10 Best Drinking Games For Your Pregame With The Guys

If you're sick of Kings, you're going to need a few more drinking game ideas. Keep reading for the 10 best drinking games for your pregame with the guys.

We all know that sometimes the best part of your night out ends up being the pregame. But if you’re sick of Kings, and Power Hour isn’t your deal, you’re going to need a few more drinking game ideas. Keep reading for the 10 best drinking games for your pregame with the guys.

1. Beer Die

Beer Die is pretty simple. All you will need is a table, die, four players, and obviously a few cups of beer. Opponents either stand or sit on opposite ends of the table. You get a point by trying to either get the die in the other player’s cup or have it bounce off the table, bounce over the cup, and onto the floor. The first team to reach 12 points with a 2-point lead wins.

2. Civil War

Civil War is kind of like beer pong, but it requires three players on each side of the table instead of two. Instead of players taking a turn individually, each player shoots rapid fire. The first team to make all of the other team’s cups wins!


Check out the official rules for Civil War here.

3. Don’t Drink and Drive

Mario Kart isn’t just for unwinding from class with a cup of easy mac! Grab a couple friends and three unopened beers. Fire up a game of Mario Kart, but do NOT crack your beers until the race begins. The goal of the game is to finish your beer by the end of the race, but here’s the catch: your kart has to be at a full stop before you’re allowed to drink your beer. (Because no drinking and driving, remember!?)

4. Up and Down the River

This is one of the best drinking games if you’re looking to just sit with a deck of cards. Everyone sits in a circle, and one player is the dealer. Each player should have four cards in front of them face up. The dealer draws one card, and if you have that card in front of you, take sip. (If you have two or more of that card, take as many sips as there are cards.) After one turn around the circle, the dealer now takes the game “down the river”, which means players with matching cards can now give one drink to opponents.


Click here for the full instructions on how to play Up and Down the River.

5. Pong

Ah, a classic. Why not start off your pregame with a drinking game even your parents used to crush in college? You know the drill: two players on each side of the table shoot a pong ball into the opposing team’s cups. If you both make it, balls back! First team to make every cup wins.

6. Edward Fortyhands

This game is pretty much exactly what it sounds like it would be. Each player duct tapes a 40 to both hands, just like Edward Scissorhands. Players can only remove the bottles once they are completely empty.

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7. Slap Cup

Slap Cup is tons of fun, but definitely do not play this one in a dorm! Place about 20 cups in the center of the table and fill each one with about a third or fourth of beer. Give two empty cups to the first two players, along with two pong balls. Each player must bounce the pong ball into the empty cup before they can pass it to their right. If the player to their left makes the cup before you do, they slap your cup away. You take a cup from the center, CHUG, and now that becomes the cup you try to bounce the pong ball into. Loser drinks the death cup, which is the last cup that is filled with basically whatever is at the pregame.

8. Flip Cup

Flip Cup is also one of the best drinking games, but it should definitely not be played in a dorm, either. Make sure you have an even number of players and match up on either side of the table. The only way a team wins is if each player successfully drinks what is in their cup and flips it upside down.


9. Fifa Shots

This is another easy one! If you get a goal while playing Fifa, your opponent takes a shot. If they get a goal, you take a shot. Yellow cards mean the opponent takes a shot, and if you get a red card, you take a shot.

10. Thunderstruck

Throw on Thunderstruck by AC/DC and stand in a circle with a beer (or two). When the first player hears “thunder” or “thunderstruck”, they start drinking. When you hear it again, the first player stops drinking and the next player starts.

What do you think are the best drinking games? Let us know in the comments below!
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