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The Best Dorm Bedding Under $100

The Best Dorm Bedding Under $100

Finding the best dorm bedding is hard when there are so many choices. It is also important to look for the best deals, so we have the best under $100!

When shopping for college dorm gear, the venture can get a bit overwhelming. With all those packing lists and expectations, before you know it, your dorm tab adds up and up. When it comes to one of the most expensive room items – bedding – there are endless options for every dorm trendsetter. So, we helped and found the best dorm bedding under $100!


The bohemian stylista will love these subtly colored bed spreads. This bedding shows off your cool, laid back side. This just proves you can find boho-chic accessories for frugally-fabulous prices.





The preppster in you values all things clean cut. These preppy spreads add color to even the dullest dorm walls. Mix in a cute pattern and a monogram, and you’re good to go.



These minimalist bed spreads are great for freshmen, who haven’t coordinated with their roomie about potential room decor just yet. They’re simple, but get the job done nonetheless.





The nautical look is always a classic – stripes and anchors, galore! They bring a little bit of summer to any season. Plus, colors in the blue family are said to be the most soothing (this might come in handy during exams, when your bed becomes your sacred space).


A girly spread adds just the right amount of feminine appeal to any room. These dorm bedding options bring a level of maturity, while maintaining that young, innocent vibe. You can’t beat flowers all year round!


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 For The Guys

Listen up, guys – don’t think you have to miss out on the dorm decor fun. Check out these more masculine choices, if that’s your thing. These subtly decorative bed spreads are perfect for that put together college guy vibe.





Do you have any other dorm bedding ideas for these different styles? Share in the comments below!

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