Top 10 Best Fall Activities For Couples

Sometimes finding creative and fun date ideas to spice up your relationship can be tough, so here are some of the best activities you can plan for the coming Fall. This list features ideas for every kind of couple, whether you are homebodies or the adventurous type.

1. Apple Picking

As the leaves start changing from beautiful greens into a mesmerizing mixture of reds, orange, and yellows. Take some time to venture out into nature with you beau, find an apple orchard near you, and go apple picking. Even though it might seem a little outdated, apple orchards are actually quite beautiful and will encourage you to focus solely on your person. This activity does not require a lot of physical activity and makes for great pictures to keep for memories. The icing on top of the cake to going on this date is all the apples you get to take home and snack on or bake with.

Top 10 Best Fall Activities For Couples

2. Drive-In Movie Night

Here is another old school date idea for a cool Fall night! What activity is going to let you cuddle up under the stars, enjoy an amazing movie, and pig out on snacks all night? Going to a classic drive-in gives you an aesthetic you will not get at a normal movie theater. It will also give you a sense of an era of the past and will give you an experience like no other. If this sounds like a good date idea you would like to try, make sure you arrive early to get the best viewing spot. Bring some warm blankets and pillows to snuggle in the trunk or on the hood of your car. There are only about 300 drive-in theaters left operating in the United States so do your research as to which ones are in your area.

Top 10 Best Fall Activities For Couples

3. Couple Photoshoot

A photoshoot is one of the most amazing ways to capture the love you feel for one another, especially if you want to show off your beau on your social media. The falling leaves and colors of Fall with definitely create the perfect ambiance for picture taking. The cool weather will guarantee that you will be comfortable in a sweater, flannel, or beanies. For the best pictures, try coordinating a color scheme for the clothes you will wear on the day of the photoshoot. Neutral tones with a pop of color, like red, usually make for the best pictures in the Fall. Don’t forget to tap into your playful sides and let yourselves be captured in your element.

Here are some ideas of cute poses you can try if you are not the most comfortable in front of the camera:

Top 10 Best Fall Activities For Couples

4. Bake Together

Fall is one of the best times of the year to find inspiration for new ways to satisfy your sweet tooth with the fruits in season, especially since it is right at the start of the bulky sweater season. Making desserts can be a therapeutic endeavor even though it might seem daunting. It is one of the fall activities you can share with your loved one. There is nothing quite like baking a pie or cake with your loved one to make the romance blossom. This fall activity is something you can do when you feel like enjoying each other’s company within the cozy confines of your own home.

Here are some recipes you might want to try out:

Top 10 Best Fall Activities For Couples

5. Pumpkin Patch

A day at the pumpkin patch is definitely a fall activity for a special occasion. Depending on how much you want to do, a pumpkin patch has enough things to do you can spend an entire day there if you want to! You can start the day at the patch by going on a hayride, going through a corn maze, or get your faces painted, which gives you a chance to act like kids again. There are also plenty of opportunities to grab a snack or treat yourself with a funnel cake paired perfectly with a warm apple cider. At the end of your visit be sure to pick up a pumpkin to carve and display for Halloween.

Top 10 Best Fall Activities For Couples

6. Host A Thanksgiving Dinner

For all the sojourners and lost souls out there who have found each other, it can be a really great idea for you and your beau to have a Friendsgiving dinner for all your loved ones. It gives you a chance to work on your teamwork abilities and spend some time with those who you hold near and dear to your hearts. Put in the extra effort to create a beautiful spread and if cooking an entire meal might seem like too much, it’s can be a great idea to organize a potluck so all your guests can also contribute to this celebration of friendship.

7. Get Cozy and Have Reading Dates

For all the book-lovers out there, reading dates can be the perfect Fall activity to bond with each other. The cloudy and cold weather outside provides the perfect aesthetic for a day indoors with your special someone and reading the day away. Spice up these reading dates by whipping up some snacks, hot chocolate, or a good old fashioned cup of coffee. If you are more of the going out type, then venture out to some really cute coffee shops where you can be “alone together”. Books often have a way of sparking really interesting conversations, so don’t sleep on this amazing Fall activity.

Top 10 Best Fall Activities For Couples

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8. Bike Rides

Going on a bike ride may seem like a mundane and boring activity, but taking some time to get away from the noisiness of life and only focusing on each other might be just what your relationship needs. A less popular version of taking long walks on the beach, bike rides can be more exciting when paired with a romantic picnic when you can strap your basket to your bicycle as you head off into a secluded spot in a park, by a lake, or a forest. There is also something good that can be said about the classic beach biking destination followed by watching the sunset or an evening of camping underneath the stars, especially when you are a truly adventurous couple. 

Top 10 Best Fall Activities For Couples

9. Build A Blanket Fort

Truly reminiscent of childhood days, blanket forts are not reserved just for kids but can be a great Fall activity for a special night with your special someone. Let your imagination take control when building this blanket fort because the sky is the limit! You can set up a fort out in your backyard or inside your living room. Make an event out of it by adding some twinkle lights and grabbing some snacks for an all-nighter. Create a space where you can not only watch movies but also play your favorite board games or just some good old-fashioned conversations.

Top 10 Best Fall Activities For Couples

10. Decorate For The Holiday Season

For those of you who love everything about Christmas, it is definitely socially acceptable to start decorating for the holiday season the day after Thanksgiving! Decorating can be the perfect fall activity with your special someone as you both can get comfy and spend some good quality time with each other while accomplishing a task. Vibe out with your beau by making putting up decoration a special event. Dance to some Mariah Carey or Michael Buble while setting up your Christmas tree and experiment with making your gift wrapping techniques over a cup of apple cider or hot chocolate. 

Top 10 Best Fall Activities For Couples

Which one of these fall activities are you the most excited to do with your boyfriend? Comment in the section below!