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Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands To Try Right Now

Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands To Try Right Now

In recent years, sustainable products have been on the rise. You can find plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free skincare products anywhere you look. Like makeup and moisturizers, our everyday wardrobe can be transformed into being sustainable and environmentally-conscious. Many clothing brands are becoming more sustainable, and environmentally-conscious options are becoming more and more available. Here is a list of the best eco-friendly clothing brands to try right now!

1. Allbirds

While they are known for their footwear, Allbirds is a brand oriented toward making sustainable shoes suitable for everyday life. This means that if you’re taking on some rain during your commute, walking in the city, going for a run, or just hanging around, Allbirds has your back. My first experience with Allbirds was last summer when I stopped by their store, and was shocked at how easily your feet can slip into their sneakers. I bought a pair of the tree toppers and they have been my go-to everyday shoe since then. Unlike some sneakers, the feel of Allbirds is so light and comfortable that you’ll never want to take them off! Now here’s where the eco-friendly part comes in: when taking a look online at their materials or talking to a sales associate, you’ll learn about what exactly goes into a pair of Allbirds. The shoes are made with castor bean oil, wool, eucalyptus tree fiber, and recycled bottles, just to name a few. Their goal is to reduce their carbon footprint and can teach customers all how to take a sustainable approach in doing our part as consumers (like wearing a pair of eco-friendly shoes). You can learn a ton about Allbirds’ goals for the future of footwear as well as grab yourself fashionable sneakers for anytime of the year on their website.

Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands To Try Right Now

2. Marine Layer

Ever purchased a recycled shirt? You can get your first at Marine Layer! If you are planning on getting rid of clothes, think of how they can be brought back to life again. Marine Layer has their signature men and women’s clothing, which might as well bring all the sunshine to your outfit. Their clothes are perfect for the beach, summer hangouts, bike rides, watching the sunset, etc. Their very own fabrics are created from sustainably sourced materials as stated on their website being recycled plastic, upcycled cotton, tencel (derived from eucalyptus trees) and modal (derived from beechwood trees) And best part– they feel super soft! Another awesome concept by Marine Layer is their donation-driven program called Re-Spun, in which people donate their old shirts, which then get broken down and recycled into a new piece of clothing. You can learn more about this program on their website, and see they’ve already received over 168,000 shirts to be recycled. This is one clothing brand that definitely makes us feel good about wearing our favorite shirt over and over again.

Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands To Try Right Now

3. Patagonia

When you think of a brand that is known for outdoor gear, you can probably guess that they want consumers to get out and enjoy fresh air, natural resources, and take care of our environment. With this mindset, it makes sense that a brand like Patagonia focuses on how we can do our part, even if that means starting with what we wear. For years, Patagonia has supported ways to help our climate, and literally make the natural world we live in a better place. If you can learn anything from this clothing brand, it’s how we can all take a step forward and help one another when it comes to caring for the planet as well as ourselves. Patagonia makes clothes that last, and is also a fashion statement when it comes to winter coats. They already use materials such as organic cotton in their clothing, but they also have a line called Worn Wear. Worn Wear is another eco-friendly aspect that is a part of Patagonia, in which recycled gear and clothing is resold. These items may have a few marks on them, and some jackets may be in better conditions than others – but they are certainly just as durable as a brand new jacket, and you’ll be spending less money, as well as not contributing to the making of a newer item.Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands To Try Right Now

4. Reformation

One of the most recent and fashionable clothing brands I’ve found is Reformation. If you haven’t seen them on Instagram or walked past a Reformation store, now is the time to check them out. Like other eco-friendly clothing brands, you can find out all about how Reformation is doing their part in the world of sustainable fashion as well as letting all their customers know what is exactly goes into making their favorite dress. You can actually read their previous years’ reports on their progress when it comes to sustainability to get a good understanding of how they use eco-friendly products from the inside out, which means they even use pens that are made from recycled tires (as stated on their website). They also sell what is called Climate Credits, which is store credit customers can purchase that can help with a cause – such as contributing to a clean project through NativeEnergy. I mean, seriously, they know how to make the prettiest floral dresses while impacting the world of fashion in a positive way. 

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Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands To Try Right Now

5. Amour Vert

Another website that makes casual, long-lasting clothing? Count me in. I first walked in an Amour Vert store in Berkeley, California and was so excited to see they sold my favorite brand of sneakers, Veja (another sustainable brand of shoes.) I knew I was in the right place after that. They are another one of the great clothing brands that has focuses on apparel that is quality made and does good for the environment. You can feel confident and chic, while also wearing eco-friendly clothes. They use raw materials such as modal (like at Marine Layer) and non-toxic silk, hemp and wool in their clothing – and, even their packaging is compostable. As if that’s not enough to feel good about your purchase, Amour Vert also plants a tree for every tee that is bought. They have planted over 300,000 trees so far and given us an eco-friendly clothing store that we can shop from and feel good about.

Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands To Try Right Now

What are your favorite clothing brands to shop from? Have you tried any of these eco-friendly shops for your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!

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