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Best College Bars In Nashville

Best College Bars In Nashville

These are some of the best college bars in Nashville! If you're a college student in the area then grab your friends and go for drinks in these spots!

Music City is home to some of the best bars in the country. From Midtown, to Broadway and Demonbreun there are dozens (if not hundreds) of options for bars to go dance your soul at on a Friday night. Here are the best college bars in Nashville, TN:

1. Piranhas Sports Bar

Odds are, if you are a Vanderbilt freshman, Piranhas is where you spend 75% of your waking (and semi-conscious) hours. Home of the famous donut burger and make out wall that is probably more wet than that sweaty boy dancing next to you, this is by far one of the best places to go if you want to dance and don’t mind a room full of 100+ 18-year-olds.

Best College Bars In Nashville

2. Frisky Frog’s

Frisky Frog’s (Friskies for short) is essentially an elevated Piranhas. This Demonbreun bar is again, filled with Vanderbilt students but is one of the best destinations for just a regular, fun night out. You can expect a decent crowd on any given Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night after midnight.

**Beware: this is a 21+ establishment

3. Play Dance Bar

Play is hands down the best bar for amazing music and a great time. It’s a gay nightclub but is frequently filled with equal parts heterosexuals, homosexuals, and drunken bridal groups. On popular nights, Play hosts amazing drag shows. The only downside is the fairly pricey cover fee ($10 for 21 and up, $15 for 18-20 year olds) but it’s well worth the price. If you are a college student with a valid student ID, there is no fee on Wednesday, which is college night, before 11 pm.

**If you are planning on using a fake I.D., ABSOLUTELY do NOT use it here

Best College Bars In Nashville

4. Acme Feed and Seed

Acme is a bar that attracts more of a typical Nashville crowd. It has a really cool atmosphere and a rooftop patio with beautiful views of the city. Day time is even a great time to hit up this bar and grab a drink and one of their delicious menu items.

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Best College Bars In Nashville

5. Tin Roof

Tin is a bar chain that has great music and a nice vibe. There are two sides to the bar: a country side with amazing live music and Tin Roof Green Room which is the Hip Hop side with an amazing DJ. Tin Roof is another bar that tends to attract more adult, Nashville residents and tourists rather than just a bunch of college students.

**There is a $5 cover fee for guys

What do you think are some of the best college bars in Nashville? Have you been to any of these college bars in Nashville? Tell us in the comments!
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