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Best Dupes for High End Makeup Brands You Have To Try

Best Dupes for High End Makeup Brands You Have To Try

Makeup is expensive, ridiculously expensive. When you want to go on a makeup spree without burning a hole in your wallet, the Best Dupes are going to be your best friend. These products will help you achieve a smooth and flawless look without breaking the bank.

Tatcha Pore Primer- ELF Putty Primer

This is one of the Best Dupes on this list mainly because the Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer is $50 and the ELF Putty Primer is only $8. Both of these products will make your skin look incredible and feel soft like velvet but at two completely different price points.  Even the packaging is similar, the color and the shape. The best way to apply this product is to warm it up between your fingers and press it into your pores.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation- Maybelline Fit Me (matte and poreless)

The born this way foundation is widely known among beauty YouTubers but it can be pricey is you’re on a budget, a great dupe for this product is the Maybelline fit me foundation. The Born This Way foundation is a $39 foundation while the Maybelline fit me foundation is only $8. Make sure you get the matte and poreless version of the fit me to match the finish of the born this way foundation.


Tarte Shape Tape- Loreal Full Wear

Anyone who knows about makeup knows what the Tarte Shape Tape is, you may also know the Best Dupes for this product. Let me introduce you to the alpha, the Loreal Full Wear concealer. Tarte Shape tape is a $27 concealer while the loreal full wear is only $5.99. Both will cover your under-eye bags and make it seem as though you have had an adequate amount of sleep.

Laura Mercier Setting Powder- Airspun Loose Face Powder

Despite the Airspun Loose Face Powder may smell a bit like your grandma’s perfume if you can get past that it is almost an exact replica of the Laura Mercier Setting Powder. The Laura Mercier Powder is $39 and the Airspun powder is only $5.99. Both will lock in your liquid makeup and prevent any creasing. The biggest concern in face powder dupes is making sure you don’t look like a ghost if you take a photo with the flash on, this one will not do that to you. Although James Charles blames his “flashback Mary” moment on Airspun, it is most likely because he used way too much of this powder ( a little goes a long way).

Hoola Bronzer- Butter Bronzer

First of all, the Hoola bronzer doesn’t smell like a tropical vacation like the butter bronzer does. That is enough to sell me on the dupe. Both of these bronzers have a warm tone to them, the Hoola bronzer is $30 while the Butter Bronzer is around $13.


Kat Von D Contour Palette- Elf Contour Palette

As of recently, Kat Von D has become a relatively controversial person and consistently brand. So it might not just be the price point that is deterring you from buying her contour palette. The Kat Von D palette is almost $50 while the ELF dupe is only $8. ELF has some of the Best Dupes in the game and they continue to put them out.

Nars Orgasm Blush- Milani Luminoso

Although you won’t get the risqué name, you will get a beautiful peachy blush that will make bring some youth back to your face. The Nars blush will run you $30 and the Milani blush is $6. This blush is great because not only will it add a rogue to your cheeks, but it will also give you an undeniable glow.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray- Wet & Wild Natural Finish Spray

Not only does setting spray help to make your makeup last longer, but it also helps the makeup melt together and look flawless. The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is a great product but it is $33 and the Wet & Wild Natural Finish spray is only $5.99 and it does exactly the same thing.

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Kylie Highlighter- Wet & Wild Megaglow

No one compares to queen Kylie but Wet&Wild comes pretty close and for a much more appealing price. The Kylie Loose Highlighters are around $20 while the Wet&Wild Megaglow highlighters are around $5. You’ll get a very similar glow for a fraction of the cost.

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette- NYX Warm Neutrals

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance Palette is my favorite warm tone eyeshadow palette I have ever used, but it comes at a pretty penny of $42 while its almost replica comes at $12.60. The NYX Warm Neutrals palette has incredible shades that blend so beautifully. The shimmers are will give your lids a glow that is undeniable.


Better Than Sex- Loreal Lash Paradise

You know what’s better than Better than Sex? Loreal Lash Paradise. This is one of the Best Dupes, it is better than the real thing in my opinion. Loreal makes a regular version and a water-proof version. Loreal also makes a primer for this mascara that will make it seem as though you have eye-lash extensions or fake lashes on. If you get the blackest black color. your lashes will be out of this world.

Anastasia Brow Wiz- NYX Micro-Brow

This is one of the first dupes I was every aware of. I trusted google and I’m happy I followed my ignorance to this day. I fell victim to abusing my eyebrows with the tweezers when I was younger so I always needed to fill my sparse brows in. When I first got into makeup I couldn’t afford what all the bloggers were using so I had to improvise. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz will cost you $23 while the NYX Micro-Brow will run you a mere $9.99. Although not the wildest price difference, it is still saving something.

You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to achieve an amazing makeup look. These are the Best Dupes that are all available at your local drugstore or Target. You shouldn’t be punished for being on a budget.