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15 Of The Best Cupcake Recipes On Pinterest Right Now

15 Of The Best Cupcake Recipes On Pinterest Right Now

Did the baking bug bite you? Maybe you just have the biggest sweet tooth around and want to expand your baking to something that doesn’t come in a box with a recipe on the back. Cupcakes are the best desserts to try your hand at when baking. These little mini cakes are easy to make and always a crowd favorite.

Here are some of the 15 Best Cupcake Recipes on Pinterest Right Now:

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

These little guys combine chocolate cake with a refreshing mint frosting that will have everyone wanting more. Top them off with chocolate sprinkles to add some flare or mini chocolate chips. The best part, you can control how minty the frosting is. If you are all about that refreshing taste, add a little bit more mint extract to your recipe.


15 Of The Best Cupcake Recipes On Pinterest Right Now

Banana Caramel Cupcakes with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting

Cream Cheese frosting? Yes please! You’ll also be making a caramel sauce from scratch which will earn you more bragging rights. Topped with toffee bits, these are sure to make everyone believe you are a seasoned baker.

15 Of The Best Cupcake Recipes On Pinterest Right Now


Almond Amaretto Cupcake

This cupcake is for the white chocolate lovers! A super moist almond cupcake with almond frosting that holds a little kick in the middle- a white chocolate amaretto filling. These will look perfect in the middle of any dessert spread.

Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes with a Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Lemon and Cream Cheese? Double yes please! Not only are these cupcakes beautiful to look at but they will also bring in a little kick to make your experience more enjoyable. Especially if you top it with some fresh lemon zest.

Sparkling Cranberry White Chocolate Cupcake

Christmas might be over but what better time to start working on your baking skills with these cupcakes! Nail down this recipe by the time the holidays roll back around and you’ll be a hit at all those parties.


Lemon Lavender Cupcakes

These beautiful cupcakes will elevate your baking to the next level. Easy to make lemon cupcakes get that special kick with lavender infused frosting and garnished with lavender flowers. If you are feeling super fancy add a fresh lemon wedge on top too. 15 Of The Best Cupcake Recipes On Pinterest Right Now

Coconut Cupcakes with Coconut and Blueberry Frosting

Coconut can be an acquired taste but those who love it love it! Play up those flavor buds with coconut cupcakes that are topped with TWO frostings: coconut and blueberry. The perfect combo.

15 Of The Best Cupcake Recipes On Pinterest Right Now


Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes with Triple Berry Buttercream

If Nutella is your favorite snack this is going to be your favorite cupcake. These dark chocolate cupcakes are perfectly combined with a Nutella filling. Paired with the triple berry Swiss meringue buttercream, it will leave you wanting more.

15 Of The Best Cupcake Recipes On Pinterest Right Now

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

The name gives it away. It’s a delicious chocolate cupcake topped with strawberry frosting and garnished with a chocolate covered strawberry. Yummy!


Tiramisu Cupcake

If chocolate is too much for your sweet tooth try out these delicious cupcakes. A cute twist on the classic Italian dessert will please everyone.

Sweet Peach Cupcake

In celebration of spring and the fast approaching summer try your hand with these sweet peach cupcakes. The peaches add a great sweet summer flavor and the light orange frosting is extremely enticing.

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Pineapple Cupcakes

Sticking with the theme of fruit in our cupcakes, try pineapple for a fresh twist. Each cupcake has a small layer of pineapple in the middle and a cherry for a surprise. Garnish with fresh pineapple wedge to keep the summer spirit.

Vanilla Cake Cupcake

If you’re not feeling too adventure or just love vanilla you should give these vanilla cake cupcakes a try. Better than any box recipe, they will bring vanilla to the next level.

Boston Cream Pie Cupcake

A pie and a cupcake in one! A bite will reveal a cream filling that will spice up the vanilla cupcake. Don’t forget that chocolate ganache frosting.


15 Of The Best Cupcake Recipes On Pinterest Right Now

Death By Chocolate Cupcakes

Caution: this is only for the extreme chocolate lovers so proceed with caution. It’s dark chocolate on top of dark chocolate but ever so delicious.

It’s time to shift gears and leave behind the days of boring chocolate and from-the-box vanilla cupcake mix. Add some flavor to your kitchen with these sweet treats! Did you try any of the recipes mentioned in our 15 Of The Best Cupcake Recipes On Pinterest Right Now? Let us know!

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