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The Only Father’s Day Gift Guide You’ll Need This Year

Father’s Day is only weeks away, and if you’re like me, you don’t want to procrastinate on looking for the perfect gift. Not every father is alike, so it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what kind of gift he may appreciate most. I’ve compiled a list for every kind of dad out there that will appreciate a little something this June.

Amazon Launchpad is a great place to find unique gifts that dad will love–it’s a great place to discover big ideas from small brands! So many new arrivals just landed on Amazon Launchpad’s Father’s Day Gift Guide, so we’ve decided to include some of their unique and innovative gifts in this list. Take a look at the Father’s Day gift guide you won’t want to miss!

For the Tired Dad

Other inflatable pillows blow away on windy beaches, but the Ballast Pillow from Amazon Launchpad stays put, so you can stay comfortable and relaxed! Your dad is guaranteed to love this clever problem-solving product!

Buy it from Amazon Launchpad here:

For the Thirsty Guy

Whatever you’re sipping while on the go, the Hydaway Tumbler from Amazon Launchpad makes it so that’s ALL you’re sipping. No plastic, no weird chemicals, and nothing you don’t want in your body. Just you and your favorite drink getting it done! This top-rated, innovative product is something dad will definitely love.

Buy it from Amazon Launchpad here:

For the Dad Who Likes Honey

This gift from Amazon Launchpad is a quick and easy way to add the perfect kick to your favorite foods. Drizzle it on pizza or wings, pair it with cheese, and add it to cocktails or tea! This product is just one example of a small brand you’ll love from Amazon Launchpad!

Buy it from Amazon Launchpad here:

For the Dad Who Likes To Film

The compact flexible legs of this tripod from Amazon Launchpad can easily wrap around bicycles, poles, and branches. Weighing only 150g and standing at 10 inches, this tripod is definitely the most portable and compact tripod! This everyday upgrade from a small brand is the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day.

Buy it from Amazon Launchpad here:

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For the Coffee Worshipper

If your father is the kind of guy who can only function after a cup of joe, get him his new favorite coffee mug from Amazon Launchpad. The HUNU cup is a 9 oz coffee cup that folds down to just 2cm/0.75inch. It is ultra-compact and small enough for any pocket or bag. With a built in drinking lid It can be used for coffee, tea, wine or just about anything you might need a cup for!

Buy it from Amazon Launchpad here:



Which of these Father’s Day gift guide choices are you going to buy? Let us know in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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