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Best Eye-Popping Eye Shadow Palettes For This Summer

Best Eye-Popping Eye Shadow Palettes For This Summer

Best Eye-Popping Eye Shadow Palettes For This Summer

Eye shadow palettes are a must for this summer. Makeup is one of the most essential items in a woman’s life. You might not think you are an eye shadow person but you simply never know. Eye makeup can really make all of the difference. Finding an eye shadow palette that looks good on you will make all the difference. Once you get informed on the world of makeup, you will start to know more about the art of eye shadow palettes.

One of the main reason some women are reluctant to spend on eye shadow palette is because of the misconception that makeup is expensive. But in all reality eye shadow palettes are worth the investment. It really is a better deal to buy an eye shadow palette than to keep buying one-by-one. That’s the great thing about palettes, is that they are really fun and convenient. When you get an eye palette you really get to appreciate the subtle differences in eye shadow colors. Everything from the creative eye shadow color names to the differences in shine.

Eye shadow palettes can really change up your look because it can accentuate your facial features. Finding what type of makeup and look work for you is really tricky business but does not have to be. I would suggest trying to find a look that makes you feel good about yourself. Makeup is all about the freedom of expression and not so much about looking a certain way.

In case you are wondering what are some eye shadow palettes to wear this summer here are some options.

1. Naked3 Palette

Nude colors look good on pretty much anybody. This colors are closer to skin color and these colors are perfect for a subtle look. The subtle touch of color that is a nude shade bring attention to your skin color. Ideally if you decide to wear a nude color it should be two shades darker. If you go for a nude color that is the exact same as your skin color it will not reflect much. But by picking a nude color that is just two shades darker than your skin it will add depth to your face. In other words there will be more depth to your face.

Best Eye-Popping Eye Shadow Palettes For This Summer

2. Venus XL 2

If you want something that is close to nude colors but slightly in a different direction than the “Venus XL 2” palette will be a perfect choice. This palette has a girlier version of nude colors. The colors of this shade look similar to the ones in the “Naked3” palette but if you look closely you will notice that there are pink or purple shades as well as coral ones. However, ever these shades are completely different from the “Naked3” palette which are more of a sunburnt look.

Best Eye-Popping Eye Shadow Palettes For This Summer


If you want a color palette that has the shine of bronze colors but give you more of a variety the “FRIENDCATION” palette will be perfect for you. This palette has colors that are outside of the nude shades. You will find blue, red, and yellow-gold. This color palette is glossier and has more shimmer to it.

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Best Eye-Popping Eye Shadow Palettes For This Summer

4. NYX’s “Off Tropic”

This “Off Tropic” palette offers a variety of colors and not just the nudes. It has red, green, and blue. This is perfect for the summer because it gives you more options as to what looks to try out.Best Eye-Popping Eye Shadow Palettes For This Summer

These eye shadow palettes offer a variety of shades that will complete your look. Let us know which of these you decided on choosing.

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