Best Feel-Good Movies For When You’re Feeling Super Down

We all have those days — when we’re feeling down, lethargic and don’t have the energy to do things, while doing things is often precisely the thing to make us feel better (for me, at least.)

In situations like this, it’s always nice to watch something soft and nice, where everything is resolved well, the character(s) are kind and you get filled with hope. I love feel-good movies; I have a small list of my favourites written down that I always go to whenever I feel depressed, and I wanted to share it with others, in hopes that maybe they’ll help you lift your spirits up, too.

So, without further ado: here’s a list of best feel-good movies for when you’re feeling super down.


Disclaimer! This is by no means a list of new movies. Just the ones I know will work to put a smile on your face.


Now, Ghibli is a studio, not a single movie, but this studio is well-known for making some of the best feel-good movies out there.

A lot of them have a different idea: Howl’s Moving Castle is about love and bravery; Spirited Away is about dedication and importance of family and connections; Kiki’s Delivery Service is about, essentially, inspiration and overcoming art-block; Princess Mononoke is about nature and its importance; the list goes on.


What connects every single movie by this studio are the feelings of satisfaction and pure hope that end up welling up in your chest once you’re done watching. They’re inspirational, motivational and incredibly kind, showing how people can often be lovely and supportive for nothing in exchange.

So my best advice is: feeling down? Watch a Ghibli movie. (My favourites are Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke; everyone else recommends Spirited Away; all of them will do good.)

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Best Feel-Good Movies For When You’re Feeling Super Down

Love Actually

An iconic choice that, despite having existed for well over fifteen (!!!) years is always mentioned by people when asked about feel-good movies, and this article will not be an exception.

An amalgamation of multiple different storylines, this is a very light, hopeful movie despite it sometimes mentioning some dark issues that not everyone is that well equipped to deal with.

Still, though, it goes about very light-heartedly, and makes the viewer feel the love. Is that not what we want, here?

Best Feel-Good Movies For When You’re Feeling Super Down

Before Sunrise

I know I have mentioned this movie in a different article of mine, too, but I couldn’t possibly leave it out of this list.

While the sequels — Before Sunset and Before Midnight — are not quite as magical and deal with the more realistic issues of love, relationships and the real world, the first movie, Before Sunrise, is about that magic of attraction at first sight and talking to someone who genuinely enjoys listening to what you have to say.

It’s magical, a bit surreal and calls forth something buried deep within your soul; it leaves you feeling like you’d just read a fairytale. And that’s precisely what I want from feel-good movies, so in case you agree and like lovey-dovey fairytales — add this to your Plan To Watch list.

Best Feel-Good Movies For When You’re Feeling Super Down

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

I know that this seems like quite a random addition to the feel-good movies list, but hear me out.

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Gorgeous? Check.

Innovative? Check.

Demonstrates the life of a POC protagonist without stereotyping and making fun of anything? Check.

Sends a good message? Check.

Feels wholesome, despite the issues the characters might face? Check.

Is fun to watch? Check.

Into The Spider-Verse is a fantastic example of how animation can, at times, be far superior to live-action and how it should be utilised. In addition, it sends a fantastically motivational message: believe in yourself, your abilities and the people close to you.

This was the most fun I’ve had watching a movie in the past, like, four years (ever since the last Mad Max came out — but that’s, admittedly, not very feel-good). And I left feeling uplifted, like I’d watched something wonderfully sweet and inspirational.

Best Feel-Good Movies For When You’re Feeling Super Down

What are your favourite pick-me-up movies? Share them with us in the comments; we all need a little boost sometimes!

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