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10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around UF

10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around UF

There is something for every pair of lovebirds to do in The Swamp. Although Gainesville may seem like a small town with very few places to go, it is actually home to many treasured date spots. So, ditch your usual date night go-to, and try something new with one of these ideas! Day or night, we’ve got you covered with these 10 cute date ideas for Gainesville.

1. Ginnie Springs

Although Ginnie Springs is not in Gainesville, it is a very short distance from Gainesville. This beautiful natural spring offers turquoise waters to swim in and nature trails to explore through. It is an ideal outdoor date spot for a picnic and as well as some adventure.


2. Downtown Gainesville

Downtown Gainesville is home to popular nightlife, great restaurants, and beautiful views. It is a great spot to come walk around and have a delicious meal. Downtown Gainesville features top-star restaurants including Dragonfly, The Top, and Manuel’s Vintage Room. Finish your meal off with a sweet treat afterward with frozen yogurt from Mochi or a homemade popsicle from The Hyppo. Downtown Gainesville will surely make your stomach and your date happy.


3. Lake Wauburg

Take your date to Lake Wauburg to rent kayaks, paddle boards, pedal boats, or a variety of other fun activity equipment. Activities are free for UF students, so that’s definitely a perk when you are on a college budget. Lake Wauburg has so much to offer and there is something there for everybody to enjoy.

4. Santa Fe Teaching Zoo

The Santa Fe Teaching Zoo offers more than 75 different species for you and your date to visit for the day. It houses many animals including White-headed Capuchin Monkeys, Bald Eagles, and Asian small-clawed otters. Learn about these animals and more with the company of your date in this beautiful place.

5. Satchel’s Pizza

Not only does Satchel’s Pizza offer delicious food, but it also presents a funky and unique atmosphere that makes for a fun date night. Along with a large array of different pizzas, Satchel’s menu also features salad and calzones. Satchel’s Pizza is a must-do date idea!


6. Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Take in the gorgeous natural scenery of the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. These gardens include a one and a half mile long walkway to wander down with your date. Explore through the gardens and appreciate the blossoming greenery of this natural spectacle.

7. One Love Cafe

One Love Cafe is home to many appetizing dishes and an inviting outdoor environment. With a tiki bar, fire pit, outdoor screen (for Gator games), and an area designed for live performances, this café makes for a sweet and simple date night. You and your date can relish your delicious food and relax in this welcoming atmosphere.


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8. Butterfly Rainforest

You and your date won’t have to travel far for a perfect date. The Butterfly Rainforest, located in the Florida Museum of Natural History, is located right on the UF campus! Take a trip to the Butterfly Rainforest with your date to admire the beautiful tropical environment filled with a variety of colorful butterflies, birds, moths, and fish.


9. Hippodrome Theatre

You may have seen this large building in Downtown Gainesville before, but you have never been inside. The Hippodrome Theatre showcases theatre, film, and even art. Check out the website and show schedule for more information on what’s to come at the Hippodrome. Try something you and your date may never have tried before by enjoying a night at the theatre together.


10. Paynes Prairie

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park is a great place to visit for a hike, bike ride, horseback ride, or walk. With breathtaking nature trails and an observation tower overlooking the prairie, you and your date will both be in awe at the stunning views.

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