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Best Fall Concerts In New York You Cannot Miss

Best Fall Concerts In New York You Cannot Miss

Going out to concerts can provide some of the most exhilarating experiences anyone can ever have. New York is the perfect place to do this, as there are numerous artists performing throughout the wonderful season of Fall. When done right, you will never forget your time at any of these concerts, but you need to know who to see, and how to prepare.

Most of the concerts in New York are held in Madison Square Garden, so make sure you book early to not only actually get tickets, but have the chance of getting good seats as well! With that said, here are the best Fall concerts in New York you simply cannot miss!

Post Malone – October 14th

Post Malone is one of the most famous artists on this planet, and for extremely good reason. He is not only an amazing songwriter, but has a wide range of impressive vocals, as well as being real with his fans. He constantly makes beer jokes and is one of the most likeable artists out there.


You have definitely heard some of his hits, but if you have not, you need to listen to the likes of Rockstar, Congratulations,Wow, and Psycho. Imagine listening to that while seeing him live; yeah, it will be such a surreal experience. Unlike so many mainstream artists, Post Malone has a great voice in real life too, so his concerts will be even better than whatever your expectations are!

He will be performing at the world famous Madison Square Garden on October 14th, and you need to book tickets very early, as he sells out arenas very fast. For all these reasons, Posty Malone is the first person on our best fall concerts list!


Tyler, The Creator – September 12th

Tyler, The Creator was honestly born to perform. Aside from making beautiful and engaging music (often producing his own tracks), Tyler is well known for his comedic side. He blends having fun in both his music, and what he does with his daily life. Just like with Post Malone, Tyler, The Creator is an extremely relatable person.

His concerts are very lively, and he makes sure to dance all over the place, guaranteeing you having the time of your life! What is so great about Tyler’s music is his range, as not many artists can achieve this in such a successful fashion. He can have one song rapping very fast, and another be solemn and deep; making you question reality.

Similar to Post Malone, Tyler, The Creator will be performing in Madison Square Garden, but on September 12th. Unless you already bought tickets for him, you probably missed your opportunity, as they sell out faster than a social media influencer having an ad during their YouTube video.


J Balvin – September 29th

J Balvin to many non-Spanish speakers seems like an overnight sensation, but anyone who has been following him over the years knows how consistently great his music is. He is arguably the most famous Latina artist, and one of the most played overall artists on Spotify. Being best known for his collaboration with Nicky Jam on “X”, and a feature on Cardi B’s “I like it”, J Balvin has been taking the world by storm.

His concerts are no joke, as he brings all the hype possible (due to the high intensity of all his songs). You will undoubtedly have a great time with friends here, rocking to some of the best Spanish music available. Even if you do not know what the lyrics mean, they are so catchy you have no choice but to sing at the top of your lungs!


He performs at the Madison Square Garden on September 29th, keep that date in mind! If you plan on booking tickets for his unique concert, make sure you get them quickly, because it is only a few weeks away!

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The Chainsmokers – October 8th

No matter what part of the world you live in, the mere mention of The Chainsmokers will get people excited. They are an iconic DJ duo made up of Andrew Taggart and Alex Paul. They have been around since 2012, but their main step into the spotlight was Closer from 2016. They have many  more amazing songs just like it, including Roses, Paris, and Sick Boy.

Their concerts are very loud, and you have the time of your life. All their songs are catchy, and even if you don’t know them, they are extremely easy to dance to. Their concert is really a no brainer to attend.

They play in Barclays Center on October 8th, and just like with all the other artists on our list, you need to book your tickets for their concert very early (especially if you want good seating).


Jonas Brothers – August 30th

The Jonas Brothers are one of the few boy bands from the early 2000’s Nickelodeon to still be going strong in 2019. They rose to fame through their Camp Rock movie series, and rode that fame into stardom, releasing hit singles like Sucker, Only Human, and Burnin’ Up. They are filled with stellar talent, from Joe Jonas (guitars), Nick Jonas (guitars), and Kevin Jonas (mandolin).

They are also well versed with the drums, and a wide variety of other musical instruments. Just know that you and whoever you go with will have an experience you’ll never forget. The way the brothers blend the instruments with their song makes it so much better, and you will never want to leave the place.


They are performing at Madison Square Garden (a common occurrence) on August 30th. If you have not gotten tickets by now, they are definitely sold out. If so, your only option is to by from a third party, or wait for the next amazing concert!

Those are our best fall concerts in New York you cannot afford to miss! Let us know which concerts you plan on attending this fall, and what you think will make them so special!

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