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The 7 Best Flat Irons For Any Hair Type

The 7 Best Flat Irons For Any Hair Type

Flat irons are an essential tool that every woman should have in their beauty bags. Here are the 7 best flat irons for any hair type!

Flat irons are an essential styling tool that every woman should have in their beauty bag. Whether you are looking for a straight finish or looking for something that can do multiple styles, there are tons of flat irons on the market that can do it all. Here are the 7 best flat irons for any hair type!

1. Frizzy

The battle for straight hair is one that people with frizzy hair know all too well. Finding a product that gives your hair the sleek, straight look can be difficult. The BaByliss Pro uses titanium plates with natural ions to reduce frizz, while the stay-cool housing resists the ultra-high heat. This iron is a must for women with frizzy hair!


2. Color Treated

Color treated hair is at risk for a lot of breakage when it’s over exposed to high heat. The One Pass flat iron by Bio Ionic helps to get the hair straight in “one pass”. By using silicone strips, these product gives your hair a smooth finish in half the time a normal straightener would take!

3. Straight

If you already have straight hair, you may be looking for a tool to simply add shine, give you different style options, and control the fly aways you may have! The Tress Press Digital Styling Iron by Dry Bar is the perfect product to do it all. The ionic technology and titanium plates help to get the hair as smooth as possible.


4. Curly/Kinky

When you have curly or kinky hair, it can seem impossible to find a flat iron that straightens your hair without causing breakage. It’s even harder to find a flat iron that can make your straightened hair last. The GHD Platinum Professional is praised by stylists all over. This flat iron has innovative technology that keeps the plates at a constant 365 degrees. This ensures that your hair will not break and that you are getting an even straighten all over!


5. Wavy

If your hair is wavy, chances are it’s pretty simple to get your hair straight. The key is to find a flat iron that won’t damage your hair. The Amika Silk Wrap Styler uses silk ceramic plates to ensure that your hair doesn’t fry under the hot plates.

6. Damaged

Heat is usually the number one cause of damage to hair. But, even ladies with damaged hair need to be styled. That’s why the Agave Healing Oil Vapor Iron was created. You can buy the vapors to put into your iron separately. When you straighten your hair, the iron releases these moisturizing and healing vapors into your hair to help avoid any more damage. This is definitely worth the investment!

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7. Multi-tool

Sometimes you need a hair product that is going to straighten, wave, and curl your hair all in one. When you’re in a rush in the morning, you want to be able to quickly decide on your hairstyle and get it done fast. Tyme will save you plenty of time (see what I did there). With gold-plated titanium plates, this hair tool is the perfect solution!



Do you have any favorite flat irons that you use!? Share in the comments below!

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