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Best Fall Trends This Season

Best Fall Trends This Season

Fall is my favorite time of the year. It kicks starts the holiday season with Halloween, it brings cooler weather, and an excuse to change out your whole wardrobe and fill it with all the new fall trends. From fall staples to current must have’s we’re breaking down all the fall essentials that your closet needs to have.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are one of the hottest fall trends this season. They’re the perfect complement to any outfit. You can go really bold with a colored boot or stick with the simple colors like black and tan. One of my favorite non-traditional colored ankle boot this season is white with chunky heels.

They make the perfect statement piece to any outfit. Since they typically have a super chunky heel you can wear them for hours without hurting your feet too badly. 10/10 recommend jumping on this fall trend. Finding ankle boots isn’t that hard to do, but they can get pretty pricey. If you want a decent pair of boots that won’t fall apart after wearing them once check out ASOS. They have tons of options at reasonable prices so you’ll definitely find something that you like.

Best Fall Trends This Season

Over-Sized Jean Jackets

We know and love them and they’ve always got our back which makes the over-sized jean jacket one of the recurring fall trends this season. From the patchy edgy look to the ripped up cool-girl vibes there’s a style for anyone and they can be the perfect complement to almost any outfit.

Best Fall Trends This Season


I know what your thinking…there’s no way that pistachio colored anything could be a trend. But it was all over the runway for this fall season. It’s predicted to be the hottest color this year. And trust me, people are already jumping on the pistachio trend, but don’t worry you aren’t too late to get your hands on some. From beanies to bikinis it’s all over the internet right now.

For this fall season try grabbing a jumpsuit that you can layer with a tan overcoat. These two fall trends pair amazingly together for a brighter twist to the classic fall look. They also make for a super cute puffer jacket with their super subtle coloration.

Best Fall Trends This Season

Over-the-Knee Boots

They were totally one the biggest fall trends last season, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going anywhere this year. So you’re in luck if you snatched yourself up a pair last season. If you already have a pair of black ones you’ve got yourself an amazing fall and winter staple, but over-the-knee boots come in so many colors and textures try branching out.

One of my favorite colors is olive green and they look so good over a pair of darker wash jeans for a super cool, casual look. You can also venture out with different fits this season. One of the more popular styles is the super slouchy look and they look incredible with tighter pants and an over-sized sweater combo.

Best Fall Trends This Season

Bold Over Coats

In previous fall trends, the overcoat has been a staple, but they’ve upgraded this season and I’m loving it. It’s all about bold colors. Pistachio is one of the main colors, but orange and yellow are predicted to be popular. They’re the perfect statement piece and you can build a really unique outfit with one. Printed overcoats are also a big yes this season so don’t be afraid to get really bold with your selection.

Best Fall Trends This Season

Over-Sized Sweaters

There’s no way for a fall trends list to not include the infamous over-sized sweater. They’re the perfect staple for any look that you want to create. From chunky cable knit to over-sized turtle necks, there are a million looks that you can create. Try picking up a few more this season just to make your selection feel fresh. Some of my favorite chunky over-sized sweaters come from American Eagle. They’re super soft and they hold up really well.

Some of my favorite staple colored sweaters are cream, grey, and burnt orange. Basic solid colors will transition perfectly into the winter season so they’re great to have in your closet. Feel free to go back to some of your last year’s favs and incorporate them with your new fall fashion for a more updated look.

Best Fall Trends This Season

Gingham Print

Gingham Print is everything this season, and it literally comes in everything. It’s one of the most popular patterns this season and I’m here for it. It’s like a plaid’s more sophisticated sister. My favorite ways to wear it are as a pair of high waisted pants or on a skirt.

You can dress it up with a white sweater or make it edgy with a pair of chunky boots and a black top. Either way, you can’t go wrong by getting your hands on one of the most popular fall trends. Urban Outfitters has some of the best pants if you’re looking for an edgier vibe. From slightly flared to jogger style you’ll find the perfect fit.

Best Fall Trends This Season

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Mini Skirts

We’ve all indulged in the mini-skirt craze, but they’re here to stay and in any pattern that your heart desires. They look super cute with a pair of ankle boots or over-the-knee boots which makes them super versatile. The asymmetrical look is also super popular this season when it comes to skirts so feel free to go crazy with patterns and fits this season. And they’re perfect to have for a summer look to which makes them a must-have in your closet all year round.

Best Fall Trends This Season

Doc Martens

Black leather paired with their yellow stitching make Doc’s the perfect way to edge up your fall look this season. They’ve been a super popular trend for a couple of seasons now so its the perfect way to save some cash on getting a new pair. They’ve got the perfect chunky sole and they come in a variety of colors. My favorite Docs are black, white, and maroon.

They pair perfectly with short skirts, leggings, and jeans so you really can’t go wrong with a pair of Docs which make them the perfect fall essential. There are tons of knock off Docs, but honestly, they don’t compare. If you take decent care of them, they’ll last you forever. One perk though is that most places carry real Doc Martens so you can find them pretty much anywhere.

Best Fall Trends This Season


Blazers are all the rage ever fall season, but this year they’ve taken a bit of a step up. How do you want yours is the real question. Fitted or non-fitted? Short or mid-length? Plain colored or bolder? The options are endless this season which is making them a super popular fall trend. They’re perfect if you want to dress up your look this fall season.

Best Fall Trends This Season

Animal Print

Yup animal print is back from the dead and it’s one of the best fall trends this season. Snake print was all the rage last season and let’s just say that it has inspired people to look at other prints for this season. Leopard and cheetah being the most popular this season they make a really chill outfit that much better.

Try finding some pieces with a darker base color for an even bolder look. And don’t worry your snakeskin pieces are still in trend enough to dig out for this season. If you’re looking for a cheap animal print anything you should totally check out Shein. They have just about anything that you could want and they won’t break your bank.

Best Fall Trends This Season

From classic staples to new trends there’s something for everyone this fall season. Which of these fall trends are you gonna get your hands on this season? Let us know which ones you absolutely loved down below!

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