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20 Best DIY Craft Projects To De-Stress

20 Best DIY Craft Projects To De-Stress

With the high levels of stress stemming from the Coronavirus Outbreak, one way to de-stress from all of the madness and breaking news is by doing some DIY Craft Projects. People can also do these DIY Craft Projects if they need a break from work-related and/or school-related tasks or something to do that doesn’t involve electronics (binge-watching Netflix, watching TV, surfing the Internet, going on their cellphones, playing video games, etc.).

Now, with all of that being said, listed below are 20 of The Best DIY Craft Projects To Do In Order To De-Stress:

1. Cut and Paste A Collage:

Collages are among the most popular DIY Craft Projects and are perfect to do if you need to De-Stress from everything! All you need to make a collage are some old magazines, a poster board, scissors, and glue. Go through all the magazines and cut out images that you like and glue them onto the board.


Like with most of the DIY Craft Projects featured in this article, let your imagination run wild when it comes to cutting and pasting collages! There are so many different routes you can go when making them. Use the images you cut out as pieces of the larger puzzle of both your collage and healing as you de-stress.

2. Make A Digital Collage:

From all of the DIY Craft Projects in this article, creating a digital collage is the DIY Craft Project for you to do in order to de-stress if you are more of a computer person. Download a free collage app (you can also use PhotoShop) and create a collage from your own photographs and memories. You can also find and download images from the internet when making digital collages!

3. Fun With The Hot Glue Gun:

One arts and crafts item that you should have in your home is a hot glue gun and there are many ways that you can use it. While cooped up at home, there are many creative DIY Craft Projects featured in that you can create with a hot glue gun!


The video below features a plethora of DIY Craft Projects that people can make with this device. However, make sure you are careful while using the hot glue gun as if you accidentally touch the hot glue before it cools, you will burn your finger.

4. Sew Face Masks:

Besides falling under the category of stress-relieving DIY Craft Projects, sewing face masks are also a good way to give back to the community in the wake of the coronavirus. Governments around the world are requiring people to wear masks whenever they go outside and many healthcare workers at the hospitals don’t have enough face masks for everyone to use as they treat patients.

To make these face masks, all you need according to The CDC are two 10”x6” rectangles of cotton fabric, two 6” pieces of elastic (or rubber bands, string, cloth strips, or hair ties), needles, thread, scissors, and a sewing machine. The tutorial video below provides a visual how-to for those you who are beginners at sewing. Click on this link here to see how and where you can donate face masks to medical professionals and those in need.


5. A Dammit Doll:

Another one of the more original DIY Craft Projects included in this article, a Dammit Doll makes a fantastic DIY Craft Project to make and work out your frustrations on. For this DIY Craft Project, all you need is some wool to stuff and some fabric to sew up the doll.

Each Dammit Doll comes with the same custom poem to sew onto the doll, which states: “Whenever things don’t go so well / And you want to hit the wall and yell / Here’s a little dammit doll / That you can’t do without / Just grasp it firmly by the legs / And find a place to slam it / And as you wack the stuffing out / Yell ‘DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!'” Check the video out below to see people taking their stress out with the Dammit Doll.

6. Painting:

Whether it’s painting a canvas, finger-painting, watercolor, or acrylic painting (see the photo below), to name a few different types of painting styles, painting will help you de-stress as you create something. Painting a picture provides you an opportunity to have a much sharper focus and using your hand is a great way for you to release some stress.


7. Pressing Flowers & Dried Flower Art:

The final product looks absolutely breathtaking. It is one of those DIY Craft Projects that’s easy and makes great art to hang up on your wall!

8. Coloring Books:

One of the most simple DIY Craft Projects you can do to de-stress is to color in adult coloring books! It is a wonderful activity that keeps your hands and your mind busy. Whenever people color in coloring books, they allow you to relax and reduce the activity in your amygdala, which is involved in emotions affected by stress.

9. DIY Bath Bombs:

If you buy this item from stores such as Lush and Bath and Body Works, it tends to be on the more pricey side. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, save some money and make your own at home.


Bath Bombs are one of those DIY Craft Projects that take a lot of time and effort to make. However, they are worth all of the hassle as bath bombs are perfect to use whenever you take a long and relaxing bath. One of the perfect ways to de-stress is to take a nice, long bath and this where these DIY bath bombs come in handy.

There are many different recipes out there for DIY Bath Bombs that you can select from. One of my personal favorites (see the photo below) is the Relaxing Lavender Bath Bomb. Click here to check out the recipe.

