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The 9 Best Drugstore Highlighters Worth The Hype

The 9 Best Drugstore Highlighters Worth The Hype

We've compiled the best drugstore highlighters that you need to add to your makeup routine. They give the same effect as expensive highlighters.

For the past year or so the biggest trend in the beauty community is wet, dewy, highlighted skin. If you even look semi-matte, you’re doing something wrong. Beauty gurus are slathering on glowy primers, luminous foundations, shimmery powders and topping the whole look with a blinding highlight. While a lot of products like the Anastasia Glow Kits and Becca’s highlighters are getting heaps of hype, those are quite expensive. As much as people want to look like a diamond gleaming in the light, paying $20 for a single highlighter seems a bit ridiculous. Thankfully, drugstore brands have really stepped up their games recently and they’ve been dropping products that are just as good – if not better – than their high-end competitors. Now you can get a goddess-glow for as little as $4 (yes, you read that right). With these 9 amazing and affordable highlighters from the drugstore, there’s no reason why you can’t blind all your haters with your glow!

1. Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

These things hit the internet hard. This range comes in a variety of colors from pinky-champagne all the way to iridescent-purple. The super soft and buttery formula gives off a big color impact that’s perfect for everyday wear or for a more glamorous look. Plus, they’re only $4.99!

The 9 Best Drugstore Highlighters Worth The Hype


2. Maybelline Master Chrome

Here’s the highlighter if you want that ultra-metallic sheen. These highlighter’s don’t come in as many shades as some others, but if you can find one that works for you – rejoice! The Master Chrome line costs $9.99 for each highlighter.

The 9 Best Drugstore Highlighters Worth The Hype


3. L’Oréal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator

The best thing about liquid highlighters is that they give you that glow-from-within look. Sometimes powder highlights can look a bit chunky on the skin, but liquid glows melt right in for a more natural effect. This product is great for precise application or as a foundation mix-in! It comes in three shades and costs $12.99.

The 9 Best Drugstore Highlighters Worth The Hype


4. Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter

While Colourpop technically isn’t a drugstore brand, it’s prices do match drugstore brands so I think we should include them! Their Super Shock Highlighter formula is wildly popular in the beauty community for its unique texture that works best with your fingers for the most intense glow. Colourpop’s shade in Flexitarian is probably the most popular in this line and it costs $8 on their website!

The 9 Best Drugstore Highlighters Worth The Hype


5. Elf Baked Highlighter

Here’s the thing with Elf’s Baked highlighters, in order for them to properly work you need to scratch off the first layer. If you don’t do that, you won’t get any color payoff and it’ll be a powdery mess. But if you do, you’ll get a beautiful glowy highlighter. It’s super annoying that you have to do this, but for only $4 it’s worth it!

The 9 Best Drugstore Highlighters Worth The Hype


6. Physician’s Formula Butter Highlighter

The Butter line from Physician’s Formula has such a cult following. People go nuts over the Butter Bronzer, comparing it to Benefit’s Hoola bronzer but better. It even got to the point where Physician’s Formula released a perfume that smelled like the Butter line! It’s no surprise that consumers love their Butter Highlighter too. They have a cream-to-powder formula that offers a radiant shine for $11.

The 9 Best Drugstore Highlighters Worth The Hype


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7. Pix! Glow-y Gossamer Duo

Pix! is definitely on the higher end when it comes to drugstore prices. These highlighting duos cost $18. But if you break it down, it’s $9 per highlighter. Which isn’t as bad. But still. Regardless of their price, these highlighters are stunning. They give the skin such a nice luminosity without adding texture. There are only two different shade duos, so you should be able to find the perfect fit for you if you have a lighter complexion.

The 9 Best Drugstore Highlighters Worth The Hype


8. Wet N Wild MegaCushion Highlighter

The only real downside with this product is that it only has one shade. But, if this one color works for you then yippee! It looks super pink in the container, but on your skin, it gives such a natural dewy effect that looks great for any occasion. At only $6, this highlighter is totally worth testing out.

The 9 Best Drugstore Highlighters Worth The Hype


9. Essence Pure Nude Highlighter

While some people really want that blinding highlight, others want a more natural glow. This highlighter from Essence is great for those who don’t want to shine to the Gods. This is the type of product that you could sweep all over your face for an all-over shine. Plus, it’s only $4.50!

The 9 Best Drugstore Highlighters Worth The Hype


Which of these best drugstore highlighters have you tried? Let us know below.

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