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10 Best Documentaries On Netflix

10 Best Documentaries On Netflix

Here are a few documentaries that you should add to you netflix list as soon as possible. These will have you instantly hooked.

It’s a weekend night in and perhaps you need a bit of a break from binge watching The Office. Documentaries are some of the best way to relax without completely switching off your brain, and Netflix has so many interesting picks at your fingertips. So pop some popcorn, put on your comfy socks, and select a documentary from below for a movie night that will open your mind just a little bit wider.

1. Seeing Allred

In this political climate many human rights have been hotly debated over, particularly the devaluation of women’s rights. Gloria Allred, a well known lawyer, spearheaded some of the most highly publicized cases such as the sexual allegations against Bill Cosby and Donald Trump. Stemming from personal experiences, the small and mighty Allred brings a fire and knowledge to some of the dark fights that women face today.  



2. Recovery Boys

Taking a intimate look at American’s opioid epidemic, a rehab center called Jacob’s Ladder in the country side of West Virginia combats addiction with brotherhood alongside true farm work. The film follows the young men’s failures and victories over drugs as well as rehabilitation into normal society. This film encourages its audience to humanize those who are battling with opioids. Get ready for a whole range of emotions from inspiration to frustration when watching this documentary. 


3. Amanda Knox

In 2007 Amanda Knox was accused of murdering her roommate while living in Italy. This documentary follows the confusing and twisting story of how Amanda was portrayed in the Italian media and the strange plot holes in the police’s story. If you are looking for a documentary that dives deeper into an already complex story, sit back and get ready for the need to take notes to try and piece this mystery together.

4. Blackfish

Make sure you are emotionally ready to take on Blackfish, a documentary that digs into the modern controversial topic of SeaWorld and their use of Orca whales for entertainment. Tilikum, a male Orca, is linked behind three human deaths which splits open the smiley, happy, Disney like daze of SeaWorld and looks at the darker side of capturing wild animals to have them jump through hoops for applause.



5. Gaga: Five Foot Two

Lady Gaga is known to be one of the best entertainers of the modern generation, and now you can fall in love with her all over again. Gaga: Five Foot Two gives the audience a front seat in Gaga’s life as she gears up for her new album release Joanne as well as performing at the Super Bowl. Gaga is emotionally raw and simultaneously relatable as she proves that even though her outfits are out of this world, she’s really just the girl next door.


6. Inside The American Mob

Let me tell you about a documentary that you can’t refuse. Made up of 6 different episodes, this series literally maps out the 5 families that controlled parts of the USA throughout the last century and the dangerous plan the FBI came up with to dethrone them. If you’re into the Godfather movies, I urge you to try to find the eerie similarities in real life and cinema.

7. Amy

The iconic Amy Winehouse’s death was a unsettling event that was all too familiar. Like many other musical legends, Amy died at the age of 27 but lived a life full of musical achievement. This documentary follows Amy’s heartache and tragic events that ends her life.

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8. Making Of A Murder

This documentary will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Steven Avery, an average man from Wisconsin, was convicted of murder with a suspicious and patched police reports. The documentary follows Avery through his trial with frustrating twists and turns that will have you questioning the whole judicial system by the end of the film.


9. The Hunting Ground

The Hunting ground brings a spot light on the heavy reality of rape on American college campuses and the disappointedly lack of action the Universities are taking to protect the victims. Colleges are actively hiding the assaults to protect their own reputation and imagine for upcoming students. Brave young women and men tell their stories and fight back against the institutions that are trying so hard to seep the epidemic under their well funded rugs. The time of silence is over; victims voices are becoming ever so much bolder as activists are no longer staying in the dark but fighting back in numbers.


10. Saving Banksy

Nowadays the illusive Banksy is known for his graffiti that packs a controversial punch to modern society and culture. This film unpacks the irony of having a street artists pieces hanging in the VIP lounge of a multimillionaire gallery art show, against Banksy’s wishes no less. Does it really make sense to conserve something that’s meant to be temporarily on the street, or should you save the work of a famous artist at all costs?

Documentaries are a great way to break up your normal routine and learn something different on your nights in. What are some of your favorite documentaries? Let us know in the comments below!