The Best Fitness Classes In LA That You Need To Try ASAP

LA is a health cautious city, there are some many fitness based activities in this city. People have gone on hikes or taken spin classes as first dates. There are classes available for people of all fitness levels. There are theme based fitness classes like laser tag and surfing on land (Yes, you are literally “surfing” on sand). If you’re tired of running like a hamster on the treadmill or tired of smelly gyms. Here is a list of the best fitness classes in LA.

SandBox Fitness

Sandbox Fitness is perfect for those looking to challenge themselves and improve their balance. This studio is located in the heart of Sherman Oaks, so expect to see people of all ages attending their classes. The consist of cardio moves on sand and balancing on a surfboard. It’s difficult to workout on sand because it requires you to use more energy. If your fitness level is intermediate to advanced, Sandbox Fitness is perfect for you! Sandbox Fitness is on the list of best fitness classes in LA, because it’s a creative concept that tones your abs and legs.

LTO Fitness Dance Studio

If you love to dance and want to learn how to shake your ass while breaking a sweat, this place is for you. LTO Fitness Dance Studio is owned Lexy Panterra who’s known for incorporating twerking with fitness. LTO is located in Burbank which is surrounded by major entertainment studios like Warner and Disney. This dance studio has a variety of hip hop and pop dance classes. It’s recommended to wear knee pads because you will be gliding on the floor while twerking. Although I always knew how to twerk, LTO Fitness has definitely help me tone my legs and butt. Be open to trying different forms of exercise. This is one of the best fitness classes in LA.


SpeedPlay is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) studio located in DTLA just a few steps away from the Staples Center. The concept is to gather a small group of people and have them workout in a small space. Majority of the workouts involve running on the treadmill and body weight movements. If you’re looking to switch up your routine and workout besides professional athletes, SpeedPlay is perfect for you. This studio definitely deserved its spot as best fitness class in LA.

See Also

Cycle House

Stop by Cycle House if you’re in the WeHo area. Cycle House is a spin studio that is adored by many celebrities. This studio even had its own reality tv show on the E network called Hollywood Cycle. I took a few Cycle House classes thanks to my numerous Groupon accounts. You will sweat and burn more calories than being on a treadmill or elliptical. Most importantly, there’s a chance of you working out next to Jessica Alba or Bebe Rexha. They have budget friendly options for students and those on a budget. Cycle House lives up to the hype! This is one of the best fitness classes in LA.


LA has a variety of interesting fitness classes, LazRfit is one of them. LazRfit is a laser tag studio that incorporates cardio and bodyweight while playing laser tag. It is perfect for a first date or hanging out with friends. If you decide to take a class please be ready to wake up sore or have bruises. Classes are intense, it involves a lot of jumping, crawling, and upper body strength. LazRfit is one of the best fitness classes in LA because its unique but brings a crowd of different personalities to work together and get sweaty. This is one of the best fitness classes in LA.

Are there any other fitness classes in LA that should be on the list? Comment and share with your friends!

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