And no matter how much you’re looking to spend, there’s an amazing product for every budget, starting with the least expensive at the top of the list! They also range from powder to liquid foundations, because some people might prefer one to the other. To make your decision even easier, we went straight to the YouTube makeup bloggers for their opinions rather than the companies’ because we all know you would rather hear about how the product actually works on the skin instead of what the glamorized description of it is on the bottle! Good luck and happy shopping!

 1. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Foundation ($3.42)

If you want a sheer coverage, then this is the product for you. I use this even though I don’t have oily skin. I will apply a luminance primer with this powder over it. It blends nicely and has a great coverage without being too caked up or heavy. It is a very light product on the skin. If you want a super matte finish, apply this over your foundation and it will lock everything in and allow no unnecessary shine to peek through!


2. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation ($5.49)

If you are looking for a matte finish for a good price, this is the foundation for you. This product is often compared to the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in the sense that it is so matte and stays like that. It may be prone to crease a little, so once applied to the skin you may have to lock it down with powder on some select areas if need be. The texture itself is very thick and has a slight whipped element about it. It blends very well once applied and has little to no streaking.


3. e.lf. HD Mattifying Cream Foundation ($6.00)

I think this would definitely be a foundation for someone a little younger and just starting out with makeup. It is very inexpensive and does not do a whole lot in terms of coverage. You will need to add powder to this one if you are super oily. The foundation does take a little while to dry down because it is a cream to powder finish. It is very lightweight but I would not recommend this for people who want serious oil control and coverage.


4. NYX Cosmetics Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation ($7.50)

You definitely get very good value for your money with this product as there is more foundation in this tube than the usual drugstore foundation. This foundation is water-based, so it comes out as a liquid, making the application process easier or harder depending on how you feel about liquid foundations. It also has a 20-shade range to match any skin tone. The coverage is okay and it evens out your skin tone which is good if you have trouble with red patches or unevenness!


5. Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation ($7.99)

This foundation is inexpensive and has a wide shade range. For being only $8, you get a lot of product. Along with the wide shade range, this foundation is buildable and offers good coverage. This can be good depending on how much coverage a person wants. However, with that said, it may take a couple layers for the foundation to really cover things up, as it is a sheer to medium coverage.


6. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation ($7.99)

Despite this being considered the ‘middle school phase’ foundation by many, this foundation packs some mattifying power. Unlike most drugstore foundations, it has a great color range that many different skin tones can choose from. And if not, the foundation consistency makes it really easy for you to blend with other colors or products. Because it has a mousse finish, it blends beautifully into the skin, to the point where is feels a lot like skin. The product itself is very buildable and can last for a long time during the day.


7. Covergirl Clean Matte Liquid Foundation ($8.92)

This drugstore foundation has a good range of shades, but the shades can come with a pink or orange undertone, so be aware of that when picking out your shade. This foundation also does not have a pump so you will have to pour this one onto the back of your hand. I recommend a brush if you want a heavier kind of coverage on the skin; if you are looking for a lighter one I would defiantly go with a beauty sponge. The blendablity is a little tricky as this foundation can be quite watery and has a habit of oxidizing once it applies to the skin. It also has a very light feel on the skin which is nice!


8. L’Oreal True Match Blendable Foundation ($10.95)

Not to be mistaken for the popular True Match Lumi Foundation, also by L’Oreal, the True Match Blendable is the Lumi’s matte counterpart. The packaging may be deceiving (it has no pump and the bottle is small) this foundation packs a lot of coverage power. The product itself goes on smoothly, almost like water and it blends like a dream, hence the name! It also does not take a lot of product to cover up any spots or acne scaring. It goes a long way, which is nice considering it is smaller than other foundations at the drugstore.

9. Revlon Colorstay Foundation ($12.99)

This drug store foundation is very longwearing and very easy to use. It has great coverage and covers everything from spots to freckles. It is also good for sensitive skin and you can tell because it has no scent; typically if a foundation has a strong scent to it, it may cause your skin to break out more because of all the added perfumes and chemicals in it. It is also very good with blending, meaning that you do not have to go over with your brush or sponge multiple times, which saves you time in the morning. Because it is a long wearing foundation, it will dry down very quickly which is common in long wearing foundations. It has a very velvet feel to it once applied to the skin, creating a nice, full coverage feel.


