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The Best Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow That Aren’t Basic

The Best Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow That Aren’t Basic

The best fitness Instagram accounts are here. These fitness Instagram accounts are motivation. Follow these Instagram fitness accounts ASAP - trust me!
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If you are anything like me, Instagram is your Google. Honestly, I no longer use Google to find answers to things. Instagram has all the answers; you can look up photos from people just like you and get realistic reviews. I swear my allegiance to Insta. Anyways, I am someone who uses Instagram for multiple reasons whether it be to get outfit inspiration or fitness motivation. As someone who emphasizes a healthy lifestyle, a lot of the Instagram accounts I follow are centered around this reoccurring theme. I love looking at people I consider to be fit as well as fitness Instagram accounts that show me what the fuck to do in the gym. Here are a few of my favorite, and the best fitness Instagram accounts, to follow.

Kayla Itsines

If you haven’t heard of this girl by now, you are late to the party. I began following this girl my freshman year of high school when she was still a personal trainer for clients. She has got to be the fittest chick I have ever encountered – not to mention her BBG workouts are incredibly challenging yet effective. Kayla has got to be one of the best fitness Instagram accounts to follow. She currently has 7.9M followers and I wouldn’t be surprised if this fitness trainer blows up. Kayla created a SWEAT app which is a great fitness app to download if you are someone who can’t hit the gym frequently.

Her posts consist of workout clips, healthy food options, inspirational quotes and progress of those who use her BBG workout guide. If this isn’t fitness motivation, I’m not sure what is. This is one of the best fitness Instagram accounts to follow, I promise.


Sjana Earp

This is another fitness Instagram account I have followed devoutly since freshman year of high school. If you are more of a yogi, she is yoga goals. As of lately she has been seen working with Alo Yoga, an amazing athleisure clothing company, and your girl, Kayla Itsines. Both of these girls are Australian so it’s no wonder they are fit and beautiful beyond belief. Sjana is a yoga, health and happiness guru who recently became the SWEAT yoga trainer. If you love beachy photos she is also one of the best fitness Instagram accounts to follow. It’s absolutely remarkable how controlled she is in her yoga practice – it’s actually inspiring. She has an unbelievable Instagram account and is health goals truth being told; big fan of the yoga Instagram account.

Alexia Clark

Alexia Clark is one of the best fitness Instagram accounts right now. She is indeed, the queen of workouts and fit for a reason – says so in her bio so it must be true. All jokes aside, she really has a spectacular fitness Instagram account. If you are like me, and have no fucking clue what to do in the gym, her fitness Instagram account will give you a few ideas. She has an online fitness program which is linked in her bio but I simply follow her Instagram videos. If you are a gym goer, I’d highly recommend following her account. She currently has 1.1M followers and posts daily. One of the best Hollywood trainers, Ben Bruno (another fitness Instagram account to follow), follows her; side note, he trains Kate Upton and Chelsea Handler. She has one of the best fitness Instagram accounts. Kayla Itsines also follows her.

Kirsty Godso

This Nike master trainer is the shit – not to mention, she’s Australian. She has one of the best fitness Instagram accounts out there. However, this fitness Instagram account is a little different than other fitness accounts. She is simply bod goals. Kirsty frequently posts videos of her work outs as well as her life around NYC. If you are Women’s Health Magazine reader, you’ve seen her before. Her workouts have been featured in the magazine for the best ways to crank up your after burn. She also knows how to rock Nike gear. Looking for Nike outfit ideas, she is your go-to. This fitness Instagram account is edgy and unique.


Kirk Myers Fitness

Alright, this is another fitness trainer to follow on Instagram. This is one of my favorite fitness Instagram accounts. Keherjot, otherwise known as Kirk, is the founder, CEO and owner of Dogpound in NYC. If you don’t know what Dogpound is, you need to step up your game. All the Victoria’s Secret models workout at Dogpound. With the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show weeks away, several of the angels are being featured on his Instagram account.

This is one of the best fitness Instagram accounts for people looking for training ideas. Kirk posts videos frequently of his clients working out. Fit as fuck Victoria’s Secret angel, Adriama Lima, is working out at his fitness studio to get ready for the show. Personal favorite, Josephine Skriver, is spotted frequently with Jasmine Tookes. Talk about inspiring me to #trainlikeanangel. You could say all of my Instagram fitness bookmarks come from his account.

Tone It Up

Similar to Kayla Itsines, these two girls have their own workout plan. This fitness Instagram account has a bit of an edge in comparison to the other accounts – there is definitely a branded look going on. If you love rose, rose gold and girls working out together, this is the best fitness Instagram account for you. I’ve used their workout plans and they are actually highly effective. Katrina and Karena are fitness gurus who keep fitness fun, airy and stylish. In fact, several of their products can be found at Target. If you want an accessible home workout video to follow, Tone It Up is perfect.

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They are fun workouts that fly by and work different muscles than the BBG workout guide. This fitness Instagram account, along with the girls, was seen at Coachella training the Victoria’s Secret models during one of the days. Katrina and Karena are best friends stationed in Venice Beach, California, who make working out with your best friend insanely fun. Skinny mini actress, Danielle Campbell is a recent follower of their fitness regime.


Last but certainly not least on the list of best fitness Instagram accounts is J.Crvz. This personal trainer is the absolute shit. This fitness Instagram account is another one to add to the list if you like short Instagram workout videos. He has trained several Hollywood models and Kayla Itsines and Candice Swanepoel are among his 224K followers – that’s how you know he is legit. His workout videos are short and inspirational and vary from core, upper body and leg workouts. This fitness Instagram account has it all. Alongside Kirk, his workout videos are bookmarked all throughout my Instafeed.


Let us know what you think about the best fitness Instagram accounts in the comments below!
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