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Best Date Night Ideas When You Have No Money

Best Date Night Ideas When You Have No Money

Date night ideas can be challenging when funds are limited, but that does not mean plans have to cancel. The most important concept about a date night is spending time in each other’s company.  Here are a few ideas you can try when money is tight. 

Game Night

One of my all-time favorite date night ideas, when money is tight, is a game night. Bring back your childhood and play board games, card games or even video games.  There are a wide variety of games in which to choose from. Some of my go-to games are Twister, Uno, Life, and many others. Twister is my all-time favorite because it allows being close and I can get pretty competitive. You could even spice up the date night ideas by getting competitive and making wagers. “If I win you have to make me dinner.” I am sure you can find plenty of fun wagers and games to make a game night one of your favorite date night ideas 

Best Date Night Ideas When You Have No Money

Make Dinner Together 

One of the hardest questions many couples face is where to go for dinner. Well if your pockets are a little thin, then why not enjoy each other’s company while preparing dinner together.  This can be done by buying ingredients or just winging it with what’s already in stock. This does not have to be a three-course meal or something fancy out of a cookbook, it can be as spontaneous as throwing random things together and see what happens. The point of this is spending time together. If your not up for dinner, try making a fun dessert like sundaes or decorating a cake together. Many easy and fun recipes can be found with a quick search on the internet.

Best Date Night Ideas When You Have No Money


Having a picnic does not have to be limited for a daytime date. This date night idea can be enjoyed during many seasons and times of the day. Pack up some fruit, sandwiches, and don’t forget the drinks. Take a drive to a nearby park, lake, or even a riverfront. Set out some comfy blankets and even pillows if you’d like. This date night can become romantic by bringing some candles to light up the evening. Date night ideas do not have to be spectacular, they can be simple as long as the thought and effort are put into it.

Best Date Night Ideas When You Have No Money

Find A Free Concert 

During different times of the year, it can be easy to find free concerts. Most of the concerts are put on by local artists or even for charity. Some bars may even have a live band playing. Search h in your local adds or on upcoming events on Facebook. If you already have a band in mind then look to see when their next show is and make plans to go.

Best Date Night Ideas When You Have No Money

Free Events

Like the free concerts, there is a possibility that there may be free events happening around you. Whether it be Craft shows or a free play. With a little searching on your part, these events can be easily found 

Watch A Movie

Make plans to stay in pajamas, make some popcorn and turn on a movie. With many streaming services and DVDs available it should be easy to find a way to enjoy a movie together. Maybe you watch one that you’ve seen a million times or possibly find a newer one. Either way movie nights are always great to have on the date night ideas. 

Best Date Night Ideas When You Have No Money

Binge Watch A Series

If movies aren’t your thing maybe find a t.v series that interests you both. Make a night out of it and binge-watch the entire season if you can. If binge-watching isn’t possible then make a date night every night the show is on. Grab some favorite snacks, comfy clothes and snuggle up together.

Build Something Together

Building something together is great for date night ideas for a few reasons. One it offers time spent together accomplishing a task. Maybe you bought a new piece of furniture and want to put it together. Or possibly just want to build a birdhouse. There are a variety of ideas that can be found on Pinterest that may spark some creativity.

Best Date Night Ideas When You Have No Money

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Turn Up The Tunes

Make a night to turn the radio or favorite playlist up loud. Dance your night away together and just enjoy each other’s company. With so many dances new and old you can easily learn a new dance together. Be romantic by dimming the lights and slow dance together to a favorite song  Or go through different types of music to find that perfect song that fits your relationship perfectly.

Best Date Night Ideas When You Have No Money

Make A Fort

Bring back childhood fun and make a fort together. All you need are some sheets or blankets and pillows. Pull some furniture together to drape the sheets over. You could easily stream some old Christmas lights inside to further the date night experience. The fun can be found in building the perfect fort, then enjoy your success sitting inside. This idea can be 0aired with music, movie, or t v. binge night. Add some snacks and drinks and enjoy the company.

Best Date Night Ideas When You Have No Money

Star Gaze

For another idea to add to your date night ideas, take the picnic thought and do it on a clear night. Pack some goodies and a couple blankets and go lay under the stars. This idea can be done during day time by looking at the clouds. See if you can make out different shapes in the clouds like you did as a child.

Best Date Night Ideas When You Have No Money

Volunteer Together 

This idea is more for the daytime hours,  but volunteering together can be fun as well as productive.  There are plenty of opportunities that can be found to help out around the community.  Volunteer at an animal shelter and enjoy giving affection to those precious animals who don’t have a home yet.  Or spend your time in a nursing home and listen to stories from elders while playing a game of checkers.  There are plenty of other opportunities to help the community while enjoying spending time together. 

Date night ideas do not have to only be reserved for paydays or times when money is there. What matters is the time that is spent together. Let us know some of your favorite date night ideas when money is tight.
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