10. Neutrogena Shine Control Foundation ($13.41)

Unfortunately, this is one of those foundations with no pump, so pouring the product out may be a little more difficult. This foundation has great coverage and works great with a damp beauty sponge as opposed to a brush. This is because the foundation dries very quickly on the skin. It has a matte finish, but it still leaves a little glow on the skin as it is not a chalky matte. It does have a rough texture on the skin, but it does wonders on evening out skin tone and covering red spots.


11. Ben Nye Color Cake Foundation ($14.00)

This product has a very smooth finish. This is a very heavy product, so I would say only buy this if your skin is in desperate need of serious coverage. It has a unique cake formula, creating a very thick coverage. I recommend using a beauty blender for this because the product may be too thick for a brush. It also is a water based foundation so the water from the damp sponge will activate it.


12. No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation ($17.99)

This European made foundation has a powdery, almost velvet finish once applied to the skin. It is buildable and works best with a beauty sponge as opposed to a brush. You can add more product to get more coverage but it won’t get caked up if you are worried about that. It also lets some of your skin peek through because even though it is a matte foundation, it doesn’t give the appearance of flatness. Instead, it makes your skin look fresh and alive! 

13. Sephora Collection 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation ($20.00)

This foundation is one of the most popular items from Sephora! This foundation will instantly conceal blemishes with its buildable formula. The finish is very good for this foundation; almost flawless, you may not even need to set it with powder. However, you can determine what you want to do with it based on your skin type.


14. Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Foundation ($24.00)

This may be on the more expensive side, but it really is worth the cost. You squeeze it out of the tube and it is in a liquid form, making it very easy to apply to the skin. If you struggle with shine control, this really will help with keeping your skin matte and shine-free all day long. It is a soft, flawless finish, making it easy to build or add any other makeup on top of it.   

15. Pure Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation ($29.50)

This product will cover any blemishes or red spots you may have, but it will not dry you out. It has good buildable coverage without being too thick. It is not completely matte, more like a semi-matte so it won’t dry you out. This will work great if you need oil control in select spots because this will keep you matte but it won’t be overly matte so you can set those areas with powder.


16. Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation ($25.00)

Because this foundation is in a stick, it is very easy to glide onto the skin and blend out. There is no pour or pump applicator, which is a very nice change considering that most foundations on the market are that way. The Anastasia Stick has a natural matte finish and a medium coverage, making it the perfect everyday product. The only thing about this product is that it does not stick well with dry skin so I would suggest going in with a face moisturizer or a hydrating oil on some dry areas you may have on your face.


17. Glo-Minerals Protective Liquid Matte Foundation ($30.00)

This is a thick, almost stage makeup level foundation. If you are looking for a full coverage foundation that is thick and heavy and ready to take on anything, this is the one for you. However, because it is so thick and such full coverage, you may need to take extra precautions when apply. For one, use a beauty blender so it can pick up any access product. If you do not have one, use a brush but use stifling motions. Also, this foundation can and will accentuate any pores or fine lines you have, so set it with a little but of powder and you should be good to go.


18. Lorac Porefection Foundation ($38.00)

If you just want that simple, everyday coverage that you can just throw on like an old pair of jeans and be on your way, then the Porefection is for you. The bottle contains 1.12 fluid ounces which is more than your typical 1 fluid ounce and a little bit goes a long way. One pump can easily cover more than half of your face. It moves and blends easily on the face and although it does not have full coverage on the first layer, it is easily buildable. It has a satin finish, making it look very healthy and natural.


19. Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Foundation ($42.00)

Smashbox is one of my favorite makeup brands out there, but I have never tried this foundation before. It has a gel-like formula and medium coverage but it can be easily buildable for better coverage. It works well with a beauty sponge and a brush, but I have heard that a brush will work better than a sponge. The finish is very satin-like and smooth. It lets your natural skin peek through, making it a very natural finish and it looks very smooth on the skin.

20. Becca Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation ($42.00)

Although this is one of the pricier foundations, it packs a lot of shine-control power. Becca has a total of 19 shades in the foundation and it even has its own matching primer. It has a very smooth application and works better with a beauty sponge rather than a brush. It has a very nice medium coverage, but like most foundations, it will have a heavier coverage the more you build upon it. In addition, for you powder junkies out there, this foundation does not need one. A typical application will last quite a few hours before a touch up is needed and in that time, you will see little to no shininess.


Do you have any more suggestions for the best foundation for oily skin? Let us know in the comments!

This is the best foundation for those of you with oily skin and on a budget!


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