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Best Food Deals In Madison, Wisconsin

Best Food Deals In Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin is a college town, and that means the people running around over here are also on a tight, one of a kind, college budget. Though the city definitely offers more upscale dining with restaurants like Eno Vino, Fresco, Graze, Lucille’s, Rare, Fleming’s, and Samba, there are also many delicious, affordable places that get even cheaper once you know the right deals and specials. Here are some of the best food deals in Madison. 

1. State Street Brats ALL WEEK

Though many people know Brats as the bar they went to all of freshman year, this bar also has amazing food specials all week. First and foremost, on Sundays they offer 5$ chicken fingers, french fries, and soda from 11-4pm. Yes, all day you can get a filling and  delicious meal for just five dollars. On Mondays and Tuesdays, there’s 2$ hotdogs from 4 to 9pm, and probably the best so far, on Wednesdays there’s 50cent wings from 4-9pm as well. Lastly, on Thursdays from 4-9pm (they really like that time frame apparently) they have 2.50$ DOUBLE cheeseburgers. So clearly, if you’re on a budget State Street Brats is the place to be. And when it’s nice out you can enjoy these deals on their patio. 

2. Short Stack Blind Special

Every UW student knows how amazing Short Stack is (hence the line out the door every Saturday morning), but some students don’t know about Short Stack’s incredible blind special. For the more adventurous people out there, this special might be for you because this is how it works: all you have to do is order the special of the day and get it for half price, but to make it all the more exciting, you have no idea what the special is until your waiter brings it to you! It’s a risk, but it might be worth it when you get some incredible meal for 50% off. 

Best Food Deals In Madison, Wisconsin

3. Chaser’s 69 cent wings

Again, people might know Chaser’s as the cool, spacious bar with a top-notch patio, but actually, this bar has so much more to offer. It’s not just a place college students go to to get drunk, though there is a whole lot of that, too. Specifically, on Wednesdays, this sports bar and grill offers 69 cent wings with any drink purchase. This means that you can enjoy a nice drink and wing meal for around 10$! The wings here are delicious, by the way. 

Best Food Deals In Madison, Wisconsin

4. Bel Air 2$ Tacos

Bel Air is a fantastic, somewhat pricey Mexican restaurant, except on Tuesdays. On Tuesdays, it’s just a fantastic Mexican Restaurant with 2$ tacos! This is an amazing deal because you can have a nice dining experience, eat free chips and salsa, and also fill yourself up with, let’s say, three tacos for only 6 dollars! It really doesn’t get much better than that. 

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Best Food Deals In Madison, Wisconsin

5. Wando’s Bar 

One of the best foods in Madison is at Wando’s Bar. This place has crazy drink specials all the time (including on their famous fishbowls), but it also offers some food deals that are not to be missed out on. On Monday nights, you can get mentally stimulated by Trivia night while also indulging in a 2$ burger. That sounds like the perfect night, but it doesn’t just stop there: on Tuesdays, Wando’s has 2$ tacos (both beef and chicken), 6$ loaded quesadillas, and FREE BACON! THAT’S RIGHT, FREE BACON! 

If you live in Madison, Wisconsin and want to get a bang for your buck, you cannot sleep on any of these bars or restaurants, because alone offer some of the best food deals in Madison.

Which is your favorite deal in Madison? Comment below!

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