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10 Best Disney Movies To Watch While Preparing For Finals

10 Best Disney Movies To Watch While Preparing For Finals

It can easily be agreed upon that finals week is one of the most stressful times for college students. However, have no fear – Disney movies will save the day! With its very uplifting story lines, so unforgettable characters, and upbeat songs that you will sing out of the top of your lungs, Disney movies will really help you get your mind off of the stresses of finals week. Here are some of my personal favorite (and the best) Disney movies that I highly recommend for everyone to watch.

1. Hercules

Hercules is raised on Earth and retains his god-like strength. However, when he discovers his immortal heritage – Zeus tells him that to return to Mount Olympus, he must become a true hero. With smash hits like “Zero to Hero”, “Go the Distance”, and “I Won’t Say I’m In Love”, you will definitely be inspired to be a hero to yourself while preparing yourself for final exam season. Plus, you are most definitely lying of two things: that Meg is the textbook definition for rebel goals, period. Plus, Hercules and Meg are relationship goals, period. No one can tell me otherwise. This is one of the best Disney movies to watch while preparing for finals.

Meg and Hercules


2. Beauty and the Beast

Tale is definitely as old as time, right? That’s what Beauty and the Beast says to us when they sing, “Beauty and the Beast.” Funny, right? One dazzling beauty and one damaged beast must find their way back to each other when others try to separate them due to their own differences. With smash hits like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Be Our Guest”, this movie will definitely be the one for the whole family to enjoy watching. Lumiere and Cogsworth are total furniture goals, and there is nothing more romantic than the Beast wanting to change himself to not hurt Belle. This is the second of the best Disney movies to watch while preparing for finals.

Belle and the Beast

3. The Lion King

“It’s the Circle of Life!!” That’s what The Lion King says to us when they sing, “Circle of Life”. What a coincidence, don’t you agree? With a young cub trying so desperately to chime his way into the throne, him and his friends must work together to defeat Scar once and for all. With smash hits like “Hakuna Matata”, “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”, and “Circle of Life”, those lyrics will get stuck in your head all of the time after watching this movie. This is the third of the best Disney movies to watch while preparing for finals.


Circle of Life

4. Aladdin

Especially after the previous remake with Will Smith as the fabulous yet very lovable Genie, this movie is a hit classic that you certainly do not want to miss. A young poor street rat is smitten with a sheltered young princess, but in order to win her love he disguises himself as a prince to impress her. However, it is not until he unleashes his true identity that she sees his true colors. With smash hits like “A Whole New World”, “Friend Like Me”, and “Prince Ali”, you sure will want to go on a journey riding on a carpet with Aladdin and Jasmine. This is the fourth of the best Disney movies to watch while preparing for finals.

Aladdin and Jasmine


5. The Toy Story Franchise (Toy Story 1 ,2, 3, and 4)

Who does not want to see a movie full of talking toys and embarking on crazy things throughout their journey? You know I do! Devastated from the separation of a young boy, a cowboy and his friends team up to be reunited with their long-lost owner while finding some new friends (and foes) along the way. With smash hits like “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” and “When She Loved Me”, you will be shedding some tears and laughing way too hard at the same time. If this movie does not make you feel good about yourself, I don’t know what another movie does. Plus, the Toy Story franchise of anthropomorphic toys are total squad goals. Also, let me add to the fact that Woody and Buzz are the true definition of friendship goals. No one can tell me otherwise. This is the fifth of the best Disney movies to watch while preparing for finals.

Toy Story gang

6. The Frozen Franchise (Frozen 1 and 2)

With a dynamic sister duo like Anna and Elsa, these two sisters earn the superlative of sibling goals. Am I right or am I right? Anyway, one sister is set to go on the path of true love. However, on the other hand, the other sister is trying desperately to control her ice powers. But it is not until they meet one another and make up with each other that they truly see how they are unique with one another as a part of a sibling bond. With hits like “Let It Go” (everyone’s jam right now) and “For The First Time In Forever”, maybe you can be a princess just like them. Plus, I will just say this: Anna and Kristoff are total relationship goals. Bye, Hans. She dumped you because of your manipulation a long time ago – and she probably will not take you back as a love interest. She’s got Kristoff now – and her life seems pretty good with him. This is the sixth of the best Disney movies to watch while preparing for finals.


Anna and Elsa

7. Mulan

Before I jump into my reasoning into why I recommend watching this movie, can we just talk about Lea Salonga’s vocals really quick? That girl can really sing. She has the voice of an angel. Okay, fangirling over. When wartime starts to occur, a young woman sets out to participate in a men-dominant world. However, when she meets Shang, the so called “leader of the pack”, her world starts to tumble in a weird and quirky fashion. With hits like “Reflection” (in which I highly recommend listening to because Salonga’s vocals are amazing for her age) and “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” (which I also highly recommend listening to because who does not like to hear the legendary Donny Osmond sing?), this movie will inspire every woman to find her true, confident self. This is the seventh of the best Disney movies to watch while preparing for finals.

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8. Peter Pan

Have you always wondered what it is like to never grow up? Well, meet Peter Pan, who has earned the superlative titled “The Boy Who Never Grew Up”. When a fairy takes three siblings on a journey into Peter Pan’s world, the siblings get to see what life can be like if they could be children forever. Even though it sucks growing up, you have to grow up physically. However, that does not mean that you can mentally still be a child inside! With hits like “You Can Fly”, “Following The Leader”, and “The Second Star To The Right”, you will be going to sleep after watching this movie and constantly wish that you can be a child again forever. This is the eighth of the best Disney movies to watch while preparing for finals.

Peter Pan


9. The Little Mermaid

Now we are going to take a trip “Under The Sea!” Meet Ariel, whose true wish is to gain her voice back and to win the heart of Prince Eric. However, when Ursula battles Ariel to gain her voice for herself, she must embark on a journey to not only win the heart of Prince Eric – but to give her the singing voice that she so rightfully deserves. With hits like “Under The Sea”, “Part Of Your World”, and “Kiss The Girl”, you will swim into Ariel’s journey of self-worth and self-discovery. For all the ladies who are trying to go into planning a first date: I highly recommend playing “Kiss The Girl” so that you can show your man how much you are into him. And also, if you are in the mood for ballad singing one minute than partying the next minute (alone or with your man/friends/family), blast “Part Of Your World” first, then “Under The Sea”. 10/10 people would highly recommend. This is the ninth of the best Disney movies to watch while preparing for finals.

The Little Mermaid

10. Moana

This newly released movie has easily gained a ton of popularity with viewers – and it’s because of Moana’s daring mission to save her people from trouble. While encountering monsters and quite out-of-the ordinary circumstances, she accomplishes the ancient quest of her ancestors. Not only that, but she has finally discovered the one thing that she has always wanted to seek: her own identity. With hits like “You’re Welcome” and “How Far I’ll Go”, you will sure be singing along to those songs all night long. Plus, shoutout to Lin-Manuel Miranda (I really hope you are reading this, by the way) for making some really great songs to sing along and dance to, just like Moana and the gang. This is the tenth and the last of the best Disney movies to watch while preparing for finals.



Which Disney movies are your favorites to watch when you’re stressing out about finals? Which Disney movies on this list do you enjoy watching? Sound off in the comments below!

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