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8 Best Color Schemes For Dorm Rooms

8 Best Color Schemes For Dorm Rooms

Moving from home life to a college dorm is a big transition. Anything to make that transition easier and comfier is important to hedge off the inevitable homesickness. That’s why we created the 8 Best Color Schemes For Dorm Rooms, so you can feel homey in that cold, concrete box. 

1.Pink and Grey

This color choice is the most common and easiest to find of all the color schemes. With most of the dorm room colors coming from the bedding, an idea to try is taking a Grey comforter and matching it with soft pink pillows, this will give the room a pulled-together fun look. Play around with the amount of pink and grey to give your dorm room a look unique to you.


2.Grey and White

This is one of the most versatile color schemes. The grey and white look is able to grow with you as you progress through college and beyond. Another great thing about this look is if you get bored just throw a pop of color somewhere (like a velvet blue) and it will update the look with little cost and time. 

3. Neutral, Neutral, and Neutral

Just like when you wear a monochromatic look like white on white and neutral on neutral room really plays on texture.  Using an off white rug, eggshell tapestry, and tan pillows can look great when trying to create a clean relaxing space. Bonus this look is really hard to mess up on, so if you are not the best with decor try this out first.


4.Pink and Green

This color scheme has been in so many girls rooms for literally years. It felt like in elementary school you were either a Purple and Blue girl or a Pink and Green girl. So update that retro concept with a dusty pink and dark forest green. 


5.Dusty Blue and Yellow

This is a softer look that can really match a boho vibe. Stick with an almost grey-blue to keep the yellow popping. Bonus this might be your school colors, so school spirit and fashion could collide. 

Dusty Blue and Yellow also work great if you are into sunflowers. Put some sunflowers in a vase and get a denim pillow. Then your room is ready to be snuggled up in. 

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6.Black and White

Think New York for black and white. Anything striped or pattered with just black and white is very contemporary and sophisticated. This is another one of those color schemes that can be updated at any time with minimal effort. 


7.Blue and Grey

Blue and grey as a color scheme could go androgynous or super girly depending on how you style it. Think ocean on a cloudy day to get the perfect modern pallet that won’t be too vibrant when you are trying to study. Also, studies show that blue is a relaxing color, which will help during dead week. 

8.Textured Multi-color

This look can become overpowering quickly if not done correctly. When styling this, if you want one of the more obtuse color schemes, add more of a royal blue and multi-color pillows. A softer look you will need a baby blue and more texture in a simpler color pallet. Really make it your own and play with this color scheme however you want. 


With all of these color schemes remember that choosing something that grows with you is important. You never know how you will change but being in a space you are comfortable in is the most important part of the dorm room. 

Did we miss a top color scheme? Let us know in the comments what your dream dorm room colors are!

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