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Best Coffee Shops In Queens and NYC

Best Coffee Shops In Queens and NYC

Few people actually enjoy spending hours writing papers, sweating over lab reports, or studying for exams. Don’t even get me started on group projects. Yet, as these are all necessary parts of the student experience, why not make it more enjoyable for yourself? I’ll let you in on some good studying spots I’m always down to visit again. (And they all have WiFi, of course!) Read below for advice on the best coffee shops in Queens and NYC to study.

The Uncommons

With New York’s bustling cafe culture, there is guaranteed to be a cozy nook out there that will rejuvenate your studying experience. This is part of the fun when stumbling into this hole-in-the-wall coffee shop near Washington Square Park.

Caffe Bene

Caffe Bene is all over NYC, but they’ve just recently opened up a location right across from St. John’s on Union Turnpike. It’s a cute, small space, but has plenty of tables with comfortable chairs and benches to settle in at for an afternoon of studying. They play soothing jazz or classical music and serve a quality cup of coffee. They also have a decent-sized menu and a good student discount!



Just up the road you’ll find Juicy, a sweet and bright Chinese coffee shop serving coffee, smoothies, and a plethora of bubble teas. I recommend ordering your beverage with a bagel or a warm, sweet cream Chinese roll. They have a useful 15% student discount and super-clutch breakfast special. It’s an ideal place to work on a group project because of its open layout. Sweeten the deal with their buy one, get one free bubble milk tea!

Bean & Bean 

Head to Bayside for one of the most delicious honey lattes you’ll ever have at Bean & Bean. With locations in Manhattan as well, their spaces always seem to have the perfect atmosphere for some devoted work time. When it’s nice out, the Bayside location opens its windows and big industrial-sized doors to a cute deck area, creating a sunny and airy atmosphere. You can cozy up on their couches to do some reading or spread out on a long wooden table to plug away at that statistics homework that never seems to end.

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If you’re looking for a spot in Kew Gardens, check out Odradeks. (They have a location in Brooklyn too.) The Queens location of this cozy, kosher coffee shop is mostly frequented by locals, so it’s a good place to study with minimal distractions by fellow millennials. You can sit at bar stools or tables, in comfy sofa chairs, or even outside. It’s right by the Kew Gardens LIRR station.

Think Coffee

Think Coffee in Greenwich Village is a quirky spot. Sometimes their music choice is interesting for the study atmosphere it seems to foster, but if you get tired of the rock n’ roll you can always put on some headphones. Perfect for “busy work.”

A Few Other Staple Coffee Shops In Manhattan:

  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  • Cafe Grumpy
  • Third Rail Coffee

A Few Other Staple Coffee Shops In Brooklyn:

  • Little Skips
  • The Breukelen Coffee House
  • Tobys Estate Coffee

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