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10 Best Decor Items For Your College Apartment

10 Best Decor Items For Your College Apartment

Moving away from home is an exciting time, especially when you get to upgrade from a college dorm to a college apartment. The tricky part about moving to a bigger space, however, is figuring out what to fill it with so that it feels like a home away from home. It was easy with a dorm, you just needed to put up a couple of posters if you wanted to liven up the room but with an apartment, it is not as easy of a task. There are more places to fill, and you want to fill them lest you want your apartment to feel like a boring cubicle. Also, with classes moving to an online format, having your college apartment look chic and put together has become even more important. Luckily, with some thorough research, I have come up with the 10 best decor items to make your college apartment the absolute talk of the campus!

1. Carter Triangle Bracket Wall Shelf

Topping the list for best decor item to have in your apartment, are these wall shelves from UrbanOutfitters. This decor item will effectively act as wall art and storage space. Place succulents, collectibles, crystals, or books on them depending on your style. Floating shelves are trendy for a reason and it is because they are elegant and practical! Plus, these particular ones are made of light wood, so they are rustic and versatile. Bring the trend to your college apartment for only $8 each! 

10 Best Decor Items For Your College Apartment

2. Mainstays Conrad Coffee Table 

One of the best decor items that you can have is a nice coffee table. Oftentimes, when you enter a living room the first thing that you see is the coffee table, so it is important that you invest in one that is both cute and functional. Coffee tables are known to be a bit pricey, but this coffee table from Walmart is only $52.20! Not only is this coffee table affordable but it is also sturdy, meaning you can feel safe placing virtually anything on top of it. There is also extra storage space on the bottom where you can keep your textbooks, games, or extra blankets. 

10 Best Decor Items For Your College Apartment

3. Mainstays Floor Lamp with Adjustable Reading Lamp

The thing about college apartments is that they do not come with the best lighting fixtures. In fact, my own college apartment did not come with any lighting fixtures apart from the bathroom, so I had to purchase all of my own light sources. If you are like me and have no light fixtures attached to your ceilings or if you just want to make the rooms in your apartment brighter, this lamp from Walmart is the perfect solution. This lamp comes in a variety of colors such as black, silver, gold, and brown, and it is the perfect height, standing at 72″ tall. It also has an adjustable reading lamp which will come in handy for those late-night study sessions. The cost of this lamp is only $11.44, so it is no wonder why this considered to be one of the best decor items you can possibly get for your apartment. With quality being sold at such a low price, you can practically purchase a lamp for every room! 

10 Best Decor Items For Your Apartment

4. Umbra Trio Mirrors

It is incredibly useful to have a mirror around so that you can make sure that you look put together. No one truly recognizes the convenience of having a mirror around until you finally invest in one. These hangable trio mirrors from the company Umbra provide that convenience while also being cute enough to count as wall decor. These mirrors add a mature look to your home for a low price of $40. You can buy them off of Amazon where the shipping is free. These even come in different shapes and colors so you can fit them into the style of your apartment!

10 Best Decor Items For Your College Apartment

5. Macrame Plant Holders

The best way to add life to a room and turn an apartment into a home is to add greenery. Knowing how to incorporate the greenery into your home, however, requires some thought. You can not just leave your plants in the black, plastic pot it came in, and you can not just place them down anywhere. If you do, your apartment may look disheveled and disorganized. Instead, one of the best decor items to place them is in a macrame. A macrame can be hung anywhere, be it your room, the office, or the living room, and it is able to be hung with command strips rather than nails. This trendy decor item will carry your greenery and add a whimsical feel to your apartment. Hanging your plants with a macrame will also open up more floor space, making your apartment feel more spacious. These macrame plant holders can be bought off of Amazon for only $14.98. 

10 Best Decor Items For Your College Apartment

6. Bohemian Rug 

A rug is the best decor item if you want to really tie a room together. It adds dimension to the plain (and oftentimes ugly) carpet that is stapled to the apartment floors. You can even purchase a colorful rug if you are looking for a fun way to add a little color to a room. This bohemian style rug can be purchased off of BoutiqueRugs for only $33.14 and can be purchased in an array of sizes so you can be sure that they fit any room!

10 Best Decor Items For Your College Apartment

7. Cube Organizer Shelf

This cube organizer shelf from Target is considered one of the best decor items due to its versatility. You can use it as a bookshelf, extra storage space, a side table, the list goes on. The cubes are optional, meaning you can choose to merely display items inside the empty cubicles or, if you do opt to use the cubes, you can purchase them in whatever color you would like. This organizer shelf allows you to display your knick-knacks, gives you a place to set your drinks on, and makes your apartment look cuter – what more could you really ask for? Snag this item for your college apartment for only $40!

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10 Best Decor Items For Your College Apartment

8. Lovern TV Stand

The main form of entertainment in any home is the television. Since people will find themselves focusing in on your tv at some point, it is important that the stand you set it on top of is cute. The Lovern TV Stand from Wayfair is a beautiful and rustic choice sure to make all your guests jealous. It is even adorned with shelves so you can place your DVD player, sound system, or items such as vases or figurines on top of it. Television stands are commonly very pricey but this stand is being sold at a reasonable price of $66.99. 

10 Best Decor Items For Your College Apartment

9. Framed Gallery Wall Set

There is just something about being surrounded by plain white walls that can make a room feel claustrophobic. A good way to spice up a room and really make it your own is through hanging framed posters. Placing a frame around the posters before hanging them up makes the artwork stand out while also making it look cleaner and more sophisticated. This wall set from Etsy will do the job of spicing up your walls at the cost of merely $17. Also, since it comes as a set you will not have to search around the internet for hours trying to figure out which posters will match and complement each other. 

10 Best Decor Items For Your College Apartment

10. Pillow Seats 

You never know how many guests you will have to accommodate and rather than hope you have a big enough couch, it is better to invest in these cute decorative pillow seats. These seats will supply comfort and add a pop of color to any room. You can purchase these pillows off of Amazon in a variety of colors including yellow, wine, turquoise, sky blue, olive green, navy, gray, green, dark grey, coffee, and black. Therefore, no matter what color scheme or aesthetic you are going for these are sure to fit it, which is why it makes the list for one of the best decor items you can purchase for your college apartment. They are more cost-efficient (and stylish) than other seating options too as they are priced at $36.99. For those reasons, it is clear to see why this item is a number one best-seller on Amazon!

10 Best Decor Items For Your College Apartment

Good decor items can be hard to find, especially on a college budget, but these 10 best decor items are guaranteed to make your apartment look trendy without breaking your bank. Which of these 10 best decor items will you bring home? Let us know in the comments below!

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