Best Food Network Shows To Binge

Netflix originals aren’t the only binge-worthy shows. Watching Food Network can be inspiring, make you super hungry at 2 AM, and keep you just as entertained as any other show would. Hulu is home to a ton of Food Network shows that are great to binge anytime of day, and can make you feel as creative as ever when it comes to deciding what to eat for your next meal. Here’s the best food network shows to binge!

The Great Food Truck Race

While you’re in quarantine, or when it’s over – one of the best Food Network shows to watch is The Great Food Truck Race. Hosted by Tyler Florence, this show has groups of creative people who love to cook, challenging each other for a prize of $50,000. Throughout this show, we see friends, and families of people from all over competing with other groups while selling food out of food trucks. The teams are given a food truck that is designed to best suit their team name, and type of cuisine they prepare. Teams travel across the United States in their food trucks for the coolest competition, which is based on how much money they make at the end of the day, or over two days of selling in one city, and who has the best tasting dish off their menu. They are given challenges that can grant them immunity when it comes to elimination, and can guarantee them more money when it comes to going grocery shopping for their next day of selling. What is so great about The Great Food Truck Race is that it really captures diversity when it comes to food. No team is the same as one another, and they all really put their own twist on the food they make. Everything from gumbo, waffle style grilled cheese, lumpias, cheesecake chimichangas, pulled pork mac and cheese, hawaii donuts, and more – is featured on The Great Food Truck Race as each season brings in different cooking techniques, and food created in restaurants by chefs, or at home family favorites. This show is entertaining throughout, and will keep you watching as you will want to see which team will go home at the end of each episode. You can find of the past seasons of The Great Food Truck Race on Hulu, and maybe even see that one of these food truck competitions came to your city or a city near you!

Cooks VS Cons

Another favorite of mine when it comes to Food Network shows is Cooks vs Cons. The concept of this cooking show is unlike any other, and Cooks Vs Cons will keep you guessing the entire way through. This show is hosted by Geoffrey Zakarian, and can be found on Hulu. This show follows four people in the kitchen, as two judges try to see who is an actual chef and who cooks for fun, not as their profession. The contestants are assigned a dish to create, incorporating their own twist and flare – while the judges watch and decide what are amateur moves only someone who wasn’t a chef would make, and what are some real swift moves a cook would do in the kitchen. The judges will decide who has the best dish, and each contestant will reveal if they are a cook or a con after someone goes home after the two cooking challenges in each episode. Cooks vs. Cons lets professional chefs and at home cooks show off their skills to one another and the judges, for a chance to win a money prize. It also keeps the audience guessing as to who works in a restaurant and who doesn’t – making it entertaining and taking a twist on your average cooking show since someone may have the chance to beat a real chef!

Best Food Network Shows To Binge

Beat Bobby Flay

If you know anything about the Food Network, you know of Bobby Flay. He is one of the greatest chefs, and this show has two contestants go against each other with a chance to beat Bobby Flay at cooking their signature dish. Beat Bobby Flay brings in two contestants with a background in cooking. They first compete against one another, using an ingredient of Bobby’s choice. The contestants have to make the ingredients the star of their dish. There are two judges that taste each dish and decide which of the two contestants will go up against Bobby Flay. Then, the contestant and Bobby Flay compete against each other preparing a signature dish of their choice, and three judges will come and do a blind tasting of the food. The whole point is to throw Bobby off his game, and give another chef the chance at beating one of the best chefs ever. Beat Bobby Flay is one of the easiest Food Network shows to binge and can also be found right on Hulu!

Best Food Network Shows To Binge

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Restaurant Impossible

If there’s a show that is truly the HGTV verison of Food Network, it’s Restaurant Impossible. This Food Network show also has seasons available on Hulu. It shows chef Robert Irvine on a journey to help restaurant owners transform the look inside and out of their restaurants. This means everything from changing the menu, prices, the kitchen, overall look of the restaurant and helping restaurant owners and staff work together to create a better environment for customers. What seems like a home makeover show but for restaurants, really makes Restaurant Impossible one of the most binge-worthy Food Network shows. Irvine spends only two days with the restaurant crew to help put them back on track so their restaurant doesn’t fail, which makes this show so inspiring and motivating to see someone helping other people keep their dreams alive and appreciate all their hard work. If you love Food Network, or cooking, check out any of these shows that deserve to be binged absolutely whenever!

Best Food Network Shows To Binge

What’s your favorite Food Network show to watch? Have you watched any of these Food Network shows before? Let us know in the comments below!

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