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The Best Companies For Women And Girl Bosses To Work

The Best Companies For Women And Girl Bosses To Work

The best companies for women of 2017 is here. Fairgodboss is perfect for helping determine what the best companies for women to work for are. Check it out!

Equal treatment in the workplace isn’t a new topic of discussion – everyone knows, we’ve got a long way to go when it comes to establishing fair and equal conditions for working minorities. Thanks to former Google exectuvie, Romy Newman, and Wall Street alum, Georgene Huang, they’ve created a website where women can review the companies they’ve worked, or currently work for. Fairygodboss is a website that essentially lets us known the best companies for women to work for. What’s interesting about Fairgodboss is the reviews are designated to push executives to work harder on achieving higher employee satisfaction for women. Back in July, they released a list of the top 10 companies that were the best companies for women to work for. This list was created off of specific criteria: job satisfaction, perceived general equality and if they would recommend their company to other women.

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Fairygodboss’s mission is to improve workplace environments for women. Employers need to learn what other companies are doing correctly and more importantly, companies with low women satisfaction need to be exposed. Huang notes she’s seen companies rise on the ranks due to their diligent effort to promote women leadership in the workplace. Everything you need to know about the best companies for women to work for, or women’s satisfaction in the workplace is on this site.


Fairygodboss lists the companies, jobs, company reviews, salaries, maternity leave information, work-life balance, career advice, questions & answers as well as the top 30 companies for women. The best thing about this site is that the rankings are updated daily and not just yearly. You could say this site is perfect for women wondering what the best companies for women to work for are. Here is a list of the current companies that qualify as the 10 best companies for women to work for today:

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The Best Companies For Women Today: Dec 4, 2017

1. ZS

2. The Boston Consulting Group

3. United Technologies

4. PepsiCo & ADP, LLC

5. Accenture

6. General Electric

7. Salseforce & Dell

8. Kaiser Permanete

9. Thomson Reuters

10. PwC

What’s interesting about this list is that these companies are generally large corporations. What would be interesting would be to determine which small companies today are the best companies for women to work for. After all, not every female aspires to work for larger corporations. So of course, I did a little digging myself. I wanted to see the best creative companies for women who are interested in social media or smaller organizations.

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Refinery29 reported an 100% rate of equal treatment to men and 67% of women would recommend working there to another woman. Nasty Gal is a female company that scores both 100% in satisfaction and recommendation – although, only one review has been completed. What other small female companies can you think of that should be featured on Fairygodboss? 


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What do you think are the best companies for women to work for? Drop us a line <3
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