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Best Film Franchises of all Time

Best Film Franchises of all Time

Best Film Franchises of all Time


  1. The Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Back in 2008, Marvel Studios came together and planned a connected cinematic experience for marvel fans both old and new to enjoy. It all started with 2008’s Iron Man where fans were given a treat at the end of the film. An end credit scene was left behind for those fortunate enough to wait and what they were given changed the MCU forever. It was the introduction of the character Nick Fury and all he had to do was drop the name The Avengers. Fans were crazy as they had no idea what was to come. As the years went by, fans were continued to have their expectations blown away. Every year we were given more and more as we were taken towards the payoff. Avengers Endgame was the cumulation of the first 11 years of the MCU and was a sendoff for the original characters that were established in the first three phases of the MCU. Even after the epic conclusion to the first three phases, Marvel Studios has remained the highest grossing of all film franchises earning over 25 billion dollars worldwide. Now expanding into television, the MCU continues its expansion in new and exciting ways. With Kevin Feige just recently announcing that the plans for phases five and six will soon be revealed, the MCU will remain one of the biggest film franchises for a very long time.



  1. The Batman Films

  • Ever since The Flash television series conformed that every single DC film and show take place in the same multiverse, Warner bros. has not shied away from creating multiple versions of a single character. Being one of the most popular fictional characters of all time, it only makes sense for them to have multiple versions of the caped crusader in all of their universes. Adam West being the first major actor to take on the roll, the universe that this Batman is from has been expanded on with spin off comics and animated films. Michael’s Keaton’s version of the character is even making his way back into the world as he will be the Batman in the upcoming Batgirl film. Christian Bale’s version of the character remains one of the most popular as his trilogy of films reimagined the way comic book films would be made. Ben Affleck was next in line and was the first live action version of the character to interact with other DC heroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman. Finally, Robert Pattinson’s version is the newest addition to the Batman franchise. All together Batman has made billions of dollars worldwide.



  1. Star Wars Universe

  • Coming out to a total of 10 billion dollars worldwide at the box office, the Star Wars franchise is perhaps one of the most popular film franchises to ever be created. With a total of 11 films, 7 shows and more coming all building up the canon, it’s no wonder this massive franchise is as powerful as it is. Starting all the way back in 1977, there has been such an expansion off this franchise. Countless books and video games have been made that connect directly into the canon of the films and shows. The films themselves offer enough for almost every generation. These films have so much heart and time that go into them. Each and every moment is truly made for the fans themselves. Even the actors themselves try their hardest to reciprocate the love that this world has for this series. Star Wars has become one of the film franchises that many actors try their best to get into. It’s a vast and never stopping universe in a galaxy far far away.

Star Wars



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  1. Alien Franchise

  • Acting as the highest grossing horror franchise to date, the Alien films is another universe that very much like Star Wars, reinvented the idea of science fiction. Alien kicked off one of the most iconic film franchises of all time back in 1979. Ridley Scott created a story that was so claustrophobic and new yet so open to expansion. And expansion is exactly what occurred. Three sequels and two prequels came from the first film as well as a few spin off novels and video games. That’s not to mention the crossover films under the titles of Alien Vs. Predator. The first Alien is considered one of the greatest horror films ever made and the sequel, Aliens, takes the story into a more action-based setting. While the films that came after didn’t quite receive as much love as the first two, Ridley Scott is returning to create a brand-new series in the franchise that will bring back that tone and feel of the iconic first film. While it may not be as popular as the other film franchises on this list, the Alien franchises has still impacted the film community and was a first time for many actors that are popular today.




  1. Harry Potter Franchise

  • This film franchise took the world by storm. As soon as the first film came out for this series, the book sales skyrocketed, and everyone wanted to become a wizard. The weight and impact that this franchise has had cannot be ignored by anyone. Harry Potter created a powerful wave that resulted in a total of 7.7 billion dollars worldwide and three spin off prequels. The wizarding world is one that means a lot to many people across the world. With countless restaurants, shops and even a theme park designed after the beloved world, Harry Potter has become a name that everyone has come to know. The films each add something more than the last with something for everyone to enjoy. The final two films had the entire world waiting in anticipation for their releases. These films have also created a ginormous community for many to feel comfort in as they all share their love for this franchise. Since the release of these films, the books themselves have also been getting a lot of love showing people how to appreciate the source material.

Harry Potter