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10 Best Fall Date Ideas To Try With Your Loved One

Ah, fall when all the leaves change and couples cuddle up hoping to brave the new chill weather. When summer is over it can be hard to think of fun fall dates that can match or beat those summer nights. With that in mind, we decided to come up with 10 Best Fall Date Ideas To Try With Your Loved One today. 

1. Pumpkin Patch

When Halloween is just around the corner there is nothing more perfect for a date than going to a pumpkin patch. Not only are you two able to spend some quality time outdoors you both also have a great backdrop for some much-needed couple pics. So grab your Bae and go pumpkin patching.

2. Visit Family

Not a traditional date but fall is a perfect time for family. If you are a new couple this one might not be for you, but if you two are ready for that step to go learn some new family traditions. What might be a scary proposition to meet a family, might be a bonding moment for you and your significant other. 

3. Movie Marathon

Although a scary movie marathon might seem more appropriate, any movie marathon in fall with have you Netflix and chilling in no time. Pick any movie or tv show, grab a blanket, maybe some snacks and get ready for cuffing season to begin. Oh, the romance. Bonus points if you two have a show you only watch together. 

4.Baking Together

Do you have a desire to teach or learn a baking recipe? Then this date is perfect. Grab all the ingredients put on some nice music and you have yourself a date. This is one of the easiest date ideas on the list because most people only need their person and the ingredients already in their cupboard. 

5. Volunteer

With fall comes the obvious needs in our community. Homeless people bracing themselves for the winter, animals being abandoned. Take this moment with your loved one and give back to your community. It may not be super fun but it makes you feel better and shows you how to work with your partner. 

6.Corn Maze

If you two do not fight over directions and both like to get lost together this date idea is for you. It is competitive, gets the heart pumping, is outdoors and helps you two work together. Corn mazes are great date ideas for any fall couple looking to mark off a seasonal bucket list. 

7. Coffee Date

Snuggle up at a cute cafe with two books and endless coffee. You can talk for hours, gaze into each other’s eyes, or just soak in the atmosphere together. Whatever stage of your relationship a coffee date is a low maintenance fall date idea that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Just make sure they drink coffee and don’t mind chilling for a while. 

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8. Fall Hike

If being chill in the fall is not for you two hikes are great date ideas that feed into that adventurous spirit. Go try a new trail while the leaves are changing and see which tree is your favorite. Make sure to check all the trail openings because with changing seasons comes with trail closures. 

9. Visit Somewhere Haunted

Spookkyyyy and probably scarrryyy. If you two like that haunted stuff or want to be scared so you hold each other tighter this is the best date idea. Find a local haunted tour, or haunted corn maze and walk around if you dare. Not for the faint of heart but will probably be an experience you don’t want to forget. 

10. Make a Fort

Two snuggle bugs in a homemade fort spells a lovely evening. Play cards, watch TV on a laptop, talk for hours, get drunk. You name it, anything is better while under a multi-color quilt in the middle of your living room. It feels like a whole new world only for you two. 

Did you like any of our fall date ideas? If you did let us know in the comments which were your faves!

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