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Best Couple Destinations This Fall

Best Couple Destinations This Fall

As summer is slowly coming to an end and the leaves start to fall, the cool breezy season of Fall is fast approaching. With fall comes more vacation spots, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that comes with the season change, the jaw-dropping attractions, and great food with your significant other. With that being said, here are your best couple destinations this fall!

Santorini, Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and extremely underrated when it comes to vacation. It is the perfect spot for a couple during the fall, and for so many reasons. Santorini is known for their numerous tours and adventurous attractions, allowing for an infinite amount of fun.

There are numerous boat cruises that the two of you can go on and have a great time. These cruises give you the option of hiking up the volcano, go snorkeling/diving, eat the food Greece is so famous for, or just enjoy the beautiful view of Santorini.


If you and your partner want a more exhilarating experience, go jet skiing from the Perivolos beach all the way to the volcano. Spending just a few days here will leave you both with an experience you will never forget.

Best Couple Destinations This Fall

Tokyo, Japan

Japan is one of the world’s leaders in innovation and technology, and their tourism rates are no joke. It is one of the best couple destinations out there, the culture itself is very welcoming, the sushi and other food is breathtaking, and there is an endless list of activities you and your partner can partake in.


Visit an animal cafe, where you can not only look at, but pet at some of the most adorable animals out there (such as the new Owl cafe).

The two of you should definitely eat at the Robot Restaurant. The vibe is very upbeat, and the atmosphere makes you feel like you’re inside a movie based on the future. The restaurant is truly one of a kind, and the two of you will never forget your visit here.

There’s so much more to do in Tokyo, and it’ll take hours listing them all. You and your partner need to experience this rich and wonderful city for yourself!


Best Couple Destinations This Fall

Paris, France

Paris is widely known as the city of love, and is the perfect place to go as a couple. From exquisite wine tasting, to dining at fancy restaurants all around the city, to hanging out at art museums, Paris has an endless number of romantic activities you and your significant other can do.

With the leaves falling, Paris becomes even more beautiful during the fall. You can have an even better view of the city by going on a cruise on the famous river Seine. The cruise is romantic, relaxing, and you get top-notch gourmet meals, as well as champagne.

You can hop off the cruise at the Eiffel Tower, otherwise known as the tower of love. You and your partner can take photos here, or eat at either of the critically acclaimed restaurants located inside the tower.

Best Couple Destinations This Fall

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Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of couple destinations. However, Zurich is one of the most beautiful and exciting sites you could ever imagine.

Lake Zurich is the perfect spot for couples. It’s a very large lake, occupied by the most beautiful swans you’ll lay your eyes on. You can have a picnic right near it and enjoy the great scenery, or walk on the bridge across the lake. If you like, there are several boat cruises on the lake you can go on, to make your trip even more romantic.

The Museum of Art has items that are over 800 years old, and will leave both you and your partner in awe throughout. Swiss art is quite unique, and you might end up developing a love for a type of art you never knew of before!

Head to the world-famous Zurich Zoo with your partner, one of the largest and most ethical zoos in the world. There is an entire elephant exhibit, with underwater viewing allowing you to see them go for a swim!

Best Couple Destinations This Fall


Those are our favorite couple destinations for this fall! Let us know in the comments where you and your partner want to go for vacation, and why!

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