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Best Fall Activities To Do With Your Family

Best Fall Activities To Do With Your Family

As summer has officially come to a close and the wonderful season of Fall is upon us, it is important to look at all that the beautiful season has in store! The leaves are falling, nature looks as wonderful as imaginable, and it marks the time when schools come back in session. All in all, fall brings out the best of you. It is the season where you most likely spend the most time with your family and bonding time is put to the maximum.

Due to the beauty of fall, there are numerous things you and your family can partake in. Choosing what to do with those you love during this season can be difficult, as there are endless options. With that said, here are the best fall activities to do with your family!

Apple Picking

Apple picking has always been a go-to family activity during the fall. It not only creates an intriguing bonding experience for the entire family but allows you all to pick your own best-tasting apples!

Most apple farms have many other activities to do, like barn rides, petting zoos, amazing food, and many more fun things for the kids. You can go all throughout the fall season and you will have so much fun!

Best Fall Activities To Do With Your Family

Attend a Harvest Festival

There are numerous fall harvesting festivals that happen throughout the season. They are a great bonding activity for family, as there are many events for all of you!

One of the most popular of these events is Oktoberfest, where you celebrate the season with all those you love. There will be great food, a vast amount of games (sack races, horse riding, even apple bobbing)! You will make a memorable experience with your family if you attend, and I highly recommend that you do!

Decorate a Pumpkin

Decorating pumpkins is one of the oldest and most classic fall/Halloween traditions there are. It is a unique family bonding experience, and everybody can put their creativity on full display. You can all get separate pumpkins to decorate (whether it be painting, carving, or anything else), and then compare your work with the rest of the family!

Go To a Pumpkin Patch

Visiting a pumpkin patch can be one of the most exciting activities you and your family can partake in this Fall. There are so many different types and sizes of pumpkins to select from, and, regardless of any of your preferences, there is the perfect pumpkin for every family!

What is so great about going to a pumpkin patch is that there is so much more to do than just pick out pumpkins. Just like at apple farms, there are many family activities you all can engage in, and there will certainly be mouth-watering, delicious food available on the farm as well.

Best Fall Activities To Do With Your Family

Visit A Haunted House

Going to a haunted house as a family is such an underrated family activity. The haunted house embodies all that Halloween is about; mystery, suspense, and fright. There will be cobwebs, jump scares, and zombies, which are all awesome!

It will help create life-long memories with the people you love, and you can tease whichever family member got scared the most!

Go On A Family Hike

Going hiking is one of those family activities that makes perfect sense. The season of fall is so beautiful, it is almost a crime to not enjoy it in all its glory. I recommend this even more if you are an athletic family, and are all up for a challenge. You guys do not have to make the hike far, just long enough to enjoy nature, and bond together.

If you like hiking as a family long enough, you can even make this into a tradition!

Family Picnic

Similar to the family hike, having a family picnic is highly recommended. Going outside, no matter where (it does not have to be a fancy area), will allow you all to appreciate mother nature. You will also appreciate one another and bond over this, as picnics create that vibe that strengthens relationships!

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It will be even better if each family member brings/makes a certain meal and all share and bond over the delicious food each of you had a hand in preparing.

Best Fall Activities To Do With Your Family

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are an amazing bonding experience for the entire family. These are so interactive — it’s crazy! They allow for you all to show your competitive sides. Scavenger hunts are not only extremely fun, but time goes very fast and allows you to make unforgettable memories with your family. It doesn’t matter the size of your family; as long as you guys are creative in what to look for and where they are hidden, this activity will be amazing fun for everyone involved. You can then talk lots about who found which items and tease whoever did the worst!

It may not seem like it, but this is easily one of the best bonding experiences a family can have. I highly recommend your family to try it!

Go Camping

Last, but definitely not least, is going camping! It is yet another outdoor activity (which is great because of how beautiful fall weather is), and you all will love it. Even though your family might not have gone camping before, this will create such a nice bonding experience as the first family camping trip for you all!

You do not have to camp out for days on end — just long enough to appreciate the great outdoors, tell scary stories at the campfires, and sing fun and engaging campfire songs together! If you all love the experience of camping together enough, this can (just like the harvest festival or apple picking) most definitely become another fun family tradition for you!

Best Fall Activities To Do With Your Family

These are our best Fall activities to do with your family! Let us know in the comments which activities you and your family plan on partaking this Fall!

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