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The 10 Best Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Doubt Everything

The 10 Best Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Doubt Everything

The 10 Best Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Doubt Everything

Conspiracy theories are always multiplying, leaving us to question everything. As we are being exposed to more of these theories via mass media and television we are constantly seeing new theories evolve and take shape, whether that be Shane Dawson’s Youtube channel, or a Reddit Forum online. These are the 10 best conspiracy theories that will make you doubt everything:

1. Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is one of the most prominent conspiracy theories in recent Western culture. It is formed on the collective misremembering of certain events or phrases that lead to the belief in parallel worlds and alternate versions of events! Many believers thing that time travel to the future can alter events slightly, changing these small things that we all seem to remember. A prime example is the Evil Queen in Snow White saying the famous phrase ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’ when in reality the phrase is ‘Magic Mirror on the wall’! Look into the Mandela Effect and see all the examples of misremembered and altered realities!


2. Illuminati

The Illuminati is an age old conspiracy theory that is always developing in new and unpredictable ways. Marking the age of the ‘New World Order’ the Illuminati are said to be controlling the public via mass media, including music, fashion and film. Some notable members are said to be BeyoncĂ©, Jay Z and Madonna, with symbols such as eyes and pyramids being used in their music videos. Do the Illuminati control everything? Will we ever find out?

3. The World Is Flat

I know as soon as someone reads the conspiracy theory they laugh, however on Reddit and other internet forum sights it has been made believable. Flat Earthers believe that maps and photos of the world have been photoshopped to appear round and that pilots of helicopters and planes are made to circle round to appear that they are flying round the globe! This is a conspiracy theory full of cover ups and disbelief about NASA’s trips to outer space!


4. The Government Listening In On Our Conversations

Have you ever been speaking about a topic to a friend or family member and seconds later seeing the advert for this topic on social media? Many people are stressing out over the fact our phones appear to be listening in on our conversations and tailoring our adverts to our conversations. Many people even believe our phones to be watching us, as people claim there is a red light on in the camera when a torch is shone on the phone… scary!

5. Chemtrails from Planes

Ever see a plane flying overhead and think how pretty the white lines they leave in the sky are? Well many conspiracy theorists claim that these white trails are actually a chemical left behind by the Government to control the masses and the weather!


6. Assasination of JFK

Theories about JFK’s assassination span far and wide, from there being multiple gunmen to a man killing Kennedy with a poison dart from an umbrella. There are so many theories about JFK’s death that it wouldn’t be fun to pick just one, they are all as interesting as the next!

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7. 9/11 Being An Inside Attack

9/11, one of the worst attacks on America in history, thousands died and it left devastating effects even to this day. The 9/11 memorial in New York is one of the most moving artefacts left in Western history, however there is still a wide population that believe the US Government orchestrated this event to go to war with Iraq. Many US citizens believe this theory, making 9/11 one of the top conspiracy theories!


8. Jesus Was Married To Mary Magdalene

Conspiracy theories were around long before the days of the internet and media, the theory that Jesus and Mary were a couple was conspired from several documents unearthed from around 1500 years ago that said not only were they together, but they had children! Although this has been made aware to the mass media by writers such as Dan Brown, this has been unearthed and thought about many times before!

9. Area 51

Area 51 is one of the most documented conspiracy theories in Western culture, with hundreds of documentaries and journalists making their way to the spot to try and uncover the secrets behind the aliens! There has been controversy ever since the US started developing their planes here during the Cold War, but now it is unknown what the base is used for and how much goes on here that the public don’t know about!

10. Stonehenge Being Created By Aliens

Stonehenge is one of the most iconic sights in England. The conspiracy theories have started as people argue with what Stonehenge was originally built for, and how it was built! Many people believe that Stonehenge was actually the work of aliens, with the pieces of Stonehenge weighing 50 tonnes!


Don’t see your most believed conspiracy theory on here? Leave a comment and tell us of your most believed conspiracy theories!

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