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Best Fashion Movies To Motivate You

Best Fashion Movies To Motivate You

Best Fashion Movies To Motivate You

Everyone enjoys escaping their daily lives and immersing themselves in the sparkle and glam of another’s life by watching a movie. Fashion movies are an addiction for those of us who get a rush every time we see a trendy outfit or the perfect pair of shoes, and they allow us to visit the workshops of our favorite designers, walk the runway, and sit at the editor’s desk. We all need a little push of motivation to believe our fashion visions are possible; watch these fashion movies for inspiration whenever you need to escape your own life and submerge yourself in glitz and glam that will drive you to pursue your dreams!

1. The Devil Wears Prada

There is no such thing as a list of the best fashion movies to motivate you without including The Devil Wears Prada. This film is a classic favorite for a reason: It is a movie all about embracing who you want to be as an individual and where you want to go with your career, as well as being hilariously cunning. No one else other than Meryl Streep would be able to portray Miranda Priestly as beautifully and as delightfully devious; she plays a no-mercy editor-in-chief of a major fashion magazine. Although Miranda’s staff trembles in fear when she walks in, it gives off a certain ambiance that will leave you with a sense of personal strength that will inspire you to pursue your job with the same zeal and dedication. Then there is Anne Hathaway’s character, Andrea Sachs, who will motivate you to put your best foot forward no matter what situation you are put in. Being Miranda’s assistant is hard and at times seems impossible, but Andrea keeps on pushing through in hopes to pursue her journalism dreams. Check out The Devil Wears Prada whenever you need a comical movie with a range of fashionable coats and designer bags that will also leave you with a sense of motivation to take control of your career and life.

2. Coco Before Chanel

Coco Before Chanel is up next on best fashion movies to watch for motivation: Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s life before she acquired her title and empire is depicted in the film. The film, directed by Anne Fontaine, is a Parisien classic that chronicles Coco’s youth and the pivotal events that led to her brilliant destiny of fashion and flamboyance. Audrey Tatou’s portrayal of Coco Chanel is what makes this film so motivational; audiences see her sheer determination and unflappable demeanor, which builds a persona that everyone can admire. Tatou’s performance is a fantastic example of how Coco’s upbringing led to her inevitable success, which altered the fashion world, and anybody watching will be moved by the story to chase their own ambitions. The transition from a seamstress by day and a cabaret entertainer by night to the top of Parisian haute couture is one that will motivate just about anyone to keep their head up when they are faced with obstacles in the pursuit of their goals. After meeting Étienne Balsan, Coco is given the opportunity to use his clothing as a starting point to distill her elegant and sophisticated line of women’s clothing that pushed her to the top of the fashion industry. By watching this movie you will not only get to know the story behind Coco before Chanel, but you will also get an insight into the inner workings of how even the biggest fashion icons have to start somewhere.


3. The September Issue

Coming up on must-see fashion movies for motivation: The September Issue. The film follows Anna Wintour, the famed editor of Vogue, as she prepares the September 2007 issue and it will leave viewers hungry for the same success and brilliance as Anna. “Fashion is a religion,” declares the movie poster, “This is the bible,” and the September issue, with a whopping 840 pages, is the magazine’s most important issue. Not only do viewers get a glimpse at who Anna Wintour is behind her signature bob and enormous sunglasses, but we also get an inside look at the production of the magazine itself. The extensive and complicated process of developing the bible we all love and know as Vogue will instill a sense of drive in viewers who yearn to be in on the fashion magazine industry’s crazy action. This inside peek into Vogue’s headquarters and the brilliance behind Anna Wintour, as well as the magnificent attire you get to see, will be enough to motivate anyone hoping to work in the fashion industry.

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4. Funny Face

Our next pick is one of the older fashion movies, but it is still a must-watch: Funny Face starring Audrey Hepburn. A New-York based fashion photographer by the name of Dick Avery becomes enamored by the beauty of the main character, Jo Stockton, a bookstore employee that he photographed by accident and he believes she has the potential to be a model. He and Jo make their way to France, where he can snap more pictures of her in Parisian backdrops. Although the movie itself is more so focused on the obstacle-filled relationship between Jo and Dick, watching Jo dance about Paris in exquisite outfits by Givenchy, as well as her classic bookshop uniform of black cigarette trousers and a turtleneck, is enough motivation to take a second look at our own closets or to book a one-way ticket to Paris. Not only that, but Jo ultimately ends up becoming a modeling sensation for Quality magazine, showing viewers how you can start from anywhere to get to where you are meant to be, even if it was not your original plan! This bubbly and charming phenomenon will not only put you in a good mood, it will also give you the necessary drive and mindset to know that you can turn your life, and your wardrobe, around.


Although we have only mentioned a few motivational fashion movies, these are ones you will definitely want to check out. These films will give you the confidence you need to realize that you can achieve anything, whether you want to work behind the scenes at a fashion magazine or start your own line!