The 10 Best Coffee Shops In Italy

If you love coffee then chances are good, you’ve lurked around various coffee shops in your town at least once. You’ve probably tried to find the best coffee offered in your city. Most coffee enthusiasts have a favorite shop in their town that usually roasts their beans locally and has baristas that handle each cup of coffee with extra care. But regardless of how good your favorite local coffee shop is, it probably pales in comparison to some of the coffee shops in Italy. In Italy, good coffee is standardsome , not the exception. You can even find many vending machines offering coffee within Italian cities. So it’s no wonder that coffee is obviously taken very seriously in Italy.

If you’re a coffee-lover, then you absolutely must visit Italy. The country has some of the best coffee in the world, and finding a good bar or Caffe won’t be difficult at all. Even those who have a strong sweet tooth and prefer their coffee with lots of sugar and milk, will likely still find just the espresso itself in Italy enjoyable. The coffee really is that good. Thanks to a rich history and coffee making being seen as art by many, the caffeinated beverage has flourished in Italy. For one, although coffee didn’t originate in Italy, it still has a long history in the country. The first cafe is believed to have opened in Venice in the 1600s.  So obviously, Italians have been making and drinking coffee for a very long time. Therefore, the country is definitely worth visiting, even if it’s just for the coffee.

One thing that should be noted if you do decide to try coffee in Italy is that is typically seen as unusual to have coffee with milk or a cappuccino in the afternoon. The good news is that in many large cities you usually can order coffee with milk any time of the day, just be aware that if you do it after twelve the baristas will certainly know you’re a tourist. Still, a coffee no matter the time is a good drink to indulge in, especially in Italy. If you’re in the country you might want to try some of the coffee shops below, as they truly stand out. Here are the top 10 best coffee shops in Italy.

1. La Casa del Caffe Tazza d Oro

This neat little coffee shop is located in Rome and provides some truly amazing coffee. The baristas at the coffee shop work hard to make every cup of coffee taste amazing. Some of the coffee also has cute foam art too. For example, some cups might come with foam art of a bear or pig! There’s also some truly sweet cold drinks and the hot cholate is also great. If you’re looking to try some great coffee, you’ll want to go to La Casa del Caffe Tazza d Oro.

the top 10 coffee shops in Italy.

2. Tram Depot

Another interesting coffee shop in Rome is Tram Depot. The shop was once a tram carriage but today serves as a shop for coffee. The cute and cozy coffee shop offers some great caffeinated drinks as well as some delicious food. The cappuccinos are just the right amount of coffee and milk, and the other coffee drinks are good too. You can also go here late at night for a drink if you want to as well.

the top 10 coffee shops in Italy.

3. Torrefazione Cannaregio

Located in the romantic city of Venice, you’ll definitely want to visit this exciting coffee shop. The shop is full of various drinks and there is also some neat foam art that you can see. There is a lot of specialty coffee you can get here, so if you like coffee that is a little fancier and less simple, this is the place you want to go to.

the top 10 coffee shops in Italy.

4. Orso Nero

If you like cold coffee, then you must visit Orso Nero. Located in Milan, the coffee shop sells a plethora of iced coffees. But regardless of whether you order your coffee hot or cold, you will find it to be enjoyable. The coffee here is rich yet simple and anyone who likes their coffee black will certainly enjoy having a drink or two at this coffee shop.

the top 10 coffee shops in Italy.

5. Trecaffe

The coffee at Trecaffe is certainly terrific. At the nice coffee shop in Rome, there is a variety of coffee drinks to choose from. The coffee here is also super strong but not too bitter like many coffee shops in the United States. Many people also enjoy the paninis offered at the coffee shop, which are described by many as being delicious. There are also filled croissants offered, so you’ll definitely be satisfied at this shop if you want to have some food with your cup of coffee. Definitely, a must-try for people who love both coffee and food.

the top 10 coffee shops in Italy.

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6. Faro

This coffee shop offers a wide selection of specialty coffees. The baristas that work here are also super friendly and you will find that the seating is comfortable. You can find this nice coffee shop in the center of Rome.

the top 10 coffee shops in Italy.

7. Caffe Borsari

In Verona, you’ll find Caffe Borsarsi. This quirky coffee shop is super cute and offers some truly amazing coffee. You can get a cappuccino with chocolate, which is absolutely delicious. The pastries offered here are also super sweet and yummy. If you’ve got a sweet tooth or are a coffee snob, you should consider visiting Caffe Borsari.

the top 10 coffee shops in Italy.

8. Sciascia Caffe

In Rome you’ll find Sciascia Caffe which offers some super good coffee. The pastries are also great here.

the top 10 coffee shops in Italy.

9. Caffe dei Cavalieri Specialty coffee shop

In Pisa you’ll find this delightful cafe with has some great drinks to try. Since it’s a speciality shop, there are plenty of nice coffee drinks to get here. The food offered at this coffee shop is also quite good!

the top 10 coffee shops in Italy.

10. Pasticceria Flego

This coffee shop also some truly aesthetically pleasing coffee drinks. The desserts offered here are also amazing and super sweet. If you go to visit Venice, you’ll want to check out this coffee shop.
the top 10 coffee shops in Italy.

Are there any other coffee shops in Italy you think are great? Comment below and tell us!

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