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10 Best Face Sunscreen Brands To Use As Daily Primer

10 Best Face Sunscreen Brands To Use As Daily Primer

Sunscreen is so important to avoid wrinkles and aging of your skin. These are the best face sunscreen brands that act as primers under your daily makeup!

With the warmer weather, comes the strong sun and that means you need to lather on the sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen on your face can make it hard to apply your daily makeup. Here is a list of the 10 best face sunscreen brands to use as a part of your daily routine to protect your face from the effects of the sun!

best face sunscreen for the summer!

1. Aveeno Natural Protection

Aveeno is a recognized brand for natural and effective protection against the harsh UV rays.Within the ‘Natural Protection’ line, Aveeno is able to provide quality ingredients that block against waterproof and sweat-resistant activities as you continue your beauty routine.  This conveniently-sized tube with sleek and an easy flip top has a minimum of SPF 50 protection.


2.  Neutrogena Clear Face

Neutrogena is one of the top dermatologist-backed brand known to create solutions for problematic skin while providing quality coverage. This lightweight lotion not only suggests its break-out free formula to your acne-prone skin (should you suffer from acne while stressing in college), but the special ‘Helioplex’ formula makes the application process and blending process of mineral and liquid concealer super easy and quick to dry.


3. First Aid Beauty Pure Mineral Sunscreen

First Aid Beauty made this product versatile for just about anyone to use. It’s extra unique formula targets normal to combination skin! Despite it’s thicker and smoother texture, this moisturizing facial sunscreen not only repairs as it hydrates, but the product won’t irritate your skin even if you are suffering from allergies.

4.  Olay Complete All Day Moisture

For those with sensitive skin, combination skin, or pressed for time and do not want to test the product for allergic reactions, the Complete line from the famous brand has you covered. It is packed with all sorts of vitamins and known to protect for up to 48 hours!


5.   Eucerin  Anti-Wrinkle Sunscreen

Personally, I have read a lot of blogs and even five-star reviews such as on the Eucerin homepage in regards to this longtime dermatologist recommended-brand. This classic and brand has UV protection formulas to target your irritated skin.


6.  EltaMD UV Daily Lotion

This dermatologist-formulated suncare line has just the right amount of SPF within the 40’s range. The key ingredient in Elta MD products have in all their available sunscreens is zinc which seems to solve ALL our skin issues these days.

7. Clinique City Block

Although this tube is on the smaller side, it is perfect for getting those spots you want to focus on. It is great for under the eye, dark spots, and problem areas!

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8. L’Oreal Silky Sheer

As a trusted brand from the beauty experts themselves, this daily facial lotion has just the right amount of SPF to prevent you from burning. Silky Sheer is a pretty big bottle, so it will definitely last a while!

9. Proactiv Liquid SPF

Proactiv is a HUGE lifesaver for those who suffer from skin prone to breakouts. Safe to use daily and no matter what the skin type, this liquid application dries fast to adhere to your on-the-go college lifestyle with an added protection of SPF 15.


10.  BareMinerals Prep Step

This mineral makeup line is known to change lives by focusing on irritations of the face caused by makeup. This brand is a mineral makeup safer, but this primer and lightweight sunscreen duo is free of parabens.

Do you have any other suggestions for the best face sunscreen brands that work well under makeup!? Share in the comments below!


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