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Best First Date Spots To Avoid Awkward Silence Moments

Best First Date Spots To Avoid Awkward Silence Moments

First dates are the worst. Picking a first date spot is hard. Walking into a space and knowing you’re both going to feel awkward and have multiple “I have no idea what to say or look at” moments. The dread can be somewhat inevitable but here are 5 fun and conversation starting first date spots to bring your next date to avoid your most awkward self.

1. Getty Museum

The beautiful Getty Museum in Los Angeles is a perfect first date spot for numerous reasons. For those weird walking in silence moment- there is always sculptures and paintings to look and point at. Those inevitable can’t think of anything to say moments- read the art description under a painting and ‘ooo’ and ‘ahh’ together.

If the date is going well- take the long route through the museum, when you’ve walked the entire place go outside and have lunch or coffee on the grass till they kick you out. If you want it to end ASAP- take the short route, when the art is done so is the date.

Best First Date Spots To Avoid Awkward Silence Moments

2. Coffee Tasting

Coffee tasting is a cute first date spot and silence is avoided because there is constantly a new topic. Every time a new brew is brought, you can ask the same question “How do you like this one?” There is continuously someone interrupting the potential of an awkward moment. 

A quick escape that works whether the date is going good or bad. “I’m getting a little shaky I think I’ve had enough coffee for today.” The date is either over from there or, often where there is good coffee there is good food, keep the date going with a lunch nearby or stroll the sidewalk with no more interruptions.

Best First Date Spots To Avoid Awkward Silence Moments

3. Paddle Boarding at Seal Beach

A more summer related date idea, for the adventurous types- take a trip south of LA to Seal Beach and get your date in the water! Challenge each other through this activity; you’ll be laughing and concentrating and cheering there will be no time for silence. Even if there is it’s likely because you’re several feet away from each other on the ocean too focused on trying not to fall.

If you really feel like there is a chance for awkwardness after your hour in the ocean, ask how he liked it and what the hardest part for you was. The date can be over once the paddle boarding is or make a day out if it- pack some food and blankets and hang with your date on the beach till sunset! 

Best First Date Spots To Avoid Awkward Silence Moments

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4. Melrose Rooftop Movie 

The Melrose rooftop movie is a great date spot with a gorgeous view of the city not to mention it’s less boring and predictable than just going to a movie theatre. If you feel uncomfortable in the beginning, grab popcorn, grab a drink, go to the bathroom, discuss the weather or the view, you have an end to look forward to once the movie begins.

If the date isn’t going well your going home countdown is the duration of the movie. There’s a restaurant hang area right below if you want to continue spending time together, plus this particular spot has the most interesting people which is always a conversation starter.

Best First Date Spots To Avoid Awkward Silence Moments

5. Venice Boardwalk

There is never a need for small talk in Venice. You will never run out of things to talk about whether it’s the people, the beach, the food, the skateboarding, the acro-yoga, the bodybuilders, the shopping- in Venice awkward silence is quite impossible. 

The downside about this place though is there isn’t a hard end so if you’re worried about not having a quick escape I would suggest meeting there in the evening so you can always use the “We should head out before it gets dark” or “Our parking is only good till…” 

If you are having a great time, walk around, eat, shop until your feet hurt. Even if the date does not go well I guarantee you will get something good out of the day.
Best First Date Spots To Avoid Awkward Silence Moments

Anyone had a date at any of these spots? Tell us how it went! Comment below!

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