10. Tape Resistant Water Color Painting:

Tape Resistant Water Color Painting is one of a few DIY Craft Projects that make create art decorations to put in your bedroom. For this project, all you have to do is use tape to create patterns on your paper and then paint between the tape lines. Be sure to press the tape down really firmly, or else the colors will bleed through!


11. Scrapbooking:

Scrapbooking is another one of several DIY Craft Projects that’s fun to do and not just something for people to do to relieve stress. Take the advantage of your time cooped up at home by creating a scrapbook!

All you need for scrapbooking is a big book that stores photos, clips, and other mementos that preserve your memories/family history. If you and your family have already started one, go through your photos on your electronics and print out ones that you would like to add to the book. Also, add any clippings and art to the scrapbook that you want to put in the scrapbook too!

This project serves as a good relaxation and stress relieving technique as you can lose yourself in fun memories and remember the times when things were simpler and easier. This is one of several DIY Craft Projects that you can partake in with your family as a way to feel more connected and forget about all of the troubles with the coronavirus pandemic!


12. DIY Tissue Covered Flower Pots:

For this fun DIY Craft Project, the items you need are scissors, glue, flower pots, and lots of tissue paper in different colors. This craft project is not only for de-stressing but also to make your flower pots standout more!

13. DIY Watercolor Napkins:

Make your dinner ware look standout more with these DIY Watercolor Napkins! Click here to see how you can do this DIY Craft Project.

14. DIY String Art:

DIY String Art makes a fantastic wall decoration and display to hang up in your bedroom. Click here to see the steps on how to create the Dream DIY String Art Display in the photo below.


15. Painted and Distressed Storage Mason Jars:

Another one of several DIY Craft Projects that can be used for storage, these Painted and Distressed Storage Mason Jars give mason jars a more elevated and sophisticated look. You can store any small items inside of them! Click here to see how to create these Painted and Distressed Storage Mason Jars.

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16. Learn How To Knit:

If you are reading Idea #16 and #17 for DIY Craft Projects right now, you probably think I’m crazy for suggesting that you should knit and/or crochet (see #17 below). However, there are benefits that come with both DIY Craft Projects.


As reported by HuffPost, research conducted by Knit For Peace, a nonprofit organization from The United Kingdom, revealed that 70 percent of knitters claimed that they felt as if knitting made them much happier and healthier. This DIY Craft Project/Activity has been linked to reducing anxiety and depression.

17. Learn How To Crochet:

Along with knitting (see #16 above), crocheting is stereotyped as an activity for the elderly. Like with the rest of the DIY Craft Projects featured in this article, crocheting is a perfect craft project to do if you need to de-stress!

Crocheting makes a perfect DIY Craft Project To De-Stress for two reasons: it provides you something to focus on and also clears your mind. Fun fact: Research has shown that crocheting is not only an activity linked to reducing anxiety and depression but is also one that alleviates physical illnesses such as arthritis.


The majority of you reading this article probably don’t know how to crochet. I included a video that  gives you more of a visual how-to when it comes to learning how to crochet down below.

18. Glitter Sensory Bottles:

If you need to de-stress from everything going on around you, simply shake one of these glitter sensory Bottles and get lost in all the glitter particles going down. Although the glitter sensory bottles are intended for toddlers and preschoolers, they are great for any age!

These bottles are one of the best DIY Craft Projects To De-Stress as they take very little time to make, low cost, and are awesome anxiety relief tools. Click here to see what materials you need and how to create this craft project.


19. Stress Balls:

Stress Balls are great items to keep nearby whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious. They are especially handy right now since we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and it remains unknown as to when things will go back to normal.

Squeezing stress balls produce a sense of wellness as you will begin to feel a relaxing sensation that starts at your fingertips and spreads through the rest of your body.

Check out the video below to see how to make DIY Stress Balls using orbeez.


20. Bedazzle A Box:

Bedazzling a box is one of several DIY Craft Projects that all girls will love to do (in general and not just to de-stress). If you got a time capsule and/or memorabilia box that you keep special mementos inside of, decorate that box you keep those items in as a way to de-stress and pass the time as we are all following the “Shelter-in-place” and social distancing orders. Bedazzling and decorating a box is also a great DIY Craft Project to add to a time capsule or memory box given as a gift.

From the 20 DIY Craft Projects Listed Above, which ones are you most likely going to do in order to De-Stress? Be sure to let us know which DIY Craft Projects down below in the comments section!